Convert Home Movies For A Unique Fathers Day Gift

Convert Home Movies For A Unique Fathers Day Gift

A Creative Way To Show Dad You Care

father's dayEvery Father’s Day, we have an opportunity show our dads just how much we appreciate everything they do for us. But finding the right gift can be hard – that electric necktie organizer you bought last year is probably still in the box – so this year maybe it’s time to think outside the box, when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for Dad.

Dads and home movies go together like steak and potatoes, and if you want to spend a small fortune, a digital camcorder can be a great gift, and a great way to capture your memories. But if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable (and perhaps even more meaningful), think about all those memories you’ve already captured on old film or tape-based home movies from generations past. Chances are, you’ve got a dusty pile of VHS tapes at the back of a closet, or even a box full of reel-to-reel film up the attic. Don’t let these forgotten formats become forgotten memories! ScanDigital can convert home movies to digital so that they can be preserved and shared for generations to come.

 To many dads, the camcorder is just below just below underwear and sunscreen on the vacation packing list. But how often do you ever watch those old video tapes from your trip to Disneyland 15 years ago? From piano recitals to soccer games to weddings, dad’s love shooting video. But too often these precious memories just get stored away, never to be seen again.

In years past, when nearly all video was shot directly onto VHS tapes using enormous camcorders the size of refrigerators, watching home movies was a piece of cake. You just popped the tape into your VCR and pressed play. These days, everything is digital, and in many ways it’s a big improvement. Camcorders can fit in your pocket, and Hollywood movies look better than ever at home thanks to digital formats like DVD and Blu-ray. But home movies got a bit lost in the mix, because very few digital camcorders are designed to record onto DVD’s that you can use with your current home theater setup.

That’s where ScanDigital comes in. ScanDigital can transfer VHS tape to DVD, and digitize all your old home movies so watching them is as easy as ever. Whether your home movies are on film, VHS tapes, Beta Max, or some other format, ScanDigital can convert your home movies to digital so the family can enjoy them again and make Dad proud. If you’re a more advanced gift-giver, you can even choose to receive Dad’s home movies as digital files on a hard drive instead of DVD’s. This gives you the opportunity to edit and organize your home movies scene-by-scene. Either way, Dad will be thrilled to get the family together to relive memories of years past.

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  1. What’s the simplest way to transform a VCR to Digital video disc?

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