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Jason Takara

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Food Jason dislikes that most people love: Lobster!

Jason is a self-professed workaholic who spends most of the day buried up to his neck in emails, papers, computers and phone calls.  Jason joined the ScanDigital team after 13 years in the customer service industry back in his home state of Hawaii.  What originally attracted him to the company and what keeps him motivated still, is our intense focus on customer service and the care taken to satisfy each and every person who uses our service.

Danny Alexander Lopez

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy

Danny is an ex U.S. Army Combat Medic. His favorite movie of all time would have to be Big Daddy with Adam Sandler, who also happens to be in his Top Actor list along with Jim Carey and Will Smith. Joining the Army straight out of high school, he has already traveled all over the world at a very young age. But his favorite vacation spot would have to be Germany. This is where he was stationed for the majority of his service and it is also where he met his lovely Turkish wife. Danny loves to help other people any way he can; this is why he became a Medic in the army and why he loves customer service at ScanDigital. Bringing joy to our customers is what makes him get up in the morning.

Ashinie Kapuge

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
First movie Ashinie saw in a theater: Anaconda

Ashinie is a fun and outgoing senior in college who is studying to become a coroner. Her interest in becoming a coroner was sparked while watching The Discovery Channel as a little girl. Working at ScanDigital has been rewarding for her in that she feels proud to be able to help others save their precious memories. Having been a scanner for us prior to her position in Customer Service, Ashinie is uniquely able to assist customers with technical questions and specific details.

Christina Tangitau

Christina really enjoys losing herself in a good book while she stays in, but would much rather be outdoors. Growing up in a big family she has always been a fan of camping and exploring nature. Whether it is lounging at the beach or taking a relaxing walk through the park, she just cannot get enough. While going to school to become a Registered Nurse, being a Customer Service Representative at ScanDigital has allowed her to satisfy her hunger for helping people. Her dream is to one day travel the world as a volunteer nurse and touch the lives of people in need, all around the globe.

Pamela Valencia

Favorite activity:Hiking
Favorite unusual food: Oysters

Pamela is a big lover of the outdoors and enjoys anything that has to do with nature and traveling. Working here at ScanDigital complements her personal passion for the story that every picture tells. Coming to us from a picture studio back ground, she's been part of capturing lasting memories and intrinsically understands the value and importance of preserving once in a lifetime memories.

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I was very impressed with every aspect of your service. The customer service was A+++ and the photo scanning and care taken with my pictures and films was exceptional!

-Jennie from Oakland, CA - May 2012

The service was professional and prompt; I was treated excellently; customer service and updating me on the progress of my order was excellent! Only good thoughts of your company!

-Suzan from Noblesville, IN - May 2012

Yes, I was very impressed with the quality of the digital photos and DVDs and I love the picture preview on the DVD to show what videos were inside!

-Jennifer from Silver Springs, MD - May 2012

Your service was fantastic! [The] turnaround time was realistic and I appreciated the automated email with the details of where my order was in the process. The quality of the DVDs is good and the packaging is excellent!

-James from Honolulu, HI - May 2012

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