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Home Organization

Get Your Lifetime of Memories Organized Easily

Over the years you have created and accumulated a lot of memories and now they are stored in a hard-to-get-to basement, taking up valuable space your family needs. There are boxes and boxes of photos and bulky home movies that need to be labeled and arranged in order. However, the thought alone of organizing your memories seems like a daunting task. Now there's an easier solution - convert them to digital format to preserve and organize your photos digitally. With the comfort of having your albums and home movies in digital format, you will be motivated to clear the bulk of your collection away. And even if you insist upon keeping them, you will find sorting, labeling and organizing pictures in digital format a cinch- it's as easy as drag and drop!

Organizing Ideas

Easily Access Your Memories

if you can't access your archive of memories, then you aren't enjoying them. Getting organized is all about the ease of retrieval and using your items as they were intended. Your memories were meant to be enjoyed, so organize your photos digitally. Then you can easily access your memories at the click of your mouse!

Archive All Your Memories in One Central Place

Once your old memories are in digital format, you can combine them with your new digital collection to create one seamless photo archive. Now all your memories will be in one central location!

Create Needed Space

Bulky VHS tapes, reel to reel film, and camcorders tapes take up a lot of space, especially when you have little to spare. When transferred to digital format, slim DVDs are not only a better storage option, but guarantee your memories will be enjoyed as intended. Just pop your DVDs in and enjoy your favorite memories on the comfort of your couch!

Clean Out Cramped Drawers

Your filing cabinets are overflowing with papers and your desk is piled high with documents. Have no fear- our ScanDigital Partner page, can help! Pixily's document scanning service and online management system will allow you to go paperless.


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"I am retiring and moving back to the UK after many years in the US. This prompted me to digitize my audio collection (some still on cassette tapes) and my photograph collection. I sent e-mails to a few companies. Scandigital responded promptly and personally, including a contact name and telephone number. I continued to pursue inquiries with Scandigital. My questions were answered competently and with personal attention. The company gives the impression of trying to build a positive relationship with the customer. I liked the idea that the company is trying to provide work locally. I liked the Web site, which is easy to use and shows different pricing options for services and has a number of pre-paid plans. The whole process is described in just the right amount of detail. I liked the Scandigital response to potential customers who create log-ins. The company maintains interest with e-mails but does not pester people who are still looking at options or are just busy. I look forward to using the Web page options to organize and share photographs. As you can see, I would certainly recommend Scandigital even to my cheapskate techie friends who want to scan things themselves."
- Deborah - Palo Alto, CA - August 2008 -

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