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AL, HI and International Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Thank you, I have already sent an email to thank you for your amazing service, but thank you again. Your customer service is wonderful. Living in Canada we rarely see good customer service, so yours was very refreshing.

Gloria S. from WHITE ROCK, BC (January 2014)

Fantastic job. I'm a digital archivist and do digitization at work frequently so I understand entirely the effort that goes into scanning and digitization. (We don't have VHS digitization capabilities where I work so I was so thankful to have found your website (and the groupon!)) My only minor (minor minor minor!) issue (I wouldn't even call it an issue, just maybe a note for next time) is that the scanning barcodes were placed over the original labels of the tape, making some words unreadable and the scanning barcodes cannot be removed now. Maybe avoid covering words in the future? There was plenty of blank space on the label to cover instead).

Taryn D. from British Co, Canada (March 2014)

My husband and I were very impressed. Your products and your service. I have never known about this until a groupon was shown and when I sent our tapes etc I was a little concerned that something would happen to them but when they were returned and the finished DVD's came out the way they did I was overjoyed.

Simone L. from MB, Canada (March 2014)

From the very start of my dealings with your service, I have been kept well informed of the progress of my order. I can't believe how well you managed to copy and improve the visual appearance of the photos that I sent to you. Some of them were in pretty terrible condition yet you managed to work your magic and I couldn't be more pleased with what came back to me in the finished DVD. Thank You all.

Carol Ann A. from B.C., Canada (March 2014)

When I called for additional information on how to set up my order with respect to shipping, border issues (I'm from Canada)I got helpful, friendly and useful information. The quality of the output exceeded my expectations.

Richard D. from British Co, Canada (March 2014)

Thank you, I have already sent an email to thank you for your amazing service, but thank you again.Your customer service is wonderful. Living in Canada we rarely see good customer service, so yours was very refreshing.

Gloria S. from White Rock, Canada (November 2013)

The service was good, easy to track and much faster than I expected.

Sheila M. from Victoria, Canada (November 2013)

The product was of excellent quality. I appreciate the emails telling me where the tapes I sent are in the process. It was a little nerve wracking at first to send my original, one of a kind baby videos of my sons away in the mail. I was worried about them being lost or damaged and having no backup. My fears were relieved when I received the email stating that the package had been received.

Lisa T. from Richmond, Canada (October 2013)

Considering how apprehensive I was at the thought of shipping several years of my kids lives into another country, I found the experience went very well and I would have no apprehension at doing it again.

Patti B. from Victoria, Canada (October 2013)

Overall very satisfied. I used 3 different photo/film scanning services simultaneously. ScanDigital by far was the easiest to work with and had the fastest response time. The price seemed steeper than the other two companies, but the quality and relatively quick turn-around seemed to justify the price.

Stephen S. from Washington, Canada (October 2013)

I was very pleased that I received notice when you had received my pkg and then again when you were ready to mail it back. That is important to me. Also I love the finished product.

Marion G. from Victoria, Canada (October 2013)

So very pleased that our old family videos have been rescued, thanks so much.

Angela H. from Mission, Canada (October 2013)

Very pleased. Expect to have all my slides that have been languishing in a cupboard for lo these many years done by you. Love the special group-on deals that make it affordable.

Rosalie O. from Lunenburg, Canada (October 2013)

The process was hassle free!

Larry from Saskatoon, Canada (April 2013)

I found the service fast, efficient, and the DVDs are good quality. I'm a very satisfied customer!

Belinda from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (July 2012)

I was pleased with the customer service, quality of product, and appreciated the updates via email regarding the status of my order!

Jill from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (June 2012)

Your company greatly exceeded our expectations; your service was outstanding; your people a great pleasure to deal with! We are extremely happy with what you folks did for us in transferring our old videos to disc!

Carl from Palmer, AK (June 2012)

Your service was fantastic! [The] turnaround time was realistic and I appreciated the automated email with the details of where my order was in the process. The quality of the DVDs is good and the packaging is excellent!

James from Honolulu, HI (May 2012)

I had started copying our videos myself and got half of them done; then I sent the rest to you. Your product was so nice looking with case covers and chapter [breaks] that we sent the tapes I had already copied to you to be redone. You did a great job and we appreciate the product!

Marie from Palmer, AK (April 2012)

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with the service, the quality and the way ScanDigital conducts business, and would definitely use again and recommend your services in the future!

Sonia from Ontario, Canada (March 2012)

I have to say that I was impressed from start to finish with ScanDigital throughout my recent use of your services. The service was prompt and professional with excellent communication throughout keeping me informed of the progress and status of my order. I would most certainly recommend ScanDigital to anyone!

Steve from Ontario, Canada (March 2012)

I was thrilled with the customer service at Scan Digital! I really appreciated the e-mail updates - made me feel like my photos were in great hands.

Paula from British Columbia, Canada (March 2012)

I was skeptical that this was actually going to work considering it was being sent back & forth to the US, but I had absolutely no problems & am very happy with the results. I think ScanDigital is a wonderful service and it was very straightforward & timely to accomplish it all!

Yvonne from British Columbia, Canada (March 2012)

I would use your services again because you exceeded my expectations and I received friendly, expert responses to my questions. Your people treated me as an important customer!

Ed from Ontario, Canada (March 2012)

I was happy with my purchases. I was hesitant to mail my items so far but was happy to be able to confirm when it was received and the progress of the order. My questions were answered promptly and clearly as well. The good customer service was a big part of the transaction for me!

Nancy from Ontario, Canada (March 2012)

You provided great service and sent me back everything properly. Nothing was lost! I am very happy with your work!

Ranjana from Ontario, Canada (March 2012)

I appreciated the emails letting me know of the status of my order and when I received the CD and pictures back, I was very impressed with the quality of the restoration of older pictures!

Teri from Chugiak, AK (March 2012)

I loved the job that [ScanDigital did]. Very professional and courteous!

Pat from Honolulu, HI (February 2012)

I've told friends that you cannot do this at home with your own scanner; the quality is way better with ScanDigital!

Chelsey from British Columbia (February 2012)

Considering the care you take in processing and the fact that you accept photos in albums, I think your prices are fair. The quality of your service matches the price and I feel that I got my money's worth.

Sami from British Columbia, Canada (January 2012)

WOW!!!!! we are so pleased. You have done a fantastic job of preserving black and white photos going back to the early 1950's. We cannot give you enough praise. We are so thrilled.

Peter from Canada - December 2011

I would like to say that I am very impressed with ScanDigital. Your system worked very well, I was pleased with the updates you gave me along the process and next spring when I begin to have my photo albums digitized, ScanDigital will be the company which I will choose.Thank you for your efficiency.

Beryl - Ontario - August 2011

I have received the products, and was very happy with them. I will get more of my tapes put on CD's, I will recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again, and it was easy to deal with you and I liked the service. I will definitely be sending you more to convert.

Kathy - AB - March 2011

I will definitely use your services again and recommend them to others.

Nina - HI - February 2011

Frankly, I have not had the time yet to start archiving the photos but I have certainly flipped through quite a few and am very happy with the results. Dealing with your team of people was a breeze and I couldn't be happier with the service quality you guys provided. Thanks so much! I will surely recommend you to any of my friends who have photos to scan.

Daniel - Singapore - January 2011

I do appreciate the credit being applied to my card. ScanDigital has shown itself to be a company above many others in doing business and I will recommend it to others who are also looking to preserve their family's photographic history. Aloha and Mahalo.

Cheryl - HI - 2011

My daughter gave me the coupon and I am so happy with the result that I shall be sending more slides for processing. Once again the pictures are being enjoyed by family and friends worldwide. Thank you for your attention and timely processing.

Shirley - Honolulu, HI - August 2010

Thanks you for your fast and easy service. I happened across some negatives from 1961 and your service was fantastic. My family will now be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

Danalee - Alberta, Canada - April 2010

I find your service extremely valuable and am quite surprised by the quality of the digital photos. I have many photos from my service in the military for over 20 years. I would like to convert a majority of these to digital. I have been recently sending you pictures of the fall of the Berlin wall that I personally experienced in 1989. One particular photo I was very happy to have converted to digital and I think you guys did a wonderful job. Thanks for everything, I think you provide a good service and have a good customer oriented business.

Brad - APO, AE - October 2008

Your service was excellent. For my daughters wedding the photographer provided negatives not prints and we wanted digital pictures to be able to distribute to our many friends around the world. Many thanks for your excellent service.

Peter - Toronto, Canada - August 2008

Awesome, Amazing, The Best.... How does that sound? I loved your service. I knew that I could do this myself but realized the time was not a good use of my time. Anyway, my son was born in the pre-digital era and wanted to see some photos of him on the apple tv. Also, my parents have a large collection of slides. My Dad passed away a few years ago, and so next weekend I am going to Seattle to visit my Mom and get some slides for you to scan!

Carolyn - Calgary, Canada - August 2008

I'm likely to use your service again. I'm considering giving gift certificates for Christmas.

Michelle - Ontario, Canada - July 2008

Good customer service is essential to my doing business with a company. The quality of your product is excellent. Your turn-around time was also excellent for both of my orders. I will be placing more orders with you once I've finished previewing decades of photos. I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so.

Joan - Lahaina, HI - July 2008

I was very happy with the quality of the digitized photos. Liked being able to share the album online with my friends. Yes, I would use your services again when I find some more of my pics. And yes, I would recommend you to my friends.

Lance - Valdez, AL - March 2008

I'm very satisfied with the ScanDigital service and would recommend it to anyone.

Steve - Honolulu, HI - January 2008

We were very impressed with the service and the quality of the pictures we received. The price was more than reasonable and it didn't take long, at all. We would definitely use your services again in the future, and we have already recommended them to several friends.

Margaret - Winnipeg, Canada - January 2008

I am absolutely delighted with the Scan Digital Service! Sending your negatives off halfway across the earth is a scary experience, but they arrived in California in a week. They were back here in Holland even before I received the email saying they were online! At this moment I have no idea if the financial part of the transaction has gone according to plan - I have no real time access to my creditcard statements (tsk!), so I'll have to wait for the once-a-month paper statement. I would far prefer using Paypal, even though that would probably require an extra administrative step - billing and payment before uploading the scans and returning the negatives. I've already recommended the service to family members: my brother lost all his prints in a fire, but he still has the shoeboxes full of negatives. I expect he will be sending them over one of these days. I've also sent an email to the members of my Mensa Photo Group, pointing them to my blogpost (in dutch): http://jaydot.hyves.nl/blog/5619690/Ze_zijn_weer_terug/KLC9/ Reactions varied: some said they would start sorting negatives right away, some said their negatives would never ever leave the house.

Joyce - Brummen, Netherlands - December 2007

I have to say everthing from the account set up and communication you send to let me know where progress is to the end product was all perfect. Thanks.

Casey - Fairbanks, AK - December 2007

“Ausgezeichnet! What a wonderful service. I was so pleased with my digital photos and the international shipping was so easy. It was so easy to reach someone via live chat or email. Thank you so much for a job done well.”

Karin - Aufham, Germany - October 2007


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"Everything about my experience using Scandigital has been wonderful. From my first contact with 'Danny', through his guidance and mailing my tapes to the continuous progress of my tapes to my viewing of the end product yesterday has been wonderful. I am sooo grateful for all the guidance and quality of your work to my viewing the finished product has been fabulous. I definitely will be a return customer. Thank you!!"
- Sandy W. from Liverpool, NY (May 2014) -

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