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Customer Testimonials: “Excellent service at a great price”

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

To assure we’re doing our job right, we follow up with every customer after their order is complete. If there’s ever any issue, we address it immediately. Most of the time however, we receive rave reports. On behalf of the ScanDigital team, I’d like to say “Thank You” to our amazing customers. We’re truly flattered to know you are happy and honored to have been trusted with your family’s precious memories. Please find a sampling of the testimonials below that we’ve recently received. 

If you’d like to hear more from our customers, you are welcome to visit our Testimonial page. If you have any questions or would just like to chat, you can always find us here on Twitter and Facebook, by email at or by phone at 888.333.2808 if you have any questions or just want to chat!

“First of all…wow…that a company actually asks for feedback…kudos to ScanDigital!  Yes, I would use your service again.  Yes, would and have recommended your services.

I am very very happy with the DVDs they are great.  We have had so much fun going back and watching them!”  Brooke – Kansas City, KS

“I would use your service again.  I would definitely recommend your services and I will use the customer code you’re speaking of to send to friends.  The DVD’s came out very nice.  Thank you. The price was great because I had the Groupon special.” Rosalinde – Metairie, LA

“I would definitely use ScanDigital’s services again and would recommend.” Fantasia – Burlington, MA

“I am very happy with quality.” Michelle – Fenton, MO

“Most of these were 8mm film that my father shot many years ago, some from the 1950s.   Others were camcorder tapes that I made of my son growing up. I will be using your company again, as my father was an avid home movie maker and photographer.   As I am editing his films (thankfully he left me, along with his films, his editing system) and going through thousands of his slides, I will be sending these along to be transferred to DVD.  I have also given out a couple of your coupons to friends who have the same plethora of home movies that I do.  Hopefully they will take advantage of the offer, as they were as impressed with my DVDs as I was. I wish you and your company the best.” Carol – Chicago, IL

“I will use your service again.” Vicki – Grapevine, TX

“I would definitely use your service, the customer service was very good, very good communication. I am happy with the product received. I loved the packaging and the little slide shows with music.  That was a fun surprise. Overall I really was satisfied with your service. Thank you.” Brenda – Mesa, AZ

“I am pleased with ScanDigital and will most likely recommend to others and use again.” Connie – Pearland, TX

“I was very satisfied with the service and would probably use it again when I need it. I am currently considering converting some VHS to DVD. Thanks.” Monelle – Alton, NH

“Thank you and your company for the incredible service. I will definitely use your services in the future. I will recommend your service to family and friends because of the excellent service at a great price. Finally, your pricing options were clear and very reasonable. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Thanks.” Joseph – Valley Village, CA

“I was so happy that I bought the Groupon for your services because I probably would not have tried it without that incentive and now having the results, I am excited to be able to send in all of my photos to you. You did a sensational job and I am thrilled with the results! Having a deal from Groupon was great and I have told several friends about the end results. Thanks for a great service!” Nancy – Potomac, MD

“First of all, let me say that I am very pleased with the finished product that I have had a chance to view so far.  I loved the way the DVDs were so well organized including the scene selections. I just left you good Award a Business feedback on I would absolutely recommend ScanDigital.  In fact, I have dozens of other videos that I need to send off to ScanDigital at some point.  I am happy to help spread the word about ScanDigital. Thank you very much.” Lynda – San Diego, CA

2010 Looks Good For Hulu

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Online Video Site Hulu Announces Huge Expected Revenue For 2010

Company Plans Expansion Of Hulu Plus Subscription Service

Last week online video website Hulu announced that the company expects to earn over $240 million in revenue in 2010, more than double its earnings from the previous year. Looking to position the website as a sort of online perpetual primetime for television advertising, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar spoke at a technology conference in San Francisco, touting Hulu’s improved financial situation. Not long ago, studios like NBC Universal and Walt Disney Co. expressed dissatisfaction with the advertising revenue Hulu was pulling in from its digital video transfers of their programming. Because Hulu’s online programming is free, all of the company’s revenue relied on advertising.

In an effort to add to its revenue and expand its business model, Hulu launched a subscription service called Hulu Plus, offering subscribers more content and more viewing flexibility for $9.99 per month. It is unclear how much this service has contributed to Hulu’s financial gains, especially since subscribership of Hulu Plus remains very low compared to services like cable television and Netflix. However, Hulu Plus will soon be following in Netflix’s footsteps, moving its streaming content away from computers and into living rooms via set top boxes like the Roku XDS, and (rumor has it) videogame consoles such as the Sony Playstation 3. Once viewers have the option of viewing Hulu’s digital video transfers in high quality on their HDTV’s, the popularlity of the Hulu Plus service is bound to grow. The idea is that with a device like a Roku player bringing Netflix content and Hulu Plus content into the living room, viewers will cancel their expensive cable TV plans and pull all their entertainment content from web-based sources.

As a company, Hulu continues to look for ways to grow, and is even considering a public stock offering. Hulu plans a large expansion of Hulu plus to portable devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. If owners of the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch could access all of their favorite television content wherever they went, Hulu would probably see a wide adoption of the service fairly quickly. To learn more about Hulu or the Hulu Plus subscription service, or if you simply want to watch a free digital video transfer of your favorite TV show, check out

Customer Testimonials: “Many thanks for saving my family history”

Friday, November 26th, 2010

We love our customers. That’s why we follow up with everyone after their order is complete to assure we’re doing our job right. If there’s ever any issue, we address it immediately. Most of the time however, we receive rave reports. On behalf of the ScanDigital team, I’d like to say “Thank You” to our amazing customers. We’re truly flattered to know you are happy and honored to have been trusted with your family’s precious memories. Please find a sampling of the testimonials below that we’ve received recently.

If you’d like to hear more from our customers, you are welcome to visit our Testimonial page. As always, we’re always here on Twitter and Facebook, by email at or by phone at 888.333.2808 if you have any questions or just want to chat!

“I found your service easy to use.  The printing of the shipping label, mailing the photos off, and receiving them was very simple.” Sandra – Arlington, VA

“I am absolutely delighted with my recent ScanDigital order, expect to use your service in the future, and will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues.” Howard – San Francisco, CA

“You guys are AWESOME ! I just received my DVD’s of some old 8mm films that hasn’t been seen since 1965 and what a great job preserving those old films you did. I saw a family reunion from when I was a little boy and seen family members long departed. Loving the scrapbook thing too. Making some still photos from the film stock is wonderful.
So many thanks for saving some of my family history that I didn’t even know I had in those films.” Wade – Milan, MI

“My daughter gave me the coupon and I am so happy with the result that I shall be sending more slides for processing. Once again the pictures are being enjoyed by family and friends worldwide. Thank you for your attention and timely processing.” Shirley – Honolulu, HI

“I am satisfied with the quality of the DVDs that I received back from my videotapes. I sent 2 of them as gifts to friends and family, and advised them that I had been satisfied with the work in case they also wanted to transfer some videos. I would be comfortable using ScanDigital again. I also feel the pricing options, for videotapes, are straightforward. I appreciate you taking an interest in your business and your customer’s opinions. That in itself goes a long way toward a positive opinion of ScanDigital.” Danica – Canyon Country, CA

“I’m happy to comply with this request; I did already send a message to ScanDigital to thank you and say that we are pleased with the digital scans you made of our slides. We would definitely use your service again if we have more slides or photos we want digitized, and we would certainly recommend your service to others. Your employees were friendly and helpful. The color correction of our slides seemed good. Your service was completely satisfactory, and we thank you for the pleasure of having our old slides in digital form.” Suzanne – Providence, RI

“It’s a great way to back up old, non-digital images.  It was a big project we were converting our wedding photos.” Joy – San Francisco, CA

“It is very likely I would use ScanDigital again. I would absolutely recommend the company to family and friends. I felt the professionalism of this company and how they handle such precious items when it is so hard people to trust says a lot. I was so afraid I borrowed my husband’s baby pictures from his mother and I had to promise her that I would get them back in one piece not even knowing if I would. I called with questions and concerns and someone was always available and extremely helpful.  I would like to conclude by saying I’m not sure if you guys at ScanDigital understand just how truly important the job that you do is. My husband has no idea what I did and the slideshow will be shown on a big screen in front of family and friends, with all kinds of precious memories. Thank you is all I can say you did an amazing job!!!!” Tanya – Brooklyn, NY

“Your staff has been very helpful and kind when I have called to inquire about the status.” JoEllen – Tampa, FL

Thanksgiving Organization Tips by Melissa

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

We may still have warm weather here in CA, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  It’s time to pull out the platters and order your turkeys for your Thanksgiving feast!  Planning ahead can help reduce your stress, so here are some tips that may help your prep process:

-Create a cooking time schedule; be sure to indicate which dishes can be made ahead of time.

-A few days before Thanksgiving, clean out your refrigerator so that you have room for groceries and dishes.

-Set your table the day before.  It is one less thing you have to do on Thanksgiving Day and you will be sure that you have all the necessary dishes, platters, glasses, etc.

-Assign tasks to people so that you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be grateful- We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”
~Cynthia Ozick

About Melissa Stacey:

Melissa Stacey started Feeling Organized because she truly loves organizing and planning. She says, “I also love working with people to find creative solutions to their organizing problems. I named my company Feeling Organized because the key to organization is how YOU feel. When you feel organized, you have less stress, are more productive and have more time to do the things that you love.”

Contact Melissa:

To contact Melissa for more organizing tips, visit Feeling Organized online. To receive her monthly organization tips for yourself, just email and she’ll add you to her list. You can also find Melissa on Twitter and Facebook, where she also shares great organizing tips that will help get your life in order. 

As always, if you have any questions about ScanDigital, please feel free to contact us by phone at 888.333.2808, email, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Hope to hear from you soon!

Gather Round the Table: Family History at Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Gather Round the Table: Family History at Thanksgiving

There are certain key moments in the year of a family that cry out for sharing family history. Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season are a perfect opportunity to swap stories and a whole lot more. Saving family treasures is about preserving all kinds of artifacts, but it’s also about  maintaining traditions and stories.

Dishes and utensils

Families often pass on furniture, dishes and flatware to descendants.

If you have these objects in your house do you know their history?

Do you know who owned them? In museum terms this is the provenance of the object-the whole history of ownership.

Do you know why or when the object was purchased or made?

I own my grandmother’s favorite set of mixing bowls and her pie plate. They are not valuable in the antique sense of the word, but I think of her every time I use them. 


Discover the tale behind the family recipes on your Thanksgiving table.

Create recipe cards precisely measuring each ingredient before it’s added to the meal so that you’ll have sense of the exact details or record the cooking process with a digital video camera. By the way, a video of grandma or great-grandma actually preparing her favorite holiday meal makes a great gift.

Put together an heirloom cookbook, it’s not too late to do it for this gift-giving season.  I’d be happy to help with that type of project.


With friends and family gathered together for a feast, don’t forget your camera.  Take spontaneous pictures of folks arriving, talking and eating. Just make sure you get a photo of everyone. 

About Maureen Taylor

Maureen Taylor AKA the Photo Detective is a professional genealogist, author and journalist on the topic who’s written tons of books and magazine articles, as well as being a contributing editor at Family Tree Magazine and editorial board member of Legacy Magazine. She’s also been a featured expert on CNN, the Today Show and in Martha Stewart Living. Maureen can be contacted through her website Photo Detective or on Twitter at @PhotoDetective.