Photo Craft: How To Decoupage a Photo Frame

Recently, I was searching around looking for a crafty and clever new way to display some of my favorite pictures. I found that one of the simplest (and cheapest) way to do that is decoupage. Decoupage is the art of decorating an object with paper type materials and sealing each layer with a type of varnish. This is great DIY project to do by yourself or to round up the kids to help out. These frames are perfect to create and keep or give as gifts. You can make numerous frames in an afternoon and it beats spending $10-$20 on one store bought frame (especially during these hard economic times when EVERYONE is on a budget). So let your imagination run wild and your personal style guide you in this project. Happy creating!


DECOUPAGE supplies-Unfinished Wood Frame(s) – You can get them at Michaels Craft Store for $1 each and they have different shapes and sizes or you can even use some that you already have.
-Scrapbook Paper – If you are getting your little ones or teens involved you can also use magazine cutouts, wrapping paper, fabric or even other photo cut outs.
-Mod Podge – You can use the glossy or matte kind, whatever you prefer.
-Paint – To coordinate with your paper and embellishments.
 -Paint Brush – All craft stores carry them also for about a dollar or 2.
 -Sponge Brush – All craft stores carry these for about a dollar.
-Craft/Exacto Knife – You are can also find this quite easily at craft stores.
-Piece of Foil – We are going to use this for the paint.


Set out your unfinished frames, get your piece of foil to squeeze the paint on and paint all parts of the frames that will not be covered by the paper. Including, the back of the frame, the inside and outside edges, and the little rod that makes the picture stand up. Let dry.



Step 2
 Using your sponge brush, cover the front of the frame with a generous layer of Mod Podge and let set for about 30 seconds before adding another nice layer of Mod Podge. Next, place your scrapbook paper on top and smooth out all bubbles with your Popsicle stick or plastic card. Be sure to smooth out all bubbles and rub the card or stick all over the frame.
DECOUPAGE 2 resultStep 3
Lay the frame paper side down and using your craft knife cut around the edges of the frame and cut out the center opening. Don’t stress if your cuts aren’t perfect because you will be sanding down the edges next.



Using your sandpaper go around all edges and sides and smooth out the roughness. For the inside corners you’ll want to fold your sandpaper in half and just rub up and down to get them sanded.

Using your paint brush and paint you want to cover up the white edges you got from sanding; run brush over the edges, you can also take a paper towel or cotton cloth to get right in the corners and apply or wipe paint on the entire paper for a sort of distressed look. Once again, you can rub as little or as much paint as you would like to get your desired look. Let the paint dry for a few minutes before moving onto the final step.
Step 6

Cover your frame, including corners and sides with 3 more generous layers of Mod Podge being sure to let each layer dry for about 10-15 minutes before applying next layer.
Insert your favorite photos into the frames and Viola! You just made some beautiful frames. You can even make some with specific themes or colors or add extra embellishments to them like gems to really let your personality shine through. These handmade frames make the perfect gift for friends and family. If you’re feeling extra crafty you might even want to try using this technique on a small box or vase or even some furniture like a table or chair.

DECOUPAGE 7 final product

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