Lance Dawes

Brian Howard. 2002. Lance Dawes

Lance Dawes originally made his mark through his skateboarding in the late 1980s to early 1990s. Dawes was sponsored by some of the well-respected skateboarding companies, at the time, including: Dogtown Skateboards, Independent Trucks, and Vans Footwear. Dawes eventually made the move from Maryland to San Francisco where he started working in the darkroom for Thrasher Magazine (a world-renowned skateboarding magazine) and started to direct his energy towards shooting skateboarding rather than skating himself. Shortly after, in 1992, Dawes decided to create his own magazine which he named Slap Magazine and was the self-appointed editor and contributing photographer.

Spread From an Old Slap, Santa Rosa. 1994. Lance Dawes.

Since the inception of Slap, Lance has continued to capture some of skateboarding’s most iconic images and documenting the most prolific skateboarders around. In addition to shooting skateboarding, Lance also takes photographs of custom cars (an interest that stems back to his childhood since his father was an avid drag racer) and portraits of celebrities.

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