The Pros and Cons of Instagram

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular photo-sharing and social media venues for smartphone users. After being acquired by FaceBook and expanding its base to Android users, the already popular application has skyrocketed in its number of regular users. For those of you who have been disconnected from recent technological happenings, here is a quick breakdown of what Instagram is: it is a program that may be used by people with smartphones that allows you to add fancy filters to your photographs and share them with other Instagram users. The program also meshes in social networking features such as allowing users to “like” or comment on other’s photos. It has been commonly referred to as “the Facebook of photography.”

With the increase in use and buzz surrounding the photo application, many people are starting to take polarized stances regarding their opinion about whether or not Instagram is having positive or negative effect. The following explores both the good and bad about the effects that Instagram has:


One of the best attributes about Instagram is that it greatly accomplishes its original goal: fast, easy, and efficient photo-sharing. When posting a photo onto the app, a menu pops up that gives you the option of also posting the photo onto other popular social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, and Tumblr. By simply clicking “yes,” users can simultaneously post onto a few different social networks of their choice, or just simply post onto Instagram.
Another added benefit to using instagram is that it allows you to take world-class photographs without having to carry anything besides your mobile phone, which most people carry with them everywhere anyway. The convenience of not having to carry around both a digital camera and your cellular phone is definitely something that people who heavily document their lives can appreciate.


The biggest gripe coming from the photography world about instagram is that it devalues the art of photography and makes the acquisition and creation of a good photograph much too accessible. With the click of a button on your smartphone, nearly, anybody may acquire the façade of being a professional photographer.
Many are also concerned with the policy that Instagram adheres to when it comes to the privacy of and rights of sharing the photos that are posted onto the application. Unbeknownst to many, Instagram reserves the right to reproduce, reuse, and redistribute any image that users upload onto their feed. This not only creates a privacy concern, but also a financial one. This means that any photo posted onto the application may be used in advertisements and marketing campaigns both without your consent and without any sort of compensation.

Overall, I believe that this is a fun application and has helped to create many beautiful images for us to gawk at. It is a fun and easy way to share pictures with friends and mostly everyone I know utilizes the application on a daily basis. Though the copyright and privacy concepts that Instagram adhere to are a bit disconcerting, Instagram is a near perfect photo-sharing application that provides for hours of fun and entertainment.


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