National Geographic Publishes Area 51 Photos

Never-Before-Seen Area 51 Photos Show Evidence Of Military Aircraft Crash

Photos Were Recently Declassified By CIA

The photo to the left, which was scanned to digital by National Geographic, depicts a titanium A-12 spy-plane prototype being prepared for radar testing at Nevada’s infamous (and officially still non-existent) Area 51 base, sometime in the late 1950s. The aircraft is being suspended upside down. This photo is one of several recently published by National Geographic after a rash of declassifications shed light on several secret government projects, including the crash (and cover-up) of an A-12 aircraft near Area 51. These never-before-released images may not show aliens or flying saucers, but they’re still pretty cool.

The photos provide a very rare glimpse inside the Area 51 base, which is located about 100 miles from Las Vegas, deep within the Nevada dessert. Even with the declassification of these photos, the government does not acknowledge the existence of the Area 51 military outpost (but everyone knows it’s there). According to National Geographic, a secret military aircraft (presumably the A-12 pictured above) crashed in 1963, and the government hastily covered up the crash and removed all evidence from the site.

The Area 51 base was created so that military scientists could work on cutting-edge aeronautical projects in a remote and secure environment. During the 1950s and 1960s, the Cold War promoted more and more advanced projects, and the A-12 was developed by Area 51’s top-secret OXCART program as the successor to the U-2 spy plane. Made in conjunction with the Lockheed Corp., the A-12 could reach an altitude of 90,000 feet, and could fly at speeds in excess of 2,200 mph. Even at 90,000 feet, the plane’s cameras could capture objects on the ground as little as one foot in length. Thanks to the CIA’s recent declassification of these images, we now know that an A-12 based out of Area 51 did indeed crash in 1963, and that the government moved quickly to erase all public traces of the event.

To see more of these recently declassified photos that have been scanned to digital, visit National Geographic.

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  1. cheers buddy-I will bookmark this page

  2. Those who write rubbish like this hope to turn away any of those conservative skeptics (among older age groups and some younger) because it seems like a great number of conservatives have thrown out the scientific method for a kind of faith-based, apocalyptic use-it-up-and throw-it-away view of the world, and a fear-based approach to ET, which provides good cover for those groups who won’t disclose and reinforcing that fear amongst a highly conservative US population. We call this disinfo.

  3. People have been saying for years now that the US Government has been back engineering crashed alien craft. I don’t get it. Just look at this latest new craft X-47B from the NAVY. Come on folks, get it together! It looks nothing like a flying saucer jeez. Where do these crazy ideas come from? Ha Ha LOL

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