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Mother’s Day Gift Boxes

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


Give Mom the gift of memories this Mother’s Day with our new Gift Boxes. Every mom wants something meaningful on Mother’s Day and there’s nothing more sentimental than having her memories preserved forever with ScanDigital. That’s why we’re happy to introduce our new Gift Boxes, which make gifting easy and are sure to be guaranteed hit.

Just order online and the Gift Box will be shipped to you or directly to your mom. Then, all she’ll have to do is package her old photos or home movies with the provided shipping material and slap on the included pre-paid shipping label. In about 2 weeks, she’ll have all her originals back with a DVD copy. It’s just that easy!

So, instead of worrying about what to give Mom this year, give her something she’s sure to appreciate. She’ll love our sentimental Gift Boxes and will likely be raving about it for years to come!

Here’s a little known fact: ScanDigital was actually inspired by co-founder, Mike Mothner’s mom. The idea was sparked when Mike’s mom received a digital camera for the holidays in 2006. As she uploaded images to her computer for the first time, she asked, “Now how can I put the photos in the garage on my computer?” Mike looked back and said, “I don’t know.” In that moment the wheels began turning and Mike realized that if his mother had this question there were likely thousands of others out there with the same question. Now Mike’s mom, with all moms, can assure their lifetime of memories will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.


Enter the Geek Girlfriends giveaway for your chance to win a Mom’s Life, Digital Gift Box. Good luck!

On Twitter? For a chance to win another prize, tweet ‘ is doing an awesome ScanDigital giveaway at #scandigital’

Check out this video describing our new Gift Boxes:

Untitled from Pamela Weiss on Vimeo.      

Here are other gift ideas that are sure to bring a tear to any mother’s eye:

The Practical Mom:

Let Mom choose from services like photo scanning and retouching, home movie transfer services, digital photo frames, slideshows, photo canvas prints and many other gifts.

The Sentimental Mom:

Give Mom a Slideshow by ScanDigital featuring her favorite photos of you together. Choose from an unlimited selection of music and set the Slideshow to your mom’s favorite song. She’ll love watching it on her special day!

The Organized Mom:

By sending Mom’s photo archive to ScanDigital, she’ll be able to organize all of her photos in one place, share them with friends and family, and ensure that precious family memories are preserved for future generations.

The Busy Mom:

Allow your busy mom to relax on the couch and relive her favorite old home movies on DVD. Collect your family’s archive of home movies from VHS tapes to reels of film and send them into ScanDigital to be transferred on DVD!

The Decorator Mom:

Dress up Mom’s living room with a modern Digital Photo Frame preloaded with a selection of her favorite photos. Simply send your images to ScanDigital and they will scan, retouch, and load them to the frame.

The Artistic Mom:

Have her most beautiful image printed on canvas and mounted just like a painting for her to hang alongside her own creations.

New Life For Old Memories: 5 Reasons You Should Be Organizing and Preserving Your Memories

Friday, April 24th, 2009

We all have them somewhere…boxes and boxes full of old photos and home movies…simply sitting in a dark closet or attic, gathering dust, cluttering the room and, perhaps worst of all, not being enjoyed by everyone.  The beauty of the digital age is that old memories no longer need to be relegated to some messy box.  Converting the materials to digital is not only a space saver, but also ensures that those precious moments will be preserved for future generations!

Here are five reasons why you need help preserving those memories:

1. Goodbye Color, Hello Faded Memories – The longer photographic materials and home movies are sitting, the more the color is fading.  Unfortunately, the materials in their original state do not last forever, it is simply a natural part of the aging process- the color is bound to fade and shift with time.  Storing the materials in a dark place at a moderate temperature may slow this process, but won’t stop it.  Add some sunlight in the mix and the fading can occur even more dramatically. Your photos and home movies are deteriorating for a number of reasons and there’s only one thing you can do about it.  To guarantee your family’s archived memories are preserved, they need to be converted to a digital format.

2. Mother Nature Takes No Pity on Precious Memories – Your archive of photos and home movies may be seemingly safe in the shoeboxes in a closet or basement, but chances are they won’t be for long.  Accidents and unforeseeable things, such as floods, fires and other uncontrollable forces of Mother Nature, pose a threat to photos and home movies.  The originals of can never be replaced.  Once the original captured memory is lost, it’s gone forever.  I also encourage a duplicate backup of all digital photos and home movies. Unlike the physical material, digital copies do last forever.

3. Who Said Memories Need to Be So Bulky? – Digital photos and video take up no extra space or require any extra room. Their analog counterparts on the other hand create quite a cluttered mess.  All those old camcorder tapes occupy valuable closet space.  Stacks of photo albums can occupy entire shelves.  Old slides, negatives and film reels can be messy.  Compare that to digital images and movies which easily fit on discs or on compact hard drives – an instant space saver!

4. VCR? Slide Projector? – Unfortunately terms that were once part of our everyday language have gone to the technology graveyard.  Even if your materials are in pristine condition, there is a good chance that the machine used to view them is either already obsolete or will be in the next five years.  Digital conversion unlocks these memories and brings them into a format where they can easily be viewed.

5. Send, Share, Create! – Digital technologies have opened up so many new possibilities for our prized memories.  Digital photos can be turned into a canvas print or a photobook in a snap.  We can edit and upload our videos to YouTube in minutes.  Relatives from all over the world can access and share their favorite photos with friends.  Gone are the days of those photo albums with sticky plastic pages or the evening slideshow in the living room.  In this new digital age things are far more accessible.  There is no reason those old memories shouldn’t be enjoyed the same way!

The Employee Champion Belt goes to….LUCAS!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The ScanDigital Employee Champion of the month goes to…LUCAS! It’s not just about the awesome title, but the swanky gold wrestling belt he gets to display proudly at his desk. Except that Lucas is way too laid back to be bothered showing off his new status. I actually had to force Lucas to get the Champion Belt out of his car!

Lucas is one of ScanDigital’s longest standing employees and has been with the company since the beginning. He was chosen due to his dedication, consistency and sheer talent. Flawlessly said by Jon, another employee, “Lucas can scan like it’s nobody’s business!”

The Beach Blowout turned out to be a lot of fun, despite a bad weather scare. It was such a beautiful day. We all played volleyball, Team Pirates vs Team KAP’AM and had so much fun. Unfortunately for my team, Team Pirates were the winners that day. It’s okay, it was all in good fun. It’s always nice to spend time with co-workers out of the office- especially with a group like this!

This month, I made my first ever video to celebrate Lucas’s accomplishment. Check it out!

ScanDigital Champion Belt from Pamela Weiss on Vimeo.

See- I wasn’t lying that I had to make Lucas get the Belt out of his car J Congrats, Lucas!!

To learn more about Lucas, read his answers to this silly questionnaire:

Name: Lucas Encarnacao

Previous Work Experience: Telecom Industry

Places Lived: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hobbies, talents, special interests: Clubbing, Jiu-Jitsu, Soccer, Guitar

Favorite Travel Spots: Anywhere close to the beach

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Drink: O.J.

Best Vacation: Brazil when I was 17, it was a 3 month vacation

Favorite Restaurant: Buena Vita and Bozza Nova

Biggest Regret: None so far

Three words to best describe me: Listener, Positive, Trustworthy

Proudest Moment: Earning the belt of course!

Ability I wish I had: To speak at least 3 more languages

Favorite Music: Pretty open-minded about music, varies a lot

Always wanted to try: Backpacking

Something Few Know About Me: My life is an open book.

Geek Girlfriends Giveaway Winner

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Being a dedicated Geek Girlfriends blog reader really paid off for Maureen Houtz- she won a ScanDigital gift card! After entering the giveaway, she was very hopeful that she’d win the gift card because she says, “I’ve been struggling with boxes of photos for some time now.” She always wanted to get this project started the right way and had her fingers crossed.  Lucky for her, she won!

Now Maureen, Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of CornerOffice from Ventura, California, found the solution she’s been searching for to organize and preserve her old boxes of photos. She always felt overwhelmed with the thought of tackling this project, but knew the importance of doing so.  Fortunately, ScanDigital was to her rescue!

When she dug out her old boxes and began sorting through them, Maureen felt her lack of organization would be a problem. She never put her photos in albums and arranged them, but can now skip that step altogether. With our service, it’s as easy as drag-and-drop. Seeing how easy it is to reorganize her newly digitized images, Maureen is relieved to know that it’s not too late to get her memories in order.

In the past, she had tried scanning some old photos herself but grew frustrated with the time it took as well as the lack of quality she was able to produce. Every time she’d go back to do a little more scanning, she’d find herself confused and would have to re-teach herself how to use her equipment. She had given up. That’s why she was so happy to learn about ScanDigital and then given the opportunity to try our service.

Maureen was thrilled with our service and anticipates sending us more material soon. She used her gift card to convert some of her own baby photos to digital format and found the process very easy and enjoyable. She also plans to send in her Mother-In-Law’s reel to reel film as an 80th birthday present. These reels date back to the 1930’s and she wants to enjoy them together as a family.

Maureen has being visiting Geek Girlfriends since its inception because she finds it fun to learn about new gadgets. The site provides witty ideas on how the average person can implement a little tech in their lives. It’s a place for people who like technology but need a little guidance keeping up to speed. We’re happy that owner of Geek Girlfriends and author of new book How to Be a Geek Goddess, Christina Tynan-Wood sees the value in ScanDigital’s service and offered a gift card to her readers.

Read her original post below:


Turn Old Photos Digital

Christina Tynan-Wood on Jan 13 2009  

Dear Geek Girlfriend,

I have a question that I assume others have as well. I’m older than the “fully digital era” of kid photos and am jealous of my young friends whose kid photos are all digital. They are able to make lovely photo books from their photos. They don’t have huge plastic tubs full of prints cluttering up the house. All my photos are prints. Do I have to scan each one and submit upload the scan to one of those these online photo storage places? Tell me there is an easier way?


Dear Jealous,

Of course there is an easier way! In fact, I’m in the same boat you are in. When my kids were all adorable and pink, I used a film camera. So I have boxes of prints and an embarrassing quantity of undeveloped film. Even my home movies are on old formats I can no longer play.

Oddly enough, there is an easy solution for the undeveloped film. Sites that invite you to upload digital photos, will often also develop film for you, store digital photos on their site, and send the negatives back to you. (This is also great if you buy one of those disposable cameras on vacation.) I used these services back when digital cameras were a luxury when my kids were young. But, for one, still does this.

Prints are a bit more trouble because someone will have to scan those. Some scanners are better than others, though. Big professional scanners can do a pile of photos at once. Some will scan negatives. Those are both easier options than doing each print by hand. But I’m assuming you don’t have one of those scanners. There may be a photo service in your area that will do this for you but who wants to leave the house? (Okay, that might be just me.)

Check out ScanDigital. This place is exactly what you have in mind. From the Web site, generate a shipping label and slap it on a box. Then drop your photos in that box and ship it off. When your photos (or videos) arrive at ScanDigital they will be professionally spiffed up (yes, that’s the technical term), scanned, and uploaded to the Web. Then your prints will come back to you with a digital copy—you decide if you want them on DVD or hard drive. The service is not cheap. But I guess memories aren’t cheap either — especially when they are memories of kids. It will cost you $.48 minimum per print. Bulk packages start at $89.95. (Use this coupon code — 2029196172 – so they know I sent you.)

Since most of us probably have some photos lying around that we would like to bring into the digital age, I contacted Scan Digital to arrange a giveaway. And they were happy to do it! So I have $50 of ScanDigital service to give away! Thanks Pamela!

This contest closed on January 31, 2009. Congratulations Maureen!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Photos and Home Movies

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

With Spring Cleaning season upon us, we asked friend Chantale Bordonaro for some tips on how to best organize your photos and home movies.  Chantale, Certified Professional Organizer, founder of Simplicity Source and LA’s Incoming Chapter President of the National Association of Professional Organizers knows her stuff – see what she suggests below.


But first, let me remind you about ScanDigital’s Spring Cleaning Special that gives you 15% off all orders placed before April 14th. Let us help you organize your photos, slides, negatives and home movies effortlessly! Use the coupon code : SpringClean09



Easy Ways to Organize Your Photos and Home Movies

By Chantale Bordonaro



Organizing digital photos and movies can rapidly become a very daunting task if you are like many of my clients and just keep them on the memory card forever! Off course, you can click away and just purchase a new memory card once the first one is full…. But remember that the idea is to enjoy those memories and to share them, right?




Here are some easy tips on how to start organizing your digital special moments:



First Step:

1-   Temporary holding folder:

Every couple of weeks, download your memory card onto your computer in a temporary holding folder name “photos to sort “ on your desktop.  If you have time now, start picking your favorites. 

2-     Keep the best ones!

Eliminate the clutter; delete the ones too dark, the ones where mom is missing her smile; be tough just like you were when you delete the papers ones. Even though digital does not take as much space, you still want to control the flow.

3-     Rename your photos and movies:

Be descriptive and consistent!

4-     Tag your photos with key words (or names of people in them)


Second Step:

Initial purge done! Now you want to move the photos and videos to their permanent home in My Pictures.  But wait!  That’s where the system really becomes important for future retrieval.

1-     Create detailed subfolders:

The easiest way is to create subfolders under My Pictures.  Decide on the structure based on how you would usually look for them. Would you try to look by year, by event, by location, etc? For me, I like to create names like 2009-11 Luca 3rd birthday party or 2009-01 New Year Celebrations

2-     Use numbers to replace actual month

Notice the number after the month? It makes it easier then actually writing January or November, as now the folders will actually be sorted chronologically.

3-     Moving time!

Once the folders are created, just moved the pictures or movies in the right one. Voila!



Couple more top tips:

1-     Use Tags to mark photos that will need some touch-ups (those can be done later)

2-     Don’t be afraid of using software to help you stay organize. You have plenty of free options out there from Adobe Photoshop Album, Picasa from Google, IPhoto, or IView.

3-     Archive, archive, active!

Burn CD or DVD of your photos and video once you downloaded them. Schedule weekly back-up of your files on an external hard-drive. Also, you can back up your photos online on websites such as


With couple of easy steps, you will be able to go back down memory lane with only couple of keys to push and a lot less frustration! Who knows, next, you might even start creating albums online to share with friends and family!