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The Memory Box

  • Fill it up, send it in, and we'll transfer whatever's inside to DVD!

  • Flat price of $349. Save several hundred dollars!

  • Take your time. Place your order and send your materials later.

Memory Boxes save you time and money!

Here's how they work:

1. Place your order and print your pre-paid UPS label.

2. Visit the nearest UPS store and pick up a Medium Express box (free) or an 8x8x8 box ($2).

3. At your convenience, fill it with up to:

  • 500 images, including photos, slides or negatives

  • 30 film reels of any size and type

  • 15 video tapes of any kind, including VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, MiniDV, and Hi8.

  • You can put any combination of materials in your Memory Box!

4. Ship us the box via UPS. It's completely trackable! We'll expertly digitize everything you send and return your original     materials along with your new DVDs.

You can save HUNDREDS of dollars.

Here are a couple examples of typical orders, showing how much you will save with the Memory Box:

Example 1

50 Slides


100 Negatives


300 Photographs


10 miniDV Tapes


5 VHS Tapes


8 Film Reels (3-inch)


Regular Price


Memory Box


You Will Save
That's a savings of over 55%!


Example 2

25 Slides


75 Negatives


400 Photographs


5 miniDV Tapes


10 VHS Tapes


3 Film Reels (5-inch)


Regular Price


Memory Box


You Will Save
That's a savings of 60%!


Detailed rules and guidelines:

You may include up to 500 images, 30 film reels, and 15 videotapes in one Memory Box. The 500-image limit refers to the combined total of all photos, negative images, and slides.

  • Memory Boxes are such a great deal that no discounts can be applied to them. This means Groupons, voucher codes, and coupon codes cannot be used.

  • Photos larger than 8x10 cannot be included in Memory Boxes. 8x10 photos are allowed.

  • All 35mm slides and negatives and APS negatives are accepted in Memory Boxes. These are the most common formats by far. Stereo slides (two slides side-by-side in one frame), and slides and negatives from larger, unusual film formats like 127 and 135 are not accepted in Memory Boxes. We're happy to scan these formats but they require a standard order. Please call us if you are not sure of the format of your negatives or slides.

  • All of the most common videotape formats are accepted in Memory Boxes: VHS, VHSC, Betamax, Hi8 and miniDV. You may include a mix of formats in one Memory Box. Please call if you have videotapes of a different format.

  • Any videotape footage over two hours in length will be transferred onto a second DVD at no additional charge.

  • All of the most common consumer film formats are accepted in Memory Boxes: 8mm, super8, 16mm, all with or without sound. Various sizes of film reels are accepted, from 3 inches all the way to 7 inches. Please call us if you have a film reel larger than 7 inches. You may include a mix of formats and reel-sizes in one Memory Box.

  • Limit 3 Memory Boxes per customer. If you would like more, please call to discuss volume pricing discounts.

  • All materials will be digitized at normal resolution. If you would like high resolution, please call to arrange for a custom order.

  • All materials will be digitized onto DVD. If you would like your files delivered via hard drive or USB drive, please call to arrange for a custom order.

  • Please note, Memory Boxes are non-refundable. If you need to cancel the order for any reason, the credit can be applied towards any of our services or products.


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Your memories are safe

Through our integration with UPS and our world class EssentialTracker system for internal tracking, your order is carefully monitored from door to door

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We scan by hand

To ensure the highest quality and to protect every image, we will never use an auto-feeder to process your materials.

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- Claudette - Longwood, FL - October 2009 -

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