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The DigiPac – Eliminating that Last Minute Scramble

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

I was very excited when I recently learned that the DigiPac shipping option was added to ScanDigital’s artillery of high performance parts. digipac_image.jpgDigiPac, the only way to ship your precious memories, eliminates the hassle of printing out a mailing label and locating appropriate packing materials for your treasured photos.

All ScanDigital customers have the convenience of registering online for the service. The process is really so easy from start to finish: gather your photos, create an account, request a DigiPac and for only ten dollars you will receive a box, pre-paid shipping label, bubble wrap and small plastic bags by mail within two to five days. All packing materials are recyclable and reusable. Then you just drop your photos in the box and about 10 days later the same box returns with your materials, a disc and instructions on how to access your photos online.

I was personally excited when I heard we were about to launch the DigiPac. It was one of those things that I knew immediately would help our customers because let me tell you, there have been so many times where I want to ship something that I end up in a mad scramble to put together a makeshift box only to realize that I do not have all the proper shipping materials. DigiPac eliminates the hassle of going to the UPS store or if you’re like me, creating a box practically from scratch.

Some of the most respected companies in the world use the pre-paid packaging method, the vision at ScanDigital was to model this while maintaining the highest customer service rating among our clients. I’m sure many of you for one reason or another have had to send a laptop or computer back for repair. When the packaging from, lets say Apple in this case arrives, you are instantly put at ease with the contents of the shipping package. A sturdy box, extra cushioning, and a label. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The ScanDigital DigiPac…helping everyone sleep better.

About Brian Samuelson: ScanDigital welcomes Brian Samuelson, the newest member of the ScanDigital PR team. Brian comes from a variety of backgrounds within the of public relations, marketing, and event planning fields. Outside of the office, Brian enjoys photography, surf, and travel.