Important Notice to Peggybank Customers

Dear Customer,

This email is to inform you that, pursuant to a settlement reached in connection with an Ohio lawsuit (the “Settlement Agreement”), ScanDigital and certain of its affiliates (for the sake of simplicity, referred to herein in collectively as “ScanDigital”) have agreed to provide a refund to certain customers of PeggyBank and ScanDigital who had their original orders returned, unprocessed, in or about September 2015, but did not receive a refund of funds previously paid to either PeggyBank of ScanDigital (the “Returned Orders”). This agreement, and your entitlement to a refund, is subject verification and other conditions set forth below and in the Settlement Agreement.

The Returned Orders include PeggyBank orders ScanDigital agreed to process on behalf of PeggyBank, as well orders placed with PeggyBank after the parties entered into their agreement. While ScanDigital worked diligently to fulfill the outstanding PeggyBank orders from September 2014 to September 2015, several hundred orders were returned to customers unprocessed in September 2015. While many customers received a refund for services not delivered, some customers did not receive refunds and may have a claim under this settlement.

In addition, any customer who believes that his or her original materials have not been returned, should notify ScanDigital. Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, ScanDigital has agreed to investigate such claims and share the results of its investigation with the customer to allow the customer to determine for how he or she intends to proceed. With respect to any such claims which, after thorough investigation, ScanDigital determines that it may be at fault, ScanDigital will work with the customer in good faith in an effort to resolve the matter on an informal basis.

The deadline for submitting a claim under this settlement is July 1, 2017. If you believe you fit the above description and are entitled to a refund, you must submit a claim for verification before July 1, 2017.

Claims should be submitted by emailing: To submit a claim, you should include the following: your name, email address used to create your PeggyBank account, PeggyBank Order ID, shipping address, amount paid (and proof of payment). We will use this information to confirm that you are entitled to a refund under this settlement and will notify you accordingly.