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Hard Drive Transfer

  • Portably Store Your Memories
    Load all files to an external hard drive

  • Editable Files
    Manipulate your video footage on your computer

  • Additional Security
    Ensure your memories won't be lost

  • Share and Enjoy
    Easily share your video files with friends and family

Converting your old video tapes and movie film to DVD is the first step to digitization. This will make your footage more accessible and easy to view at anytime. In addition to having your footage on DVD, you also have the hard drive transfer option. If you select the hard drive option, we will load all of your video files to an external hard drive. You may include an external hard drive (with necessary cables) along with your materials when sending your order to us. If you don't have an external hard drive, you may purchase one from us for $119.95. Our 500 GB hard drives can be formatted for MAC or PC computers.

Using your video footage on computer

Our DVDs are created for use in any modern DVD player, including DVD drives of a computer. Although you can play these DVDs in your computer, that doesn't mean you will have the ability to edit the video footage. To make this process easier for you, we offer the hard drive transfer option. We will load the video files from your footage to external hard drive. You can plug the external hard drive to your computer and save all of the video files for use. The video format depends on your material type, and the transfer level you choose. A 2-hour video tape transferred at the premium level will require about 5 GB of space on your hard drive. A 2-hour video tape transferred at the expert level will require about 16 GB of space on your hard drive.

File Type Delivered on Hard Drive

Premium Transfer

Expert Transfer
VHS, VHS-C, Hi8,
Digital 8, MiniDV
8mm, Super 8,
Super 8 with sound, 16mm Film

If you don't have an external hard drive to send in with your materials, you may purchase one from us. We have 500 GB USB hard drives to load all of your precious digital memories.

*MPEG-4 utilizes a high bit-rate and minimal compression to deliver a high quality, editable version of the video files.


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Your memories are safe

Through our integration with UPS and our world class EssentialTracker system for internal tracking, your order is carefully monitored from door to door

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We scan by hand

To ensure the highest quality and to protect every image, we will never use an auto-feeder to process your materials.

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"I have used other scanning services and ScanDigital is by far top quality. Your website and log in to my own account so that I can see the progress of an order is outstanding. Your email notifications of receipt and dispursement of orders is exceptional. "
- Randy J. from Lakeland, FL (October 2013) -

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"The scanned photos are awesome! It was so much fun to see photos that I haven't seen in 20 years. The quality was great and the service was wonderful."
- Grace - Golden, CO

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The word photography was created in 1839 and means phos or light and graphê or drawing in Greek, which translates to 'drawing with light.'

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