The Mother’s Day Dilemma

Having lived away from home for almost 12 years now, I rarely have the opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. With one son on the West Coast and another on the East Coast, my mom usually receives something in the mail from us. Lucky for my brother and I, our parents encouraged us to move away from home and expand our horizons. They’re proud of what we’re doing now and never sweat us being away for Mother’s Day, birthdays…etc. (We do all typically spend Christmas and Thanksgiving together).

Each year my brother and I coordinate our gift for Mom. We’ve exhausted the flower option and there really is not much my Mom wants / needs. This creates our annual Mother’s Day Dilemma… What to send home for Mother’s Day?

Usually we’re both so busy that the holiday creeps up and then we have a Thursday before Mother’s Day scramble, but this year we’re on top of it. My brother called me on Sunday afternoon with a gameplan. I quickly explained that I had also been thinking about Mother’s Day a lot this year because we were receiving Mother’s Day orders at ScanDigital and were even running some Mother’s Day Specials. (Spoiler ALERT: Mom, if you’re reading this before Sunday, please stop and come back later!) I then went on to explain my plan: Let’s take all of our family photos and pre-load them onto one of the new ScanDigital Photo Frames. My brother quickly agreed this was an excellent plan and so it was decided.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been working on pulling together a bunch of family photos to load on the frame. It has been a great time and a great reason to enjoy all those family vacation memories. I think Mom is going to love the frame and I am thrilled that earlier this year she sent in a bunch of our family photos to be scanned. We scanned some negatives and slides from our trip to Europe in 1991 that turned out to be real winners. My Mom is still in the process of organizing a new batch dating back to the 1980s to be scanned. I can’t wait to see those. It will be fun to load these onto the frame as the family’s collection is archived and preserved digitally. I’m excited for the first time in a few years to be able to give my Mom a gift that is new and hip. This is sure to top the casserole dish we gave her last year! Here are some of my favorites for the frame:

How we ever convinced Mom to touch this pigeon, I’ll never know
(St. Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy)

Mom is usually fairly calm, but couldn’t help being nervous while I rode on the back of a motorcycle on the Autobahn at 12 years old
(Aufham, Germany)

EuroDisney was a much needed break from all the historical sites
(EuroDisney outside Paris, France)

All that site seeing was pretty exhausting.
(Backseat of our rental car on the way to
another Western European town)

3 Responses to “The Mother’s Day Dilemma”

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  2. Juna Kuno says:

    Thanks a lot for this. I will share this post with my friends.

  3. MOM says:

    Dear Anderson,

    You and Kendall really did hit a homerun on this one. Not only have I been able to enjoy the photos since you scanned them but now I am enjoying them every day as these pictures of my darling boys revolve all day long on my “cool” digital frame. Sure makes a day at the office more fun! Every now and then I will let Dad have the frame on his desk too!

    However another advantage about your service I would like to highlight is that having all of these precious photos scanned has given me a sense of confidence that they will never be lost since ScanDigital also has stored them in my personal photo library.

    Your Dad and I are certainly proud of both of our boys.

    Thanks again for a great gift!

    Love, MOM

    P.S. All I want next year is my future scanned photos added!

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