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Tips for Packing Photos for Scanning

Packing and Shipping Tips for Photo Scanning

With no need to count or pre-sort your images, the ScanDigital process is the most user-friendly service available. However, some of our customers do like to organize their materials before packing them up and shipping them to us. Organizing and packing your materials is simple with these easy steps:

1. Organize and Group Your Photos

You may want to organize your photos into groups. Each group can then be labeled. We will scan the images in groups and then create individual folders for that group. Many of our customers group their photos by event or trip, for example "Jhon's 40th Birthday" or "Europe 1994".

2. Secure Your Groups

To be sure that your group organization stays intact during shipping, be sure to secure your groups. This can be done with rubber bands and then placing them into Ziploc bags or envelopes. Ziploc bags are ideal because they also protect the photos from moisture. The bags can be labeled with the name of the group, or a slip of paper can be placed inside.

3. Place Your Materials in a Strong Shipping Box

To protect your materials on their way to us, be sure to place the materials in a strong box. Paper envelopes, padded envelopes, and clothing boxes are not recommended ways to ship your materials. Most local UPS stores or office product stores, such as Staples, sell sturdy boxes. Or you may be able to find an old box in your office or residence. Large photos or negatives ship best when they are encased with two stiff pieces of cardboard.

4. Seal Your Box with Shipping Tape

Once you have filled your box with your materials, fill any excess space with some sort of filler. Newspaper or bubble wrap works well, or if you have left over shipping peanuts, this fills the void very well. Seal the box with shipping tape and then place the label that you printed from our site on the outside.

5. Drop Your Package Off at a Shipping Location

If you're shipping via UPS, any UPs drop off location will accept your package. A UPS store or your office shipping department are the most typical drop off locations for our customers. If you are self-shipping the package, then drop the packge off at your nearest Post Office. View your order details to print your shipping label.

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"I had a great experience and your team was very responsive to my timing needs. Had a brief conversation with someone in your office about your process (keeping processing in country) vs. your main competitor's process (shipping to India). I'm hoping that your customer base supports the slightly higher price for faster/better service. I am an in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina that focuses on start-ups, so I am always interested in seeing business plans like yours and hoping that they succeed. I will use your service again and would (and have) recommended ScanDigital to friends."
- Jeffrey Cary, NC - Septemeber 2007 -

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