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Western Testimonials

From beginning to end ScanDigital was a wonderful experience! The customer service was outstanding and everyone I was in contact was most professional and courteous. I now recommend ScanDigital to all my friens and family.

Gary S. from New Rio Rancho, NM (May 2014)

This is an absolute fabulous service! I have recommended this to everyone I know.

Melissa L. from Huntington Beach, CA (May 2014)

wonderful service, reasonable, competent!! I have trusted all my precious old pictures to you and not been disappointed. I have recommended you to all my family and many others at my church and work. Thank you.

Caren B. from modesto, CA (May 2014)

I was extremely pleased with the results of the very old home movies that were transferred to disc. I will be sending several more reels and some photos and slides. My father was a prolific home movie and family photo buff from near the beginning of the media in the '30s. The only thing that will hold me back is the expense, but I hope to do more with your company. Also, I am glad you offered the external hard drive for editing purposes. Thank you so much.

David F. from Eugene, OR (March 2014)

I was really impressed by the level of customer service both by phone and email. Always friendly, quick responses and very knowledgeable staff. Jason Takara recommended multiple options for what I wanted and made me feel at ease that my slides would be safe and turn out great!

Margo B. from San Jose, CA (November 2013)

I love that I can now share my grandparents' slide images with the whole family. Excellent quality and service. Thank you!

Lesley M. from Gilbert, AZ (Febuary 2014)

I really love teh job you guys do and have used your service a few times now. I also tell everyone I know that they need to try your service. I think teh list prices are a little too high but I have always availed of one of your discount offers which makes the service more realasonable - I often wondered woudl you get more business if you just offered teh discounted prices up front but maybe people like to feel like they are getting a deal.

Mark S. from Santa Ana, CA (Febuary 2014)

ScanDigital is the best. I am so pleased with the way my photos appeared digitally better than the actual photo. I will always refer and use scan digital in the future. It is worth every cent. Memories don't last forever so while you have the time, make it a project to box up and image those photos. Advancements in technology makes it easy to view and cherish memories. What a blessing this has been for my family. Thank you.

Rosalyn T. from Hercules, CA (Febuary 2014)

You did a great job. I had no idea what was on the old 8mm I had in the closet. I appreciate that you put still frames on the outside of the dvd jacket to remind us what is on the dvd. I'll be shipping off another batch soon. Thank you for the wonderful service!

Roxy B. from Auburn, CA (January 2014)

I have told many people to use your services. Everyone's initial fear is whether they will get their original photos back- will they get lost or damaged? I explain that I have had several orders and each one was perfect

Lisa G. from Studio City, CA (January 2014)

You have always done an excellent job in a timely fashion with all of my orders. I am very pleased.

Merla H. from Colorado Springs, CO (March 2014)

I was impressed with ScanDigital from the time I placed the first phone call to get help with navigating how to use my Groupon. The person that helped me was patient and made everything very clear. This process went so smoothly and I was so impressed with the ongoing communication I received via e-mail on the status of my order. And then to get a handwritten thank you note with the returned slides! It was all above my expectations!!! Thanks so much,

Joanne C. from Santa Cruz, CA (March 2014)

I loved how quickly the job was finished and returned to me. The personally signed thank you card was a nice surprise.

Candace T. from La Pine, OR (March 2014)

You exceeded my expectations!

Carla M. from Bakersfield, CA (November 2013)

My family has LOVED all the pictures of our childhood!

Cynthia M. from Centennial, CO (November 2013)

My son and I are very impressed with you and your quality of work. Thank you for making this big job easier. More to come. :):):) Betty Gran

Krystal M. from Eugene, OR (November 2013)

You provide a great service for a reasonable price. You also made the sipping process very easy.

George M. from Carmichael, CA (November 2013)

Great experience Brings back tons of memories.

James F. from Eugene, OR (November 2013)

Scott Barajas of your firm went above and beyond with customer service. I was attempting to 'burn' more dvds than I ordered and not being very tech-minded, he went out of his way to try to 'talk' me through it, spending many moments during your busy time to try to assist me. It didn't end up working but I will be requesting some additional dvds burned by ScanDigital shortly. Awesome work! Some of the images on the film(s) have not been seen in about 40 years. They were a real treat to enjoy again and share with the family members left alive to see them. Thank you again!

Jeannette B. from Rancho Cordova, CA (November 2013)

Going through boxes from my parents my sisters and I came across a hole lot of 8mm film, this was my first batch. Very happy with how it turned out, I haven't tied yet to make separate albums from the DVD, I hope it will be easy to do, since they are all mixed up and contain different years and events, so there's no expectation of what's to come. It's a Very Happy Surprise! Thank You I need to look more into the costs of turning more 8mm to DVD's

Ron P. from Santa Cruz, CA (November 2013)

The whole experience was great. Website explained things well, and it was easy and affordable (with the Groupon!) You made what would have been an overwhelming task so much easier, and now our memories are safe and we can keep them forever!

Kristine B. from Sacramento, CA (November 2013)

Wonderful! Thank you so much for doing such a professional job on our family videos. I will definitely recommend you to others.

Lee D. from Aurora, CO (October 2013)

Quality control. color balance and friendliness of staff very good.

Steven H. from Long Beach, CA (October 2013)

I liked the email telling me where you were in my order. (arrived, starting, finished etc.) I also liked going to the website and seeing the pictures that I had done the time before.

Angela M. from Sedro Woolley, WA (October 2013)

I have used ScanDigital for years; you are wonderful!

Linda B. from Palm Desert, CA (October 2013)

You provided us with excellent communication through e-mail and everything was handled very professionally. The web site was very easy to navigate and all information was covered very clearly. The return shipment of our original VHS tapes was very carefully packaged and we loved our new DVDs. (you have my permission to use any of this information WITHOUT my full name attached. :)

Wendy I. from Gilbert, AZ (October 2013)

100% professional..they deliver

Che from Glenn Dale, ME (April 2013)

ScanDigital makes it easy to have my old pictures, slides and videos transferred into a more usable and safe format. It saves me a lot of time.

Donna from Golden, CO (April 2013)

When I called, I got a live person, no waiting, good instructions and patience.

Lynn from Redmond, WA (April 2013)

I liked the emails about where the pictures were in the process, and having access online to the album

Jessica from San Francisco, CA (April 2013)

You did the job I requested, exactly as requested, with beautiful results.

Jim from Sammamish, WA (April 2013)

Very professional. I was very impressed when I received my DVD's transferred from video. I especially liked how every DVD was labeled with the date and title I had on my video and also showed pictures to illustrate samples of what was on each DVD. Great job!

Gail from Wilsonville, OR (April 2013)

I was kept well informed every step of the way. The website and customer service provided excellent and clear information about what I had to do and what you would do on your end.

Joanna from Napa, CA (April 2013)

I was impressed with the quality of the final product as well as the attention to detail.

Elizabeth from Boise, ID (April 2013)

Everything is fast, organized, seems like smart people who care about what they're doing are on the other side of this.

David from Los Angeles, CA (April 2013)

All your marketing materials are very nice and look great.

Diane from Houston, TX (April 2013)

Very professional. I was very impressed when I received my DVDs transferred from video. I especially liked how every DVD was labeled with the date and title I had on my video and also showed pictures to illustrate samples of what was on each DVD. Great job!

Gail from Wilsonville, OR (May 2013)

Tentatively trusted our wedding negatives to ScanDigital. The service was reassuring - great communication that demonstrated they personally were looking at our order. I'd use your services again in a heartbeat.

Pat from Lummi Island, WA (May 2013)

Liked your scanning. Had the slides scanned at [name of competitor] and they were horrible. You did a great job of scanning. Will be back with more slides in the future.

Ed from Torrance, CA (June 2013)

Kept me informed at all stages of the process, did exactly what they said they would do, on time, and for a reasonable cost. I will do business here again.

Michael from Santa Fe, NM (April 2013)

I was very pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the service provided. I will definitely use ScanDigital for future digitizing.

Dennis from Las Vegas, NV (April 2013)

I was kept well informed every step of the way. The website and customer service provided excellent and clear information about what I had to do and what you would do on your end.

Joanna from Napa, CA (April 2013)

I had previously had a slide scanning experience that required extensive support and correction on my part. You did the job I requested, exactly as requested, with beautiful results -- and no involvement by me at all.

Jim from Sammamish, WA (May 2013)

Fast and efficient high quality work!

Eric from San Francisco, CA (April 2013)

Came across an old carousel of slides and had no slide projector with which to view them. Everything was taken care of and in good condition.

Kristin from Boise, ID (May 2013)

Everything is fast, organized, seems like smart people who care about what they're doing are on the other side of this.

David from Los Angeles, CA (May 2013)

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results of your work. I no longer had a videocassette player that would read the digital tapes I sent you and you guys did a great job transferring them to DVD! [Your service] worked like a charm!

Bruce from Boulder, CO (July 2012)

I would most definitely use ScanDigital again. I have already mentioned your company to friends and family!

Lamar from Los Angeles, CA (July 2012)

We have had great experiences with Scan Digital [transferring] over 40 8mm tapes to DVDs! Your customer care has [also] been very professional and helpful!

Diane from Monmouth, OR (July 2012)

I am very happy with ScanDigital and would definitely use the service again and again. You guys make it easy!

Stephanie from Fontana, CA (July 2012)

Reliable, good quality, and the price is right!

Nicole from San Leandro, CA (June 2012)

I would use ScanDigital again and recommend you to friends and family. I cannot think of anything to improve your already fantastic customer service!

Rachel from Mission Viejo, CA (June 2012)

If I ever come across a need, I would certainly use ScanDigital again. I wouldn't see any reason to switch to another company. [The] services were exactly what I expected and I was really pleased with the outcome of my photos. The expectations set throughout the process were really clear and I was happy always knowing the status. Everything promised was delivered precisely as I expected. There were no surprises and it was made really easy for me!

Jenny from Fort Worth, TX (June 2012)

I'm really happy with the photos! They haven't looked this clear in decades. Thanks so much for your wonderful work and personalized service.

Lisl from Santa Rosa, CA (May 2012)

I would certainly use this service again. It was fast, trustworthy and the customer service was surprisingly stellar.

Benjamin from Scottsdale, AZ (May 2012)

I do recommend ScanDigital [video transfer] to anyone who asks; I really feel secure with the tracking and email message updates!

Jody from San Mateo, CA (May 2012)

I was very impressed with every aspect of your service. The customer service was A+++ and the photo scanning and care taken with my pictures and films was exceptional!

Jennie from Oakland, CA (May 2012)

I couldn't be any happier with my order. The slides you scanned for me are 40 plus years old [and] you did an outstanding job cleaning them prior to scanning. I have scanned slides before and have never gotten the quality that you obtained with my slides!

Gregory from San Juan Capistrano, CA (April 2012)

We were SO impressed. You created a great memory from a 25 year old, poor quality VHS tape of our wedding. We are so pleased with the quality despite what we gave you to work with. Thanks so much for taking the time and care to preserve our memories. We will definitely use you in the future!

Martha from Encinitas, CA (April 2012)

Thank you for keeping quality as your priority. Even if I had a scanner of my own, I don't know that I would have had the time to do a batch in the time, and of the quality, that you did!

Phillip from Vallejo, CA (April 2012)

The quality of the work is wonderful, everything was processed as requested, and the follow up on the order has been above and beyond. I will definitely return as a customer because it's too difficult to imagine entrusting my memories to another company that can even meet, let alone exceed, my experience with ScanDigital!

Yvonne from Corralitos, CA (March 2012)

I wanted to let you know that my ScanDigital experience was excellent. The entire process was described in perfect detail on your website so I knew exactly what to expect as I started the process. When I did receive the final product, I could not have been any happier with the results. Thanks again for an amazing experience and a great final product!

James from Glendale, AZ (March 2012)

I think the services you offer are wonderful, and I would definitely consider using them again. The final product you sent me was high-quality and definitely worth the expense.

Jessica from Newcastle, WA (March 2012)

I had a great experience with Scan Digital! I liked that I was informed thru every step, I got my stuff back fairly quickly, the disk I got back was organized, and… everything I got back was labeled exactly as I sent it!

Renee from Santa Ana, CA (March 2012)

We were very happy with the quality and professionalism of your company. It was scary sending our photos through the mail to another state [but] the immediate and frequent ongoing communication put us instantly at ease. The quality of our slides and pictures are amazing. We would definitely recommend ScanDigital to others!

Terri from Albuquerque, NM (March 2012)

I couldn't be happier with your service from start to finish! I loved the communication from receiving my negatives to a question about my order to letting me know when it was shipped to me and when to expect its arrival.

Pat from Costa Mesa, CA (March 2012)

The promptness, awesome service, positive attitude, and the ease of your website made our experience incredible!

Sharisse from Bellevue, WA (March 2012)

I was informed of where my pictures were every step of the way and the result was spectacular! I plan to recommend your company to anyone and everyone!

Amy from Sacramento, CA (March 2012)

Yes, I would recommend your service. It seems that you have a way of removing the lint and other dirt on the slides and getting a much clearer picture than I have been able to do when I scan slides!

Patricia from Albuquerque, NM (March 2012)

The scanned pictures looked amazing! Comparing them to the originals showed how the color correction and tweaking you guys do really does help. Great job and worth every penny!

Michael from Santa Cruz, CA (February 2012)

The service and speed of your company is phenomenal. I was blown away by the contact regarding my order. It was very personalized to my project and so I was extremely pleased 100%!

Stephanie from Petaluma, CA (February 2012)

The main reasons I would use [ScanDigital] again is ease of service and the quality of the final image scans! Given how easy it is and the quality of the scans, it's a great way of archiving physical pictures!

Shea from Kirkland, WA (February 2012)

The job your company did scanning the old slides, cleaning the scratches and dust was amazing. I consider myself an avid photographer with quite an investment in scanning equipment [and] I could not have achieved what you did in the short time it took; I would still be in the scanning phase. Scanned, clean, saved, returned as sent = amazing!

Kathy from Oroville, CA (February 2012)

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the whole transaction from beginning to end. You make it very easy for the customer to get their photos to you and provided great tracking of the job! You will be the first company I contact when I am ready for more digital scanning!

Janée from California (February 2012)

I was very impressed with your service. Everything was done perfectly and in a timely manner!

Allyn from Oregon (February 2012)

Thanks for taking good care of my originals and for the time and effort it took to scan them all and restore color and clarity!

Candace from Nevada (February 2012)

I'm impressed with your interest and attention to making it all right. I really thank you for that and I'll be ScanDigital's fan when it comes to recommending your service.

Lorena from California (January 2012)

We were extremely pleased with your ScanDigital process and the wonderful outcome!! The pictures were wonderful considering the age of the pictures and the wear and tear over the years.

Paula from Washington (January 2012)

I had a great experience with Scan Digital and am VERY likely to use your services again. My order was very complex and executed perfectly and was delivered by the promised date.

Robbie from California (January 2012)

Everything worked as per your description and the finished product was as described. I would give ScanDigital an "A"!

Philip from California - January 2012

I was impressed by the ability to track exactly where my pictures were in the process. I will definitely use your services again.

Angela from California - December 2011

All I can say is I was very happy with my order. I would definitely recommend your services. Your quality, service and efficiency are very good.

Mar - CA - October 2011

Great experience and a great job!! Thanks!

Molly - OR - October 2011

I am impressed with your service, and have already recommended it to others. I expect we'll be using it again. In particular, I'm impressed with the amount and detail of information provided on your website, both in advance of using the service and the status reports that happened during processing. I think you guys are deserving of your success, and I wish you all the best.

David - CA - October 2011

Good service. Many thanks!

Dorothy - CA - October 2011

Overall, my experience with ScanDigital was excellent. The online ordering process was simple. The pricing options were simple and straight-forward. The best part of the service was the acknowledgment emails, i.e. letting me know what phase of the process my order was in. Especially, notification that the tapes were received by ScanDigital which relieved my mind.

Sandy - OR - October 2011

Thank you for your services. I am a satisfied customer. Your company was good at keeping me informed on the status.

Ann - CO - October 2011

I like the quality of your service, much better than one of your competitors.

Cindy - CO - September 2011

I thought ScanDigital did a wonderful job organizing my pictures. The fact the process is so hands on I was comfortable sending my family photos to be scanned. Because I used the Groupon I was able to access a discount, but I thought the original pricing was reasonable. Even if it was a little higher it is worth the money to get the personal attention and feel comfortable the pictures will come back in the same shape as when you shipped them. I have already recommended you to friends and hope they follow up.

Kim - CA - September 2011

I was very happy with the quality of your product, and I have sent additional films to be digitized. You are the answer to my prayers. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

Candace - CA - September 2011

I had a pleasant experience with your service and have recommended it to others.

Scott - AZ - September 2011

I purchased Groupons to digitize my photo albums from the pre-digital age and revisiting them all was like opening a time capsule. I've surprised lots of friends and acquaintances with photos from over 20 years ago and the feedback from them alone made the investment worthwhile. I can't wait to turn these old photos into coffee table books. Photo albums are a thing of the past thanks to ScanDigital.

Greg - CA - September 2011

The people I dealt with were courteous and professional. The quality of product was excellent.

Bob - CA - September 2011

We are extremely happy with your service. We would certainly recommend your service. All pricing options, etc., were very easy to understand. We are most likely going to use your service again. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Marjorie - CA - September 2011

I was very impressed with the frequent communication from ScanDigital regarding receipt of the order and progress to completion. The DVD was just as I had hoped. Now I can be assured that my images will be safe for a long while and in such a compact fashion. I still have more photos to transfer so will be sending another. I am also excited about sharing info about this transfer service with family and friends because it is such a great service. I am pleased and most certainly will be using ScanDigital again.

Kay - WA - August 2011

My response to all your questions are all positive: I am likely to use ScanDigital again (in fact I recently submitted another order), would recommend it to others, and found the pricing easy to understand.

Jeff - CO - August 2011

The referenced order was completed right on schedule and I was very pleased with the results. Pricing options are very straightforward. Thanks for your service, it's helped me clean up a lot of loose ends and simplified my "old movies" storage.

Rick - OR - August 2011

I had sent in several video tapes to be made into DVDs in July. My husband and I had a trip planned to Kyrgyzstan to visit our daughter and her family in August when I realized it would be wonderful to take a copy of her wedding with us. We received our entire order and were able to bless our daughter with the DVD. She was so excited and our grandchildren couldn't wait to see it! Thank you so much for the kind thoughts along with the fantastic customer service! I will definitely be using your service again!

Claudia - ID - August 2011

I did have a good experience with your service!

Shannon - OR - August 2011

I loved your service and had a great experience with it. We will use it again in the future. The whole experience and pricing was very easy. When I had a question, I called customer service, and they helped me out.

Jena - UT - August 2011

I was greatly impressed with the communication and service I received from ScanDigital. Thanks!

Deirdre - UT - August 2011

My family and I were delighted with the first couple of experiences that we have had with ScanDigital. Your company produced some very nice DVDs from VHS tapes. Thanks!

Jim - CA - August 2011

I've had nothing but positive experiences with ScanDigital, and have already recommended you to my friends! I found everything easy to use and understand. Thanks!

Jennifer - CA - August 2011

The service was terrific. One of your associates, went above and beyond when the timeline wasn't as anticipated to get these photos back in time for my parent's 50th Anniversary. Thanks!

Kristin - CO - August 2011

I had a very positive experience and will use ScanDigital again in the future.

Ken - CA - August 2011

I was extremely happy with the scanning service. I have been sending in my father's very elderly slide carousels, and some slides are over 50 years old. The scanning has been outstanding and I've been extremely impressed with how good the images are. I've found the service very easy to use and the pricing easy to understand. The customer service and communication have also been excellent. I've recommended your service to several friends already.

Pam - CA - August 2011

I am in the process of scanning all my family's slides and so far have had 4 carousels of slides digitized for my 88-year-old mother. She has very much enjoyed viewing these for the first time in many years. My goal is to try to scan the rest as quickly as possible so that she is able to see them while she can. We were very satisfied with the results of the scanning of 60+ year old slides - and the care that was taken during processing and returning them to us. Memory preservation and family history is so important, especially as people get older; everyone needs to know the people and links to their past and future. Thank you very much for providing your services - the result is something that is not only personally interesting, but something that we can share as a family. When the first batch arrived, my mother, myself and my 30-year-old son viewed them together. That experience was priceless as we shared our family history. We are looking forward to working our way through the boxes of slides and photos in the garage.

Lynn - CA - August 2011

I was very satisfied with the customer service and will definitely use ScanDigital again.

Ken - CA - August 2011

After receiving the photos, I cross-compared it immediately to the ones I scanned using my own flatbed scanner and to my surprise, the photos that I got from your scans turned out to be better and cleaner. I'm really happy with the results that I got and would go ahead and find my other childhood photos in my treasure chest once I get a chance and send it over to be processed by ScanDigital again. Thanks again!

Raymond - CA - July 2011

The quality of the scans I received was excellent.

Nigel - CO - July 2011

I am very pleased with your service and do plan to use you again. Sorting and preparing my photos wasn't as much work as I expected. It was more fun than I expected too. The resulting scans are excellent; the online viewing was a real bonus. I think the value is good because of the quality of work. Sure, I could scan each photo myself, but the quality would be poorer and the labor involved is not worth it. Good luck and I look forward to my next order results.

Kathy - ID - July 2011

I must tell you I could not have been more pleased with your company's product to me. The quality of film was amazing! Additionally all the "extra" such as the ability to make a storyboard and photos brought tears to my eyes. The films that were restored showed both of my parents when they were a young married couple and when my sisters and I were babies. We had never seen these before. Both of our parents have been deceased for a long time so these films are priceless. Thank you for bringing memories that will last forever for our family members. Your company is an amazing one....great customer service! I will use you again. Thank you!

Debbe - WA - July 2011

I had a large number of slides scanned and I can't be more pleased with the quality. Thank you.

Leigh - CA - July 2011

Everything was fantastic!

John - CA - July 2011

I was quite pleased with the service I received from ScanDigital on my recent order.I have mentioned ScanDigital to others and also my satisfaction.If in the future I should need further digitization, ScanDigital is on the top of my list.

Gordon - WA - July 2011

Once I get more photos organized to be scanned, I will use ScanDigital again. I have recommended your service to my best friend and she was thrilled with your service also. Thank you for the good service.

Donna - CO - July 2011

Overall it was a positive experience with high quality results.

George - CA - July 2011

I have been very please with your service. I have actually sent several orders in and have one more to send. The turnaround time is very quick. I have recommended your services to quite a few people and hope that they use you. Thanks again for the great service.

Sharon - AZ - July 2011

Super happy, would like to use your service again!

Sebastian - CA - July 2011

Your service has been excellent.Your company makes it so easy to go online and set up a mailing via UPS. I am constantly telling my friends, family, neighbors about your service and how easy it is to use and that it's really neat.

Gary - CA - July 2011

We were so so happy with our DVD from 8mm slides we sent you guys. They transferred beautifully! We will be sending the rest of our slides in very soon to have them converted as well. We also have recommended you to family already. Nothing negative to say, happy customers here! Thanks!

Ashley - CA - July 2011

What terrific customer service. I was extremely pleased with the whole process and have already recommended ScanDigital to several friends. I must say I was hesitant to send my sentimental 8mm tapes but the update emails I received reassured me throughout the process. The quality of the DVDs I received in return is terrific. Those 8mm tapes were the only movies we had of my deceased husband and my children were already forgetting what his voice sounded like. Having these DVDs is a treasure for us. They can pop them in anytime they want to see Daddy again.

Lydia - CO - July 2011

Everything went exactly as promised. When I got back the disk, and proceeded to make enlargements, they came out extremely well, and landed up being the highlight of the party. So I guess you can say I am a very satisfied customer, and felt that I got very good value for my money. I've already told a few friends about my experience with ScanDigital, and have shared the promotional coupons with them. I would definitely use your services again in the future when the need arises.

Wayne - CA - July 2011

I was very impressed by the personal and knowledgeable customer service and technical response I received when I called in about having a collection of my best slides from the last 35 years. I've mentioned your company to several friends due to the service and very positive attitude of your staff.

Michael - CA - July 2011

Just want to let you know we were very pleased with the work we did. If the need arises, we will definitely come to you for service.

Guin - CA - July 2011

I have nothing to say but great comments for ScanDigital. I will spread the word and hopefully you'll get more of my family's business.

Mike - CO - June 2011

We were absolutely thrilled with the results on our 8mm transfers to disk. We were able to watch video we have not seen in more than ten years. What great memories. There is no reason we wouldn't use ScanDigital again.

Herb - CA - June 2011

I have used your service 3 times now and have been very happy with the results and the service. I especially like the updates so I can follow the status of the order throughout the process.I have more things to send in the future and really appreciate the UPS labels to help expedite the process.

Carol - CA - June 2011

I am highly likely to use ScanDigital again. I would recommend your service to anyone who asks about your services. The work is well done and of excellent quality. I have not had any negative experiences. As our orders progressed, we were emailed with the status.

Barry - NM - June 2011

Your product is phenomenal! Your contests to earn discounts on Facebook are fantastic! You guys are terrific!!

Este - CA - June 2011

I was happy to find a company that has the capability of scanning my medium format film into digital photos. My husband and I just celebrated our 10-year anniversary, and we are finally able to take our photos and create a photo album. I felt that service was friendly, turn-around was faster than expected, and overall quality was good.

Gia - CA - June 2011

The results were terrific and I will be using your service again soon.

Jeff - CA - June 2011

I think your service was great. I would highly recommend your service to others because it's very high quality and I did like how you updated my order with the progress of my transfers.

Missy - UT - May 2011

I really enjoyed using your company. My sister and I both converted tapes to DVD this summer using different vendors - yours were very superior in quality. As a result, I will be using you more to convert other family tapes and film to DVD. My kids have spent way too many hours watching the DVDs. The oldest in particular is having a blast with them. I had no issues with my service, your emails were fun and informative.

Sarah - OR - May 2011

I actually visited your office in person and had a very positive experience. I was astonished to see the volume of UPS packages of photos filling your office and I had worries that perhaps my pictures would be put at the end of a long long line. However, I was pleasantly surprised, the work was done in the time promised, I was treated with great courtesy while I was there and the work was excellent. The quality of the work was great, in that, the digital scanning looks better than the originals.

Sharon - CA - May 2011

Appreciate good customer service. Overall, my experience was really, really positive. The process of sending and receiving everything was really smooth. Thanks again for the great service, the digital files I received are priceless.

Alec - CA - May 2011

I liked the product I got back and my children and I have enjoyed watching the DVD of my dad's old movies. Your web page is great and the tracking of the status was very good I thought.

Daniel - CA - May 2011

I was totally satisfied with my order. It was simple to do and you sent it back faster than the web site promised. I actually just recommended you to a friend. I will convert more of my film to DVD as it is so great to have it.

Karen - CA - May 2011

My experience was fantastic and starting with the reassuring email telling me my beloved VHSs had been received by you. Thank you so much! I have already recommended you to my friends!

Jan - WA - May 2011

I would use your service again. I would recommend you to friends. Thanks for your good work.

Elizabeth - CO - May 2011

The results were very professional and good quality. I especially liked the ability to change background music for the videos transferred to DVD, and the ability to divide photos into folders with a specific name. If I have a project that needs very high quality, I would be likely to use your service again, or recommend you to others.

Stacey - CA - May 2011

I really was pleased with the service and will definitely use again. Everything was as expected and I have passed on your company name/site to rest of my family to do the same with old pictures.

Kelly - AZ - May 2011

I had a very positive experience with ScanDigital. My order had 18 video camera tapes to convert to DVD. I definitely will use Scan Digital again and have recommended it to friends. Overall, I was happy with the service and will recommend you to others!

Marni - AZ - May 2011

Your services are awesome. I've used you guys for two very large projects, and will likely do more in the future. I tell everyone I know about you guys when they mention old photo albums and such and I hope they use your service.

Peter - CA - April 2011

I am very pleased with my digital version of my photos that I took before I had a digital camera that ScanDigital scanned.

Maryn - UT - April 2011

I have sent in several batches of pictures. I do like the job that was done in the transfers of pictures and the quality of the work that was done. I will recommend this to my friends and I will also use this service again.

Diana - CA - April 2011

We were happy with the service. I purchased for my father, who is bedridden and gotten hours of pleasure viewing his old videos of his tours through China and old family films. Your service has allowed my father to relive and share some fond memories.

Molly - WA - April 2011

I have been completely satisfied with everything at ScanDigital and will be likely to use your services again and recommend you to others. Everything went smoothly and when I made an inquiry part way through I was immediately answered. I had no problem with the how the pricing was presented or how it ended up. Everything was pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Thanks.

Robin - WA - April 2011

The process was simple and service was right on the spot!

Royce - AZ - April 2011

I think ScanDigital does a fantastic job of saving our pictures. I will continue using your services. I have several hundred old photographs my parents have in an old suitcase. I do recommend your services to friends and family.

Gary - NM - April 2011

I was very pleased with the service and have recommended it to others.

Phebe - AZ - April 2011

I was VERY pleased with my experience with Scandigital, and will definitely be using your service again in the near future. I was delighted with the finished product. I also contacted your customer service because I was having trouble making copies for a family member. I received a quick response that solved my problem immediately.

Jody - NV - April 2011

I thought the service and product was great. Thanks!

Neal - CO - March 2011

I did have a positive experience with you guys. Great job of keeping me updated on where my pics where in the scanning process and great job of handling with care, returning them promptly, and storing them on disc and online.

Dan - CA - March 2011

I was happy with the first batch of pictures I got back from ScanDigital and I am now working on gathering and sending another batch your way by next week sometime. Thanks for tour time and business. I wish you sustained and ever growing success.

Andrés - CA - March 2011

The ordering process was very easy. I like that ScanDigital does not require us to count the photos/negatives beforehand. Thanks very much, and I look forward to using ScanDigital again.

Corinna - CA - March 2011

Thank you for the service.

Don - WA - March 2011

Thank you for your great service. I was extremely happy with the service I received, and would definitely use your service again and would recommend your service to someone. The pricing is easy to read. Thank you again.

Kimberly - UT - 2011

I was very pleased with my order from ScanDigital. This was the first time I used your services and I will have no hesitation sending my photos to you in the future. I had my children's wedding videos transferred from VHS to DVD. My sister used your services and recommended that I do the same. I felt like the service was personalized to me - how refreshing! Thank you for your polite and accommodating employees. I have already told my friends what I did with my VHS videos. I was pleased with the pricing and look forward to using your services again.

Lucienne - CA - March 2011

I loved the service and will be recommending it to all my friends. I loved the results! Thanks so much.

SangYoo - CA - March 2011

We are pleased with the result.

Mari Kay - WA - March 2011

I'm going to use your service again, have some more movie film to transfer, soon. I have recommended your service to friends. Pricing options were clear, communication for questions was great!

Lisa - CA - March 2011

I feel I got a good deal, excellent service, and a quality product.

Wally - AZ - March 2011

I was very happy with the service. I would definitely recommend it to people and in fact already have. The pricing was very straightforward.

Cathy - CA - February 2011

So far service has been excellent. Thanks !

Jamie - OR - February 2011

My overall experience with ScanDigital was excellent. I felt like great care was taken in handling and shipping my tapes back. Everything was very protected and nicely packed to eliminate any damage. I was happy with my overall experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ScanDigital to anyone I know. Thank You!

Chrissy - WA - February 2011

Oh I absolutely love it. Yes, I'd use you guys again. I've called several times and your company has always helped me out with all my questions. Thank you very much.

Linda - NM- February 2011

I am satisfied with the DVD of my Super 8 movies.

Jim - CA - February 2011

I am very happy with your service and would definitely use it again. I would recommend your service. It was timely and I got the products I expected. Pricing options were straightforward and easy to understand. Thank you!

Gina - CA - February 2011

I wanted to let you know that we were thrilled with your companies work. We had some 8mm tapes sitting on a shelf for more than 10 years. We sent them in and were very pleased with the DVDs we received back. My wife watched them end-to-end right away. We will definitely recommend your service to others.

Jim - CA - February 2011

I am very happy with your service and would definitely use it again. I would recommend your service. It was timely and I got the products I expected. Pricing options were straightforward and easy to understand.

Gina - CA - February 2011

We think you have a terrific concept....we think you have terrific people executing on that concept and we would happily become repeat customers.

Rick - NM - February 2011

Overall I had a very positive experience with Scan Digital. Your facility is close to my home, and your staff was helpful and friendly. It was a good experience and I have already recommended you to some of my friends and clients. Jason - CA - February 2011

Jason - CA - February 2011

I have a personal goal of scanning and scrapbooking our family photos. Many years to catch up on and with your services I feel that this can actually be obtainable. I will use your services again and I have recommended you to family and friends. Also have you on Facebook! Thanks for all you do.

Karen - CA - February 2011

I am very satisfied with the initial order that I had. The transfer from my 8 mm movie to DVD turned out very well.

Alfonso - NV - February 2011

Thus far, I've been quite happy with your customer service. I am very likely to continue using your services.

Christopher - CA - February 2011

I was so pleased with the quality of your service. We all sent in slides from the early 1970s and they looked awful on the screen. Somehow you guys worked magic and they are now more vibrant than they ever were. Since these were of our Peace Corps experience in Morocco, they were important memories to all of us. Plus, we were returning to Morocco for the first time in 40 years (we are here right now in fact) and so you put a rush on the order. We were able to print many of the photos and bring them which has really added to this trip. I've since sent in more slides and will soon send old photos. Your service is wonderful. I have been meaning to do this myself for years, but let's face it, it just wasn't going to happen. Thank you.

Susan - CA - February 2011

I am very happy with the results of my 1961'sh 8mm film (that had to be spliced ) and the DVD was fun to watch and try to remember the 'ol days...Got another order in process. Well done!

Bobby - CA - February 2011

You guys rawk! I sent in a batch of old photos and I had another family member round up another batch so I could make a photobook for my father's 80th birthday. I asked them to put a rush on both orders and they turned the order around in less than a week. Great customer service! I still have two more Groupons to use and I look forward to getting other photobook projects started soon. Keep up the good work!

Greg - CA - February 2011

Excellent service. I recommend you highly! Your customer service and product is outstanding!

Janette - AZ - February 2011

I used your service via a Groupon that you got to let me tell ya.....great service. I had wanted to get my prints and negatives on digital and when this came up I snatched it. I do have more prints and negatives that I want scanned and with my positive experience with ScanDigital I would you use your company again and totally recommend it to family and friends. I called customer service twice and both time got my questions answered and they were very courteous. It was very easy to send and was constantly updated via e-mail when photos were received, in process, done and shipping out which I liked. I never had to call to ask for an update. Thanks for the great service.

Jacqueline - CA - January 2011

I loved the product that I got back from Scan Digital. Yes, I will be sending you more 8mm films we have from our childhood in the 60' 70's. Thanks so much for asking, and yes I will be using your services again soon.

Emily - WA - January 2011

I have used your services twice and am pleased with the turnaround time and quality. It is awesome. Thank you for your great work!

Echo - CA- January 2011

First off, your customer service team rocks. Every time I emailed, I always got a prompt, friendly response. The job was beautifully well done. I was so thrilled with the results I wanted to send a photo DVD to my mother. All in all, it was a good experience. Relieved to get the slides back and thankful for a job well done.

Wendi - CA - January 2011

What a company you have created. I am pleased, satisfied, thrilled and grateful. The manner in which your company handled my order, provided me updates and follow up, what a joy!!!! And, let's just say the product I received back was better than I expected. I have more to send, just need to blow the dust off them and get them in a box. Thank you for taking such good care of my life memories and for showing how much you value them. Your company is a refreshing joy to work with!

Kim - CA - January 2011

Had a great experience. We just scanned a small number of slides for a special event, but would definitely consider doing more of a "bulk job" in the future.

Dave - CA - January 2011

My experience was very positive throughout, and the price was very reasonable. The Quality of the scans are fantastic. I would most certainly use ScanDigital again, and would likewise recommend the service to others.

Andrew - CA - January 2011

We are all pleased with the results of our movie transfer to disk.

Loren - CA - January 2011

I would use your service again, I would recommend your service to any and everyone. You and your team are great.

Carl - CA - January 2011

Everything was very straight forward and easy to understand.

Christopher - CA - January 2011

I will use your service again! I would recommend your service. Best of all is your customer service. Whether on the phone - and it so great to get to talk to a REAL person reached easily through your phone menu - or response to an email I sent, your employees are helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.

Jane - CA - January 2011

I was very happy with your product and service. I would like to use your service again. Everyone that I spoke to was very professional and did their best to help me.

Sherri - CA - January 2011

I did like my Scan Digital experience. I had boxes and boxes of slides of my grandmother and grandfather from 1900 and on. I brought my items to the location and once I was shown how to walk through your website - it was also easy to understand. When I have other things to scan, I would wholeheartedly bring them to you. Thanks!

Karen - CA - January 2011

I was very pleased with your service in digitizing a tray of slides. I took one tray in as a test and I have already recommended your service to others. I have about 2000 more slides and I will be bringing them in soon to have them digitized. Thanks for the great service.

Lawrence - CA - January 2011

Thank you so much for the excellent customer service that ScanDigital has provided for me. I would recommend as I have already recommended your services to many of my family and friends. It is hard to find a quality company who can transfer film (esp from an 8mm tape) to DVD and prices are reasonable compared to other companies. The quality of the DVDs were excellent and I liked how you organized the menu to where still shots of scenes were very easy to see (as well as on the cover of the DVD). All my friends and family loved that. Pricing options were very simple. Thanks so much!

Melanie - NV - January 2011

I was very happy with you product and service. I would like to use your service again.

Sherri - CA - January 2011

I want you to know that I have used your services twice and was totally delighted through both experiences. You delivered very fast, the quality was great and I was very impressed. Keep the great work! I have given your name to few friends already and will continue to do so. Anything I can do I will, you offer a great service at a very decent price.

Nadine - CA - January 2011

I especially like the fact that this is a US company and I am not shipping my memories overseas.

Nicole - CA - December 2010

Thank you for helping preserve our memories in digital form. Thank you!

Seema - CA - December 2010

Looking through old photos on-line and knowing they are safe from fire/flood/etc.(gas line explosion!) is well worth the price. I would definitely use you again. Thanks!!

Carrie - CA - December 2010

I was very pleased with both of the videos I had converted by ScanDigital. I would definitely use the service again and have already recommended it to other people. I really like your order tracking system and liked that I could see at every point exactly where my video was. I must admit that I wasn't quite clear at the outset on how much video conversion was going to cost, but I felt that the final price was reasonable.

Mark - CA - December 2010

Great service - I have used ScanDigital 3 times and was pleased with each order.

Lizabeth - CA - December 2010

My second order was mostly photographs and the order came back very quickly. I have recommended your service to others.

Kat - CA - December 2010

I am very satisfied with my order. My old photos from the 60's and 70's are fading away and you made them look better. I am getting my next order ready. I have many of my daughter in her performing days in high school and college and would love to give them to her as a gift. Appreciate your email.

Linda - CA - December 2010

When I contacted ScanDigital to ask about my order... I was given very quick response, and a professional explanation. Your staff was very good. (got 2 responses!) I have recommended the service to my parents.

Tom - CA - December 2010

My experience with ScanDigital was excellent. Your pricing options were straightforward and easy to understand. My orders were both ready early and the quality was first rate. I have already been recommending your service, and I will definitely use it again.

Tom - CA - December 2010

Very likely to use again. Yes, I would recommend to a friend or family member. Communication with customer is excellent, results are excellent. Pricing is fair, and they were honest and easy to understand.

Barry - NM - December 2010

I thought ScanDigital was easy to use and it was very quick turnaround for my transfer of VHS to DVD's. I will definitely use them again. Pricing was easy to understand. Thanks.

Kelli - ID - December 2010

I am happy to say I had a great experience with ScanDigital, and was very happy with the high-resolution scans of my scrapbook pages. I have already recommended you to several of my family members who are in need of some of your services. Your pricing very reasonable and worth every penny.

Adam - CA - December 2010

I had a great experience with ScanDigital and I would definitely use your services again. SAVED ME A TON OF TIME AND THE PRICING MADE SENSE. I LIKED THE PRICING OPTIONS - FELT FAIR AND SEEMED TO BE ENOUGH VARIETY.

Brett - CA - November 2010

Thank you for your request for feedback on your service. First, the staff was very friendly and courteous. My whole order was expedited very well and ahead of the promised delivery date. Second, the quality of the digital images was good.

Dixon - CA - November 2010

I had a good experience with ScanDigital. My first observation is that your customer service is superb - both Kelly and Koa were pleasant and responsive. A great service.

Andrew - CA - November 2010

Certain to use it again...just bought three more Groupons for your service.

Jerome - CA - November 2010

It was easy, and reasonably priced.

Pearson - CA - November 2010

I will use you service again, it is great and my family is enjoying great memories several times a week together, thank you! I have already referred several people to your company and will continue to do so! The pricing is fair and straight forward!

Jonathan - CA - November 2010

I enjoyed using ScanDigital. The service was great when I called a couple times with questions. I liked receiving the updates of the status of my orders. I would use ScanDigital again. It was easy to use. Thanks again for a great service.

Tejal - CA - November 2010

Overall thought the service was great and I would recommend you to others. Thanks for asking my opinion!

Katherine - CA - November 2010

I thought the ScanDigital product was great.

Chris - CA - November 2010

I can't use your service again because I've scanned every paper photo I have (using ScanDigital), but I will definitely recommend it to friends and family (and I already have).

Hadi - WA - November 2010

I thought your staff was exceptionally helpful. The gentleman that I spoke with when I made a physical call gave me his name and told me to put his name on the order. Everything came back as promised.

Julie - CA - November 2010

I was pleased with the quality of product that I received and amount of time it took to mail/receive my materials. I would definitely use your service again. I would recommend this service, it is a very nice quality product returned.

Aileen - WA - November 2010

Your service has exceeded what I expected on my first use of ScanDigital. The quality was great. I would recommend anyone to use your service. I had no problems with the negatives I sent in and they were processed great. I will continue to use, recommend your service and was please so far with the results of your company. Thanks.

Brad - WY - November 2010

I believe I've ordered from you 3-times, and for the most part have been very satisfied with dealing with Scan Digital, and would recommend you to others.

Bob - OR - November 2010

The quality seems great and I would recommend the service to my friends.

Ruth - CA - November 2010

I am very pleased with your work, and your staff. I am delighted to view my slides on my computer. I would most definitely recommend you to anyone and will be glad to use you again. Thank you.

Roslyn - CA - November 2010

Your company was so wonderful about transferring the reel to reel to DVD in record time for our family reunion. The phone call to the company to hear how the whole process worked was fantastic. Easy to follow instructions, helpful hints how to use the groupon and excellent way to mail the reels in to the company by printing the mailing tag off the computer. EXCELLENT. The process went along just exactly as the representative said it would and I could follow the process on line. The DVD case had pictures on it so I could identify the various memories on each DVD. Everything was returned in record time and in perfect condition. My request to get the DVDs in time for a reunion was honored. EXCEPTIONAL!

Melanie - AZ - November 2010

I think you guys are amazing and was very happy with the care and quality my print was sent and how it turned out. Thanks.

Annie - CA - November 2010

Thank you for requesting my opinion! Doesn't happen very often! I cannot say enough good things about this experience. I have already told tons of people about your company. I am getting together more pictures to send to you after the holidays. I was amazed at the personal service, the common sense, and the ease of fixing any problem! I expected to wait a bit for the CDs due to the Groupon and the holidays so was shocked and amazed when they arrived so quickly! I cannot think of one thing that went wrong with this project. Thank you for supplying such a great product in a time where it is rare!

Erika - AZ - November 2010

You guys did a great job.

Stephen - CA - November 2010

I was exceptionally pleased with the work ScanDigital did! They honored my wishes and ran all the films in date order. I hope in the future to get more of my films converted through Scan Digital. Thanks again! I am so glad I took the chance and sent them. As far as the pricing options, they were straightforward.

Rosemary - AZ- November 2010

We were very pleased with your service. My prized memories were well-protected during shipping. I thought my jobs were

Sharon - AZ- November 2010

The service was easy to use and the quality of the images was better than I expected.

Art - CA - November 2010

I had a very good experience and would definitely recommend your service to others. There was an issue in which my package was planned to arrive while I was on vacation, but your team addressed it very well, and the package arrived soon after my return. Thanks again, and I look forward to using your service again.

Ritik - CA - November 2010

I was very happy with my service.

Pat - CA - November 2010

I will definitely use the service again. I was very pleased. I would, and HAVE recommended your services. A friend was looking to transfer something from video to DVD and I directed her to your website. I would also recommend the service I got, which were scans of slides and old photos. My experience was great. I loved the work you did. Honestly, I didn't pay too close attention to the pricing options, but what you charge for scanning slides seemed reasonable to me. I was happy with what I received for what I paid. Best wishes with your business. I think you guys do a great job and everyone I dealt with when I went to drop off or pick up was very pleasant.

Toni Ann - CA - November 2010

Your company is fabulous! I sent in three groupon orders, all pertaining to 14 or 15 mini video tapes, and the service was wonderful. It's now clear what is on which DVD; it's better than I expected. I called customer service two or three times-- to find what size hard drive I'd need to send in, and if I needed to differentiate among my orders, etc-- and they were great. I especially liked the feeling I got from talking to Kelly, that ScanDigital would make sure they used my groupons in the most efficient way. Wonderful job in both substance and style. I've already recommended your company; it was such a painless and professional solution!

Elizabeth - CA - November 2010

My son gave me a gift card some time ago (like 3 years ago!) and your web site had recognized the number. That in itself is huge customer service!! Yes, I will be returning to use your services since I still have money left me to use! However, I have LOTS of slides and movie pictures I need to transfer to another format so will definitely need to use your services beyond the amount of the gift card. Also, I would recommend your company to friends and family members. The pricing options are easy to understand and your web site was easy to use. I actually used your option to "talk" to someone via the site. I received good and easy to understand answers to my questions. Great service. I am very happy with the quality of your work.

Carolyn - CO- November 2010

Your service is great! I received my images just before the Thanksgiving break and have not had too much time to enjoy them yet. I was really quite surprised and very impressed that the images are stored on your site so that I can share them with folks on trips without taking the CDs. I thought that I was just getting the CDs so I am thrilled. I have already told quite a few people about your service and folks have asked me to send them site information. I will be sending this out to at least a dozen friends so that they can check out your services.

Cindy - CA - November 2010

Like the fact that you are asking for open-text feedback that can be replied directly back to you. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of your service, as well as the service that your customer service representatives provided.

Vincent - CA - November 2010

I wanted to make sure you know that the customer service I have received so far has been excellent.

Amanda - AZ - October 2010

I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with my recent experience with Scan Digital. I sent in over 400 photos using 2 Groupons and although it was a LOT of work getting all of our old family photos together, I was very pleased with the results! I would definitely use your service again and have already recommended it to my friends and family. It is a great way to preserve memories and document our family history for future generations, without risking photos being destroyed over the years. I will keep the disks in a fireproof safe and have already made photo books from the digital photos for Christmas gifts this year. Your customer service folks were very helpful and I appreciate the speed in which they answer the phone - no long waits on hold! Thank you ScanDigital!

Anne - CA - October 2010

I have to say I was extremely happy with your company, the service and the dvds I received. I have mentioned your service to a couple of friends. Friends I knew I had discussed buying a dvd recording machine just for this purpose. I'm glad I didn't as your quality and fancy menu were more than I could have achieved. I already made a copy of my set and mailed them off to my daughter to enjoy. I had a VERY positive experience.

Susan - NM - October 2010

We sent our old home movies to you to take a leap forward into the digital age. A number of years ago I had them transferred to VHS tape and I was hoping that by sending you the originals that the quality would be better than VHS. It isn't but at least now we can preserve those memories and make back-ups for security. I must say that you did everything that was promised; the package arrived timely with the contents well protected. I would recommend you to friends.

Carol - ID - October 2010

We watched the DVDs slowly and am very pleased. Scan Digital did a very nice job and I love how the chapters are pictured on the front. It was nice to see old videos with such ease. The quality is good also. I would definitely use you again. I would recommend because you do a great job. You take time and it shows. You have updates to show what is going on. Thank you very much.

Jean Ann - WA - October 2010

I had a great experience with ScanDigital - still have a credit so I will be digging out a few more tapes and sending them to you. Would definitely use ScanDigital again.

Lori - CO - October 2010

I actually have another groupon burning a whole in my account right now that I can't wait to use. I think that moving photos into the online cloud is key to memory preservation, as we all become more digital. I love that your pricing options are straightforward. No hidden fees, etc. I was SUPER pleased to find that I had been charged the exact cost that I had calculated based on your website info. Thank you! I was very pleased with the ScanDigital service, pricing and quality. I will definitely be back and have endorsed your service on Groupon and by word of mouth with my friends and family :)

Natasha - Sunnyvale, CA - October 2010

First, I want to commend you and ScanDigital for taking the time to send e-mails seeking feedback - very few companies do this and I truly appreciate this sort of effort. I had included several older photos and was very impressed with their quality.

Renee - Kennewick, WA - October 2010

After the weeks I spent just sorting and arranging slides, it was such a relief to be able to turn them over to your company for the actual scanning work. I've not regretted it, and I would be quick to use your services again. I've also recommended you to friends and my family members. I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the scanned images, and am very happy to have this tedious chore on two large slide collections now completed for the benefit of those with whom I shared the DVDs. By the way, the recipients have been effusive in their praise for the final products.

John - Rio Rancho, NM - October 2010


Walter - San Bernardino, CA - October 2010

This order was my third order with ScanDigital. I have had both VHS tapes and photographs scanned and have been very pleased with everything. This order was several groups of old photos both black and white and color. Some dating back to the 1920's and others into the 1960's and a few more recent. I am very pleased with the results and am eager to gather more family photographs and send to be scanned. I am very likely to use ScanDigital again. However my use will be sporadic as many of our family photographs are at my Mother's in Kansas and I have to excavate them from the family home of 100 years so it takes time. I do recommend your services to my friends and family. I keep talking about how pleased I am with my orders and showing them my photos so I suspect they will get around to it someday. I think your pricing options are clear and easy to understand. I am thrilled with the services you provide. You are helping me with the huge task of trying to get my life in order!!!

Merla - Colorado Springs, CO - October 2010

I enjoyed the movies very much. And I would recommend you to others.

Annie - Bellevue, WA - October 2010

I can appreciate emails like these and I too value any and all feedback. I first used the service because I had a coupon. I was pleased with how easy it was to send in my photos with the UPS label, etc. I was also pleased that one of your technicians or PMs called me to clarify instructions I put on my photos. That was welcome and showed attention to detail. The final product I received was nicely packaged and well organized. I wish your company all the best.

Brandon - San Francisco, CA - October 2010

I was very satisfied with your service. There was a glitch with the first DVD sent and the problem was taken care of pronto with no difficulties. I would recommend your service and I liked your prices as well. My photos were well taken care of and returned without issue.

Shelli - Vancouver, WA - October 2010

Thank you for your follow up. Let me say that I love your service and company and have indeed recommended it to my friends and family as well as to my web membership. I found the UPS option worked well and your diligent follow up was reassuring. My video was turned around quickly, cost effectively and wonderfully. I would love to help you grow as much as possible - you offer an incredible service. I will indeed post something on Facebook and again on my website.

Eleanor - Pacific Palisades, CA - October 2010

I am very pleased with the quality of the digital pictures from my old slides. Thank you! I did purchase your latest groupon offering as a gift for my parents, and they are looking forward to getting their slides on a DVD. I can't wait to get more photos converted.

Wendy - Hillsboro, OR - October 2010

Thanks for following up. As with the first order I placed ScanDigital, I am completely satisfied with my second order.

Dana - Henderson, CA - October 2010

Absolutely. I've already given your website info to my mom, who is planning on using your service soon. When I contacted someone through your website to ask about my order progress, I received a response right away, and my order was completed very quickly after that. I was very happy with the customer service and how quickly my problem was resolved. Thanks!

Robyn - Chino Hills, CA - September 2010

I will use your service again. The photos came out very nice. I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for this type of processing. Thank you and I look forward to sending you more photos in the near future.

William - Van Nuys, CA - September 2010

I love your service. Not only have I been extremely pleased with the quality of the product (I've had 2 orders filled by your team). But I've also been extremely pleased with the quality of customer service. I especially have to commend Koa. He communicates really well with the customer and gives the service a real personal touch. He was extremely helpful to me, as were some of the others I met (unfortunately, I do not recall their names). Now I'm a Facebook friend, and waiting to round-up more photos from my family to digitally archive our entire family history. Thanks so much!

Carmen - Los Angeles, CA - September 2010

When I had questions via email, responses were prompt and helpful.

Jill - San Francisco, CA - September 2010

I thought your service was great. The turnaround time was awesome, and the quality of the photos looked so much better than when I made an attempt with a few photos on my personal scanner. I'll probably use the service again to digitize some old Hi-8 recordings (or some other archaic digital tape format) soon.

Clay - San Francisco, CA - September 2010

I am very happy with both of my ScanDigital orders! In both cases I emailed back for several extra copies of the videos and pictures. I can see that you improved on the quality of some photos. I never imagined you would break them up that way and I love that feature. I also like that I can view my photos online and share them with family. I had very quick responses via email.

Cindy - Centennial, CO - September 2010

I loved the service and final product that I received from ScanDigital. I have told a number of friends about the terrific service. Prices are good. I will be back for sure.

Jayne - Manhattan Beach, CA - September 2010

We are very pleased with ScanDigital. We have shipped 3 large orders to date and have another 4 to send. It is a large project...scanning 35 years worth of family photos on slides, and we thought sending them in chronological order, one box at a time, was the best way to do it. Yes, we would recommend ScanDigital to others due in large to the fact that you do all your work on site in So. California. Thanks.

Kyle - Orinda, CA - September 2010

I thought your services were great. I just recently had a chance to view the photos. The photos turned out great. I will be sending many more in. I really liked that I could group them by subject, and they were scanned together like that. I also like that they are online. Many of us moms do this because we have a special occasion like a big birthday, wedding, that we need old photos. Thanks for your interest in my comments.

Luann - Mill Valley, CA - September 2010

First of all, let me say that I am very pleased with the finished product that I have had a chance to view so far. I loved the way the DVDs were so well organized including the scene selections. I just left you good Award a Business feedback on groupon.com. I would absolutely recommend ScanDigital. In fact, I have dozens of other videos that I need to send off to ScanDigital at some point. I am happy to help spread the word about ScanDigital. Thank you very much.

Lynda - San Diego, CA - August 2010

Thank you and your company for the incredible service. I will definitely use your services in the future. I will recommend your service to family and friends because of the excellent service at a great price. Finally, your pricing options were clear and very reasonable. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Thanks.

Joseph - Valley Village, CA - August 2010

I would definitely use your service, the customer service was very good, very good communication. I am happy with the product received. I loved the packaging and the little slide shows with music. That was a fun surprise. Overall I really was satisfied with your service. Thank you.

Brenda - Mesa, AZ - August 2010

It's a great way to back up old, non-digital images. It was a big project we were converting our wedding photos.

Joy - San Francisco, CA - August 2010

I am satisfied with the quality of the DVDs that I received back from my videotapes. I sent 2 of them as gifts to friends and family, and advised them that I had been satisfied with the work in case they also wanted to transfer some videos. I would be comfortable using ScanDigital again. I also feel the pricing options, for videotapes, are straightforward. I appreciate you taking an interest in your business and your customer's opinions. That in itself goes a long way toward a positive opinion of ScanDigital.

Danica - Canyon Country, CA - August 2010

I am absolutely delighted with my recent ScanDigital order, expect to use your service in the future, and will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Howard - San Francisco, CA - August 2010

Wow! I am so impressed at the fast turnaround time and the quality of the scans. You have saved me hours and hours of trouble. Now I have digital photos on my computer going back almost 30 years! Thank you.

Craig - Eugene, OR - August 2010

I am mostly likely to use your service again. I purchased some groupons for my parents to scan the boxes of photos they have sitting in their closet. I would recommend it to my older relatives as while they have time being retired, I don't think it is convenient/healthy for them to be slumped over a flatbed scanner scanning in hundreds of photos. I want to thank you guys again for speeding up the processing of my order.

Arvin - San Mateo, CA - August 2010

I have just received the latest order from your company and was very pleased with the results. I had some large format (5x4) transparencies that I needed to be scanned and returned within a week as they were on loan. Your team worked hard to meet the deadline and indeed they were returned in time. I think this was our third order and we are now preparing another batch to scan. I have found your service to be very useful and staff helpful, so can recommend.

Paul - San Juan Capistrano, CA - August 2010

We love the services of ScanDigital. All went as expected. You have successfully preserved many family photos (over 450 slides and b&w prints), many of which we have never seen before! Dad was an excellent photographer and had taken hundreds of photos over the years. When Mom passed away this year at nearly 101 years old, we discovered this time capsule of family history. Each family member has received a three DVD set of beautiful digital pics. We can now pass on our own family history in digital form. We will definitely use your services again. We have referred many to ScanDigital already. I like the fact that you are in California and not half way around the world. I would not send any of our photos out of the U.S. Your tracking system is excellent. I believe your prices are fair and easy to understand. Thanks again!

Robert - San Jose, CA - August 2010

I was happy with the result. I'd definitely use you again and refer friends and family to you. Thanks.

Becky - Denver, CO - August 2010

I would recommend the service to people. Many of the photo scanning services used to be outside of the country, and that was scary for many of my friends. I've already recommended the service to several people.

Christina - San Bruno, CA - August 2010

I thought the process was quite clear and straight forward. I will definitely use the service again and as you know, from the Adobe Technology Exchange, have already recommended it. Also one of my college friends used the service after my recommendation.

Lynette - Huntington Beach, CA - August 2010

I was quite pleased with ScanDigital's service and have already recommended it to my parents as well as placed another order myself.

Edward - San Diego, CA - August 2010

I was very pleased with the results, even though I have scanned my own pictures, am more talented than the average bear using a computer, scanner, and photo software, I found ScanDigital's technician's skills much superior to my own. This is why I would pay to have more pictures, especially ones important to me professional done rather than just scan them at home. Yes, I would recommend your services to friends and family because you do a fine job and the price is right. For $100 a person can have 200 pictures scanned. The prices were straightforward and easy to understand.

Kris - Oceanside, CA - August 2010

I organized all our pictures and videos, a task that has been bugging me for years. All directions were straight forward and easy to understand. All responses to my actions were prompt and clear.

Janet - Palm Desert, CA - August 2010

I have to admit the Groupon coupon was FANTASTIC but the price was only one part of it, the other was the EXPIRATION date - without that I never would've gotten Mom to go through the loose photos she was storing in a foot locker. It was a very nice and enjoyable trip down memory lane. I really liked being able to track the progress of the order and the online gallery is very cool. I've already recommended your service, don't know if anyone's used it but I brag on it all the time! Beats the pants off buying/renting the equipment and spending an eternity figuring it all out on my own.

Mary - Chicago, ID - August 2010

We had a family movie night and the kids loved finally being able to see themselves as young children, they are in their early 30's now. Thanks for the extras and the speed with which it was all done. It was a great experience and so glad we finally got them taken care of.

Grace - North Bonneville, WA - July 2010

I have enjoyed the services provided by ScanDigital so far. In the near future I do plan to use those services again. Having tried both photos and videos (VHS to DVD), I can say that both services were splendid. I have given a copy of the DVD I ordered to a family member as a gift and they loved it. They are likely willing to use your services in the future. Overall, I am very satisfied with your products and services, keep up the good work.

Amanda - Palo Alto, CA - July 2010

I was very pleased and impressed with the service I received. I was very pleased with the services and would easily use them again. I would recommend you (and already have). I think you guys are fast, friendly and reliable. I sent several emails with questions to your business before actually using your services, and I was answered promptly by Koa. I was impressed and felt you guys really care about your customers. Very straightforward (I had a few scrapbook pages scanned) and easy to understand. Thanks again for the great service.

Amanda - Downey, CA - July 2010

I have enjoyed viewing my old Hi8 movie files your company converted to DVDs. The quality is good considering the age of the films. I will be sending more of my films in soon. Thanks.

Ruth - Belmont, CA - July 2010

I understood the pricing options. I think it's good that you offer several levels of service to accommodate the needs of professionals and people who just want their personal photos scanned. I will be sending you another batch of photos soon. I will put the word out to my family and friends. Thank you so much!

Dana - San Francisco, CA - July 2010

This very personal response from your business is very impressive. I am VERY happy with my order. You all did a very nice job and we have thoroughly enjoyed the photos. I would definitely recommend your service to others, and I already have. Thank you again and you've done a very thorough job with the communications part of your business.

Traci - Seattle, WA - July 2010

The instructions, labels… everything, very clear and easy to do. My one confusion was cleared up by your staff quickly. The end result was well done and nicely packaged. Yes, I would and will use your service again. I wish you well with your business. Thank you!

Robert - Denver, CO

As long as I have more negatives, which I do, I'll be back in small batches until I'm done and then I may start on some slides. I have already recommended you service. I have had a very positive experience with your organization and have found Koa to be a very pleasant individual.

Edward - Saugus, CA - July 2010

Easy to understand. Glad we found you through Groupon.

Monica - Encinitas, CA - July 2010

I received the CDs in yesterday's mail. They were awesome and we are very happy.

Este - Thousand Oaks, CA - July 2010

I can't tell you how apprehensive I was letting go of the little cassette videos that contain the taping of my 17 year old son's memorial. It has been a long road for me and just knowing that you were just as concerned in the care of these precious memories, made me able to send them to you. On a wing and a prayer..I mailed them. I was pleased that they came back so quickly and all the information was tucked in the box so very carefully. Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that your follow through and emails made me feel secure. Thanks again.

Jean - Federal Way, WA - June 2010

Fine job! I was preparing a DVD photo presentation for my critically ill sister, and you guys gave me the raw materials to create just what I envisioned. Your prompt, knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic attention to my format and resolution needs got me off to a great start. Hats off!!

Jim - Irvine, CA - June 2010

I have recommended your service to friends. I am a professional photographer in El Segundo and send clients to you all the time. Your pricing is straightforward.

Marcy - El Segundo, CA - June 2010

My experience with my latest ScanDigital order was very positive! This was the first time I had sent photographs to be digitalized and I was very happy with the result. I had utilized your video tape to DVD services before. From beginning to end, the process was easy, timely, and reasonably priced. I will definitely be using ScanDigital in the future to scan family photos and I look forward to that. I do recommend ScanDigital to my family and friends, telling them my experience has been nothing but positive. Thank you for this opportunity to offer feedback. I look forward to future opportunities to utilize the services of your company.

Merla - Colorado Springs, CO - June 2010

ScanDigital provided great service. From the moment I dropped off my box of 8mm films to when I popped in the DVD for my mother and father in-law....ScanDigital really pulled through. Your team even put the 8mm films in chronological order...that's pretty amazing. I would definitely use your service again (this is my second time) and will recommend your company to others. Keep up the good work!

Francine - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - June 2010

I was very pleased with the services of ScanDigital - I would definitely do more business with you and would recommend you highly. What impressed me the most was the little extras on the cover and the link to music - good to have when you have "silent film." The quality of the transfer was very good. The service was very prompt and I received much better value than expected. The pricing seem reasonable and straight-forward. I will definitely be glad to recommend your services to anyone who is interested in good care of their precious films and memories.

Carole - San Diego, CA - June 2010

As always, my experience with ScanDigital was none less than stellar! You and your staff make me feel like family - I am so lucky to be able to bring my frequent orders directly into your office for processing. Needless to say, on top of your excellent customer service, the processing quality is absolutely best of all. Last week in fact I compared a scan produced by your state-of-art equipment, with a scan produced by a cheap generic scanner of my dear sister's. There is absolutely no comparison whatsoever, except to admit that one print was scanned twice with extremely varied results: the cheap scanner had cheap results (though sister Robin's customer service is almost up to par with that of ScanDigital!) Well ... have to admit that I'm a 'regular' and plan to return often.

Martin - San Pedro, CA - June 2010

Thank you for your email! I submitted an award for you on Groupon. I would recommend you. I was happy to get old video tapes digitized so that I don't lose them. Thank you!

Charis - San Rafael, CA - June 2010

The quality of the scan was good. I appreciate the time you took for customer service follow up, it speaks volumes for your service and I will keep that in mind. I will definitely recommend your service to others, we have all enjoyed the pictures. Thank you.

Renee - San Diego, CA- May 2010

Quality was good on the converted items.

Steven - Superior, CO - May 2010

During the initial setup, I had a few questions. I was impressed when I called because your people answered everything clearly, and in a very friendly manner. Now here's where your service really impressed me. The converted materials arrived at my house on Thursday, exactly one week from the day I mailed them off. I was really pleased about that, and also the fact that everything was done perfectly. All members of my family were quite thrilled to see them. I would recommend ScanDigital in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, at a dinner party the other day we were lamenting the loss of service in so many businesses these days. But I got to offer a counter-story and told of my experience with you.

Bruce - Pacifica, CA - May 2010

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend who had several old VHS videos that she wanted to move to DVD. She was very happy with the final product. We don't have any other videos to preserve right now, but will gladly recommend your service to other friends and family. We have recommended your service to another friend who has a wedding VHS video that she would like to move to DVD.

Dusten - Portland, OR - May 2010

It'll be awhile until I get 2000 pix organized, but so far, so good. I'll use the service again and have already referred one friend.

George - Los Angeles, CA - May 2010

Hi! Thanks for scanning my pictures. They look really nice. The process was easy and affordable even without the Groupon. I will use you again.

Stephanie - Denver, CO - May 2010

Overall, a very positive experience. Since I live close to your office, I did a walk in and was helped by Koa. He was very professional. Additionally when I had a question after receiving my digitized media, Matthew Stone immediately responded by e-mail. I would definitely use you again. I already have recommended your services.

Margaret - Hawthorne, CA - May 2010

I have used you guys twice, both times to scan old photos for a slideshow for a special occasion. Both times the work was top quality, timely and your team in your office was very friendly and eager to help. I have recommended you to people whenever I have been asked.

Ann - RPV, CA - May 2010

My experience at Scan Digital was great... from pricing to turn-around to communication. I've already given your brochure to several friends. I will also be back to do business with you. Thank you so much for a great job!

Yvette - Torrance, CA - April 2010

I have to say that I was very happy with the service. I really loved the fact that the DVDs came with software that allowed me to cut and paste different parts of my home movies and then I was able to successfully upload some of them to my blog. I didn't think I would be able to do that, especially because a lot of my old home movies from the '80s were recorded over my mom's old soap operas or a movie on TV that I didn't really care about keeping. Just the few minutes at the beginning of home videos was what I wanted. Anyway, I would absolutely recommend the service to my friends and, in fact, already did to my mother in law who is going to try it out. I have a few more videos that I will send in at some point as well.

Joy - Normandy Park, WA - April 2010

I was pleasantly surprised with ScanDigital's quality of work. Your presentation really seems customized and sincere. Specifically, the pictures on the DVD covers and the titles for each DVD. As for the music video's that are created on the DVD's, I think they are a great idea. The videos we send you are priceless and un-replaceable. I would definitely recommend your service to family and friends. It is worth every penny.

Liam - Oakley, CA - April 2010

I had an excellent experience with ScanDigital. I purchased a Groupon and was a bit nervous about sending my tapes out of state as there were my wedding video as well as tapes from when I was young that can't be replaced. They turned out beautifully!! I would definitely recommend you to others-I have already told all of my family and friends and neighbors about the wonderful service I received. I had to call with a question and your customer service was very friendly and helpful. Thanks again for your fantastic service!!

Lisa - Highlands Ranch, CO - April 2010

It was great. I was inspired to FINALLY take care of this task with a Groupon. I paid to have all my tapes transferred, not just what Groupon covered. The quality is great--I love that there is a sort of proof sheet on the back of each DVD to tell me what's there to see. Customer service was good-- I asked questions via e-mail and got a rapid response. I am already recommending your company. Thanks!

Beth - San Diego, CA - April 2010

I was pleased with the service.

Kim - Paradise Valley, AZ - April 2010

My experience was incredible! I called back after my order to specifically thank your staff for doing such an amazing job...my only feedback is that your pricing is WAY too cheap - I called three other vendors who were not only charging more per scan, but a rush fee (I needed my job back quickly) of $95. Thanks much - I am looking for ways to refer you business.

David - Los Altos, CA - April 2010

I had a great experience working with ScanDigital. My mom loved her birthday gift of some of our old home movies transferred onto DVDs. I do plan on using your services again because we've got more VHS tapes that need to be converted. Thanks for doing a great job!

Cindy - Los Angeles, CA - April 2010

We are really enjoying watching our DVDs. Thanks a lot! Also Chris was very nice to work with and answered my e-mails and questions promptly. Thanks!

Mary - Gig Harbor, WA - April 2010

I am very happy with your service and am a repeat customer.

Howard - Park City, UT - April 2010

I did take some care in selecting the slides to be converted to digital media by you, choosing a variety of lighting conditions and color renditions to see how they came out. The quality seems to be great. Having the photos available both on DVD and on line is a plus.

Charles - Cheyenne, WY - March 2010

My experience with your company was ALL positive!!! All of your employees were exceptionally nice, cooperative and very prompt in their responses to my questions. I would use your company any time and would highly recommend them to you. Thank you again as I am enjoying the work that you did for me. The DVD's have been a source of much pleasure and are bringing back many happy memories.

Jean - Mesa, AZ - March 2010

Thought everything went very smoothly. So easy to do and invaluable.

Cate - Venice, CA - March 2010

I love Scan Digital and recommend it to friends... I actually found you guys through work - you scanned a bunch of Jackass images for us @ MTV. Yes - scanning negs is a pain - people lose photos all the time and you guys offer awesome, awesome quality at a very fair price.

David - Los Angeles, CA - March 2010

I was completely satisfied with all aspects of the service on my recent order. I had about 90 extremely old (50 years) slides, which needed to be digitized for a reunion. Service at your facility was very friendly and efficient. I asked for the order to be completed within 2 weeks if possible, and was amazed to be notified 2 days later that the order had been completed. The quality of the digitized results was better than I expected. I would certainly highly recommend your service to anyone I know who needs to have old slides digitized. Thanks for such good work.

Lenard - Santa Monica, CA - March 2010

I was pleased to receive my order in a timely manner and felt it was good quality. Your website was easy to maneuver and clear in the pricing. I particularly liked the various communications that I received updating me continuously about the progress of the order. Yes, I will brag about having preserved memories from my slides through your services to others. The disc is going to make a great gift to my daughter.

Claudine - Lakewood, CO - March 2010

Very convenient and fast; good quality. I've already recommended others. Easy to understand, although I had to call to verify scanning images on multi-photo pages, it was easy to understand over the phone.

Barclay - Los Angeles, CA - March 2010

The two VHS tapes I had converted were exceptional, better than the originals! I have many more projects for ScanDigital and look forward to having these orders processed. Your customer service was excellent and I look forward to future orders.

Gary - Florence, OR - March 2010

Service was excellent. We received your immediate response any time we had an inquiry/concern. The pricing options were very easy to understand. Website very user-friendly. We definitely would recommend your services. You made this process very practical.

Maria - Los Angeles, CA - March 2010

I was very happy with the service I received. Your staff was very professional, courteous and helpful. I do plan on using your service again and plan to drop off some Hi8 film this weekend. I have already recommended your service to family and friends. Overall I was extremely pleased.

Jennifer - Harbor City, CA - March 2010

I think you guys did a great job! Thank you.

Grace - Tigard, OR - March 2010

I had a very positive experience. I needed family photos scanned immediately for an event. The turnaround time was as promised. Your staff was professional and pleasant. And, you returned my original pictures just as you found them . . . in their notebook, in the correct order. I will definitely recommend your service.

Tanya - Hermosa Beach, CA - March 2010

The whole process was wonderful from start to finish and very simple to use. Staff was very friendly and all my questions were answered quickly through email. I have told EVERYONE I know about ScanDigital and I hope they use your services as they will not be let down.

Jennifer - San Diego, CA - March 2010

I'm very satisfied with your services, at the price you offer.I've been spreading the word to my co-workers and family members. Your prices are very competitive.I shopped around for a while and ultimately came to you guys.

Luis - Sherman Oaks, CA - January 2010

We thought the service was fine The timeliness was good. The pricing options and other instructions were clear.

Bill - Olympia, WA - January 2010

I was very satisfied and fully intend to use your service again in a couple months.

Tina - Henderson, NV - December 2009

I think that Scan Digital service was great. They did what I had expected. Yes, I would use the service again as needed and would definitely recommend it to friends and family. Who knew that this service was even available!? The pricing options are straight forward. People will know what they will be spending depending on the number of pictures sent in. I thought I made out like a bandit on the price. I anticipated it being more.

Renee - Long Beach, CA - December 2009

definitely. friendly staff. high quality product. local business.

Margaret - Culver City, CA - December 2009

You guys are great.

John - Hermosa Beach, CA - December 2009

I would definitely use ScanDigital in the future and would recommend their services.I was pleased with all aspects of the service.

Yvonne - Aliso Viejo, CA - December 2009

Yes. I am very happy to report that you have a well thought out and executed model. From printing out the shipping labels to keeping the customer informed as to receiving the media all the way to shipping the final product back to the customer. I had a few questions before I sent my first shipment to you. I emailed the questions to you and the next day received an answer. That alone convinced me that you were a first rate company. When I received my first shipment back from you, I found the DVDs to be of excellent quality.

John - Chico, CA - December 2009

Your service is great. I've used you several times and have always been very happy with the results. I've recommended your service to several friends.

Phillip - Rancho Mirage, CA - December 2009

I had an awesome experience working with you at ScanDigital. You were all very helpful and friendly. The work was done in a timely fashion and the prices were very reasonable. I would definitely recommend your service to friends.

Glenn - Santa Monica, CA - December 2009

The service was excellent! I took all the old tapes I could find laying around and sent them to you in early December. My thought is I would give them to my wife as a Christmas gift, little did I know it was the greatest gift she could have ever asked for she and my children have spent hours watching the old footage.

Jeff - Corona Del Mar, CA - December 2009

This order went very smoothly and Matthew made it very easy to accommodate my client.

Christie - Santa Clarita, CA - December 2009

I was completely satisfied with my first Scan Digital experience, and I hope to send you more photos in the future. I have already recommended you to several people.

Stephanie - San Francisco, CA - November 2009

Good and prompt service, reasonable pricing. Yes, I would use your service again if a need arises.

Lois - Thousand Oaks, CA - November 2009

I love your company everything is top notch I will definitely use them again and recommend it to anyone

Christopher - Tustin, CA - November 2009

You came highly recommended. My experience with ScanDigital was fantastic. It was easy, quick and Pleasant. The digital quality conversion is great. I have many more tapes and I plan to use ScanDigital for them all.

Jodi - Manhattan Beach, CA - October 2009

it's always a pleasure when you discover a new service that actually fulfills a real need in the marketplace. your web site presented you as the most competent - it was clear,friendly, knowledgeable, and provided several choices as well as help to the uninitiated.I've been very satisfied with the service - friendly staff and good follow-up with tracking etc.

Larry - Hermosa Beach, CA - October 2009

I LOVED everything about my interaction with your company, from the phone interactions when I could not get to a secure page on your website, to your web interface, to the step-by-step updates and, most importantly I thoroughly enjoyed your work on the video. The final product was much better than I would have imagined and for a great price. Great editing especially on the music videos. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Chris - Kenmore, WA - October 2009

all went well with my order and I would use your service again. I found everything easy to use and would absolutely refer my friends & family to Scan Digital.

Michelle - Manhattan Beach, CA - October 2009

Thanks for your service. I love ScanDigital, recommend it to people (I came to you by personal recommendation), and will always use you again! I particularly like that the people who take my order always understand quickly what I need, even though I'm not particularly tech-savvy. Unfortunately, I'm not a very high-volume client, but a very happy one.

Sonja - Los Angeles, CA - October 2009

Scan Digital did an amazing job that exceeded my expectations. The customer service was fantastic and Ashley Miller was extremely helpful. I will definitely be returning when I have more images to scan. Thank You!

Dave - Santa Monica, CA - October 2009

I was very happy with my service from Scan Digital. It was quick and easy.I definitely plan on using the service again.

Mayumi - Ladera Ranch, CA - September 2009

I was totally happy with your services. Matt Stone was great every single time I had a question, and the order was processed in a timely manner. The price was better than most and I still felt like you guys were going to be very careful with my pictures trying to scan each page. I would definitely recommend you again and would definitely use your services again. Thanks so much

Sally - Eagle, ID - September 2009

To say that I am pleased with the results, is an understatement. The results are wonderful, The images were enhanced much better than I had done. I am very pleased with my previous orders which were made up of photos and slides. I think your pricing is reasonable. Your service is dependable and prompt. I have never had reason to contact any of your employees; however, I have the feeling that they are all responsible and efficient. I will definitely recommend your services to everyone. I live in Sun City Palm Desert which is a 55+ community. We have an online "List" for our residents similar to a Craig's List for recommending services. I shall be very happy to recommend your services on our "List",

Linda - Palm Desert, CA - September 2009

Great experience. Everyone was very nice and helpful.

Betsy - Los Angeles, CA - September 2009

I can't tell you how happy I was to receive the photos. I would highly recommend this company to all my friends and family. The pictures are priceless. I would very much be happy to use ScanDigital again. Thanks again

Ernestine - Greeley, CO - September 2009

I was very pleased to have 8mm movie films on DVD. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the efficiency of your company, the updates, and the rapid return of my films and the DVD. I would recommend your service to friends and family because of what I wrote above...the updates on my order and the promptness with which it was returned... Yes, I understood clearly what I was paying for everything. No hidden surprises. Thank you for the kind of service we so rarely find any more.

Carole - Rescue, CA - September 2009

I was very pleased with the 110 slides you digitized for me. You gave me a break on the pricing and I appreciate that. The quality was excellent. Very high resolution. Good job!

Howard - Park City, UT - September 2009

I was extremely happy with my ScanDigital experience. Your site was easy to understand & the shipping was easy. I liked the email updates throughout the process & found your turn-around time to be impressive. I really loved having my photos available online too. I found the uploading of the photos to be very easy & appreciated how well they were sorted and labeled on the disk.

Lisa - Santa Monica, CA - August 2009

The order was handled promptly and efficiently, and I was very pleased with ScanDigital. I would definitely recommend your service to everyone, and I definitely plan to continue using ScanDigital. The pricing seems fair and straight forward.

Linda - Palm Desert, CA - August 2009


Betty - Hemet, CA - July 2009

I was very pleased with the service your company provided. I will continue to use your service. I've been worried about sending all my photos in to be scanned and now that I've had such a good experience, I'll be doing that soon. I have recommended your company to friends already; All in all, everyone that emailed me was very competent, efficient and straightforward, which is excellent! (and rare these days)

Christie - Rolling Hills, CA - July 2009

I'll absolutely use you guys again and recommend you to friends, the entire process was so simple and smooth. Thanks for everything!

Matt - Los Angeles, CA - July 2009

I evidently like your services since I have placed a couple of orders. All the people are helpful; the sevice is fast and I like the way all the costs are paid through my credit card. I have told many people what I'm having done & most don't know you exist and/or what you do - especially older people such as me. Saving pictures of my family that are over 50 years old is/was my primary goal & Scan Digital is doing that for me.

Sue - El Segundo, CA - July 2009

The ScanDigital service was great. I will use your service again and will recommend friends and family.

Kenneth - Helena, MT - July 2009

I sent photos to you to scan for a very special project for my son and his fiancé. I collected pics from her mom and with the ones I had and worked with a friend to create a fabulous video that we surprised them with at the rehearsal dinner. I was very pleased with my first experience with your company and certainly will consider you for any future projects.

Barbara - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - July 2009

This is my second order with ScanDigital. I have been completely happy with the results, efficiency and pricing.

Kathy - Los Angeles, CA - July 2009

You met my expectations in ease of use, professionalism and quality, while providing me what I expected in a timely manor, at a fair price. I would certainly recommend your service.

Jason - Foster City, CA - July 2009

Your service was great.

Dan - Los Angeles, CA - July 2009

I am very pleased with Scan Digital.

Christie - Santa Clarita, CA - July 2009

I Love ScanDigital

Charles - El Segundo, CA - July 2009

Once again I was very pleased with my results from ScanDigital. I even made sure to pass ScanDigital on to my customers in my email newsletter. Thanks for a great service.

Bonnie - Steilacoom, WA - July 2009

I had a very positive interaction with your company with my recent order. We became aware of the company by talking with your representative at the Southern California Genealogical Society convention in Burbank last month. The conversation came at an opportune time as I had just acquired a box of negatives that were from the early 1920s that had been my great aunts and probably had not been looked at since then. I called and discussed the fact that these were large sized negatives and received assurances that you could handle them, along with a price estimate. The process of sending the negatives could not have been easier, and I appreciated the opportunity to update myself through your website on the status of the order. At this time, based on this single experience, I do not have any suggestions for improvement as the service worked exactly as I had hoped. I will use your business again (the family slides are next) and will urge others to do the same.

John - Ventura, CA - July 2009

Everything was perfect in my dealings with ScanDigital, and I do plan to bring in more 35mm slides when I finally manage to dig them out of someplace in my storage closet. As to recommendations, yes, I have recommended your firm to two other friends, and I will continue to do that when the opportunity occurs in the future. Pricing was very straightforward, and not complicated. The two or three people I dealt with at SD were very helpful and pleasant. Overall, a quite positive experience.

Ralph - Long Beach, CA - July 2009

We were very pleased with the service, and definitely would use ScanDigital again.

Howard - Park City, UT - July 2009

Your firm did everything on time and at a reasonable price! What a great way to treat a new (or old) customer. I have already recommended you to friends and I certainly will return when the need arises. Keep up the good work.

William - North Hills, CA - July 2009

I have used your service twice with my personal photos and it has worked out perfectly both times. I would definitely use ScanDigital again if the need arises.

Heather - Sherman Oaks, CA - July 2009

You guys were fantastic. I have been recommending you to everyone I know. I will certainly use your services again. Thanks again for the quick service and the high quality digitization. My family has been enjoying the pictures tremendously.

Pauline - Los Angeles, CA - July 2009

ScanDigital was wonderful. The process was easy to follow. Everything was kept updated along the way. The pictures have surprised me. The website is very easy to use. I am now editing the albums on-line which is very simple. Thanks again

Kathy - Los Angeles, CA - May 2009

I am very pleased with my first ScanDigital order. The saturation and skin tones were very well done, and it's nice to have them stored online as well as on disk. I have a large number of slides that have never been printed and I will definitely use you guys again in the future. Before I sent my first order, I spoke to one of your techs who answered all my questions in detail and in a professional manner. Her assistance made me comfortable enough to give ScanDigital a try. That's good customer service!

Lynn - Grass Valley, CA - May 2009

Overall things have gone very well. The end product looks great and we are enjoying our new DVDs. The on-line process seems to work great and is easy to use. I'll probably use you again soon and have already recommended you to a friend.

Bill - Valencia, CA - May 2009

We are professional organizers and we have a banner ad linking to your site on our site. We wanted to experience your service as a customer, so that we can truly give a personal recommendation to our clients. •Your process and your site are easy to navigate. •The email chain that tracks the progress of the order is very nice. •The service was pleasingly speedy. •The fact that the photos don't leave the U.S. is a useful selling point.

Richard - San Diego - May 2009

Your service has been excellent! I have been happy with the photos and your staff is great. I was particularly impressed with Matt's amazing professionalism and exemplary handling...a terrific credit to your company. I have encouraged friends and family to get their shoe boxes of treasures transferred to digital and always recommend Scan Digital. Best regards, Lana & The Matthau Company

Lana, The Matthau Co - Los Angeles, CA - May 2009

Your service was superb (for the 2nd time)and I recommend you to everyone! Your web site makes it easy. Printing a shopping label with bar code; brilliant. I could not think of anything you could change. You were in contact with me every step of the way. I would trust you with priceless irreplaceable family photos. I've dealt with other scanning services; they are a joke next to the work you guys do. Thank you! Harrison satisifed customer

Harrison - Cypress, CA - May 2009

I love ScanDigital. I always recommend you to friends and family and forward your specials. Your customer support is sterling, I trust you with my photos 100%! You have my highest recommendations and referrals.

Eleanor - Pacific Palisades, CA - April 2009

This is the second time I have used your services and both times I have been satisfied with the results of my scanned pictures. Your staff called and asked if I wanted my pictures sorted & scanned a specific way which was very thorough. I do recommend your company to my friends when they have older pictures and need a good quality digital image.

Diana - Livermore, CA - April 2009

I was so incredibly happy to be able to finally view our wedding video thanks to ScanDigital:-) I will definitely use your services again and definitely will refer friends and family. Also, the pricing options were definitely fair and there were no "hidden costs" which is very nice.

Nicole - Redondo Beach, CA - April 2009

The DVDs were perfect. And I thought that the turn around time was very good. Thanks so much!

Chela - Los Gatos, CA - April 2009

I just dropped off another order this week..... The first job you did for me was great. I have the ability to do this myself at home with a Canon scan 8800F and Nikon film scanner but it is much easier for me to have you do it and the results are far better than I could do in the time I would spend doing it. I have and will recommend you to my colleagues and friends. Thanks.

Rob - Los Angeles, CA - April 2009

The turnaround time is excellent. Response to inquiries is excellent. Answers are complete and offer opportunity to ask for additional info, if needed.Digital quality is very good overall. The handling of photos is thoughtful in that the repackaging is carefully done to avoid damage to contents. And, if ScanDigital has incomplete information on what to do with photos, inquiries are made in a timely manner.

Pat - Santa Rosa, CA - April 2009


Effie - Sunnyvale, CA - April 2009

Your service was quick, and the quality of the images were great. I am very happy with the images!

Mariam - Los Angeles, CA - April 2009

I was very happy with the service and would be very likely to use it again and recommend it to friends. The pricing options were straightforward and easy to understand.

Tony - Albuquerque, NM - April 2009

Enjoy doing business with you. You did a great job.  Looking forward to working with your company again.

Marco - Whittier, CA - November 2008

I love the fast response, great follow-up, and the technology!

Chantale - Redondo Beach, CA - February 2009

ScanDigital has been great! The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and reassuring. Oh, and extremely patient in answering the many questions I had. Your prices are reasonable and easy to understand. I look forward to a long relationship!

Rachel - Huntington Beach, CA - March 2009

I had a great experience with ScanDigital and will be returning shortly. I have already recommended your service to friends.

Madeline - Marina Del Rey, CA - February 2009

I am very happy with the work that was done for me. To be honest, I had the same pictures scanned by Costco. I did this to help me decide where to take my slides because I have a lot of them. I like your work better. The color correction makes a big difference.

Louise - Palos Verdes, CA - February 2009

I am very, very pleased. I was very pleased with the professional answers of the receptionist. It was very reassuring to have solid answers to my questions. Then instead of mailing the material to your office, I drove to your location. I was treated with the utmost courtesy and the staff member packaged the material in its own container which further assured me that nothing would be misplaced. When the order was complete, I was promptly notified of this activity and elected to drive to your office to retrieve the disc and my photos. The work was excellent. The person who scanned the material took the extra time to study the input material. I am recommending your company to everyone.

John - Orange, CA (2nd Order) - February 2009

Thank you, I was very happy with your service, and would recommend you highly. I have now digitized the whole family slide collection.

Mary - Santa Monica, CA - February 2009

I think the service is incredible. I was very please with my first order and have already place a second order. I highly recommend the service.

Bill - San Francisco, CA - December 2008

Everything was great. I am happy with the results. Your staff was pleasant and called to ask questions, let me know what was going on. In general, the whole operation was user friendly. I would use you again and recommend your services.

Beth - Pacific Palisades, CA - February 2009

I was pleased with the quality of work and the customer service.

Chenoa - Salem, OR - January 2009

Your service was thoroughly satisfying. I will recommend my friends and come back once my movie camera is working again.

Holly - Edmonds, WA - January 2009

My experience was fantastic. You definitely over-delivered. The pictures were delivered a day early, the quality was fantastic. The service was great. I will definitely recommend you. Best of luck in your business.

Brett - Los Angeles, CA - February 2009

Convenient and quick. Accommodated a special request and promptly fixed a small error related to it. Excellent service.

Robert - Los Angeles, CA - February 2009

Your service was great. I am planning on getting all my parent's old black and white photos so I can have you archive them for me on a disc. I just have to find them. Thank you for the 10% discount offer you sent me. I will definitely take advantage of the that.

Jennie - Manhattan Beach, CA - January 2009

Many thanks for the excellent work of your company. I recently had my family photos scanned and the completed job was first class! The technician took extra steps to ensure that greeting cards and section dividers were correctly positioned. Then too, I used one of my personal music CDs and they scored the songs perfectly from a selection and timing aspect. I will highly recommend your company to all my friends and associates.

John - Orange, CA - January 2009

I was very pleased with my order. My husband was thrilled and watched the DVD's immediately. I will probably be sending more VHS tapes to you for conversion and will definitely recommend you to friends.

Irma - Green Valley, AZ - December 2008

Thanks so much. It was a treat to see my old family movies on DVD and I am very grateful to have them in this new form. I will definitely mention to family and friends.

Kendell - New York, NY - December 2008

Everything was perfect and the photos are great. Your staff was super helpful and very courteous. I have already recommended it to several friends, and once my wife finds more of her photos (boxes in the garage), we intend to send them your way as well. Thanks for the great service!

Peter - Newport Beach, CA - December 2008

I am extremely happy with your service. I did a thorough search on the internet and couldn't find anyone that compares to what ScanDigital had to offer. I was wanting to preserve my precious photos for some time, but I just couldn't find anyone that offered this service in my neighborhood. Then I found Scan Digital on the internet and liked that it was relatively close to me (at least within the same state) and that the work is done right at the facility. Your staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I plan to use your service again in the very near future and I have and will highly recommend your service to everyone I know!!! Thank you!

Tina - Studio City, CA - January 2009

Great service. We have lots more work to send to you!

Richard - Yorba Linda, CA - January 2009

I loved the service and have already told friends about your great pick up and drop off service. I loved the whole experience and will be sending you more things to scan as soon as our re-model of the kitchen and attic are done! One project at the time for me!

Yvet - Sherman Oaks, CA - November 2008

Your team did a fantastic job and I am definitely going to use the service again. Your team scanned photos from my wife's and my side of the family. These images were given to our family members for Christmas presents this year. We revealed the gifts by two different slide show presentations for each of our respective families over the holidays. The slide shows and images were a hit. Everyone wanted to know how and where we got the images scanned, and we obviously held no secrets. Everyone was impressed with the quality of the images, especially with the fact that some of the digital images looked better than the originals they were scanned from. I can't wait until you are up and running with your reel-to-reel system as I have a bunch of reels I would like converted.

Scott - Palos Verdes Estates, CA - December 2008

We very much enjoyed your service - made a wonderful holiday gift for not only my Dad, but the extended family as well. This was a special gift for my father. He had his father's scrap book style photo album on the shelves in our home. The book was starting to fall apart, the pictures were fading and it was becoming to fragile to even look through. Now the images are available for everyone to see. Not only through the link to the site, but my dad is now working with the images, linking them to a genealogy program he has been using, bringing that data to life as well.

Lee-Ann - Salem, OR - December 2008

I was very happy with the overall service that you offered. Everything was done very efficiently and quickly and I appreciated being updated via email as to where we were at in the process.

Megan - Fullerton, CA - December 2008

I had a great experience with Scan Digital and would definitely recommend the service to my friends and colleagues. The process was very simple and turnaround was fantastic - about 2 weeks total! My parents have a closet full of Kodak Carousels with photos taken of our family vacations from the 60's thru the 70's. They haven't looked at them in years and last year commented that they'd like them converted to digital format one day. I snuck them out of the house and sent them to ScanDigital for digitizing as a Christmas present. They LOVED it!

Barbara - Seal Beach, CA - December 2008

I would definitely recommend you guys to friends/family.... which I have in fact. I was given a VHS family home video by my mother, but not longer had a VHS player and couldn't view the tape. Therefore, I had my video converted by ScanDigital so I may watch it on my DVD player instead.

Cheri - Twin Falls, ID - November 2008

I was exceptionally pleased with the professionalism, service, response, and pricing of ScanDigital. They went well beyond my expectations and I'd recommend this service to anyone.

Jeremy - Valencia, CA - December 2009

Your work is the best I have seen and I have lived on the East Coast as well. I would most certainly use your service again and recommend to anyone who needs slides converted.

Thad - Riverside, CA - December 2008

I have chosen to have everything scanned in as back-up in the event of fire or flood. I recently recommended your service to a friend who was in today and will have her pictures scanned and even put to music. I was happy to refer business your way - your team is pleasant and does a great job.

Erin - Manhattan Beach, CA - November 2008

The transfer of my 35mm slide photos on to the digital disk went really well. I want to try and send an order about once a month until I have everything transferred.

Floyd - Wheat Ridge, CO - November 2008

You guys did a great job, and I do plan on using you again in the future. I wanted the pictures scanned so I could get a photo book made of them to send to family for xmas.

Mark - Ventura, CA - November 2008

I absolutely will use your services again and I have recommended you to anyone and everyone! I am making up a photo book of photos from the trips my family has taken over the years to a vacation spot in Michigan. Some of the photos date back to the 1950's and are on 35 mm slides. I'm collecting from my old collection as well as my parents, brothers, sister, etc. That is why I used your service. I was amazed at how fast the turnaround was - I mailed the photos on Tuesday and had everything back in my possession by Friday. It was such an easy process.

Christin - Newport Beach, CA - November 2008

I had a great experience at ScanDigital. Your staff is very gracious. The orders were perfectly processed, and ready for me precisely when I asked for them. I was transferring old family photos to digital, in order to make them available to other family members (we love your on-line gallery feature; we didn't expect that) and to make up a photo book for a family event. I will absolutely use your service again, and recommend you to others. Thank you very much!

Sonja - Los Angeles, CA - November 2008

We are very happy with our order. We have several other projects for your company to work on. I will be sending more referral clients to you as well. Thank you for the fantastic service.

Mary - Long Beach, CA - November 2008

I was very happy with my last order. All of my siblings are getting picture CDs for Christmas! I will be happy to recommend your services to my family and friends.

Kay - San Diego, CA (2nd Order) - September 2008

The service and quality of work I found at ScanDigital are top notch, and I will definitely be a return customer.

Edward - Los Angeles, CA - October 2008

Loved my experience there. I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing to transfer slides, photos, and 8mm film to a digital format. Ease of use and your price point make you guys an easy choice. Of course, the fact that I live four blocks away in El Segundo makes it a no-brainer for me! Thank you for your great work!

David - El Segundo, CA - October 2008

I am a PM at a small web development company, and one of our clients had a book full of construction projects that he wanted to put on his website. ScanDigital was an extremely easy, efficient, and affordable way to accomplish our goal of scanning these photos into high quality images for web use. I would recommend it to anyone and would definitely use it again for future projects.

Angela - San Diego, CA - October 2008

I loved Scan Digitial and would absolutely recommend your services to my friends and family. It was quick, affordable and hassle-free.

Matt - Los Angeles, CA - September 2008

Just letting you know that your service is A++ - my slides were anywhere from 5 - 20 years old, had been sitting in sleeves in the garage. They came out great - turnaround was fast, and delivery to my door was the icing on the cake. I will definitely use you again to transfer other archives I have. Thanks!

Art - Pacific Palisades, CA - September 2008

I had a great experience with your company/service - I will definitely use it again and have referred it to many people. I used it because I want to be able to send old photos to friends and family and wanted to preserve some of my most important photos as they age.

Kimberly - Clinton, WA - August 2008

This is the second time I've used you guys, so clearly I was pleased the first time. I liked very much that you emailed as soon as you received the photos - having them float around in mail hell is highly disconcerting to say the least. I knew they were in your hands, at least.I originally wanted to move the pix onto disc because I was making a family reunion newsletter (which turned out AMAZING, by the way...) and wanted to use a publishing software. Having the pix on CD made that possible. The second set is all of my old pix that are irreplaceable & that I'd like to print duplicates at some point to make scrapbooks for my kids, but wanted to use one picture for more than one book.

Katherine - Palmdale, CA (2nd Order) - August 2008

Your services were absolutely amazing! Your turn around time was faster than I could have even imagined and your staff are friendly and helpful. My pictures all came out great and it was so easy to drop them off and pick them up. I will be using the scanned pictures to have a video montage created of my fiance and me to show at our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding! I was beyond impressed with ScanDigital and I will not only use you in the future but I will certainly recommend you to all of my family and friends and in fact already have! Thank you so much for saving me time and making this process easy.

Karli - Palmdale, CA - August 2008

This is the second time we used your services and we are even more satisfied than the first time. We had several different formats from older slides, negatives, positives, and medium formats, and you all handled them perfectly. These were old slides from film productions that we were scanning for archival reasons. One of your employees picked up and delivered the slides on time, and you all gave us the edited and unedited scans ahead of your deadline. As we prepare more slides (it does take us a few months to gather them) we will definitely be using your service again. We love your price, customer service, and quality of work. I like the fact that even though your website is very helpful and easy to use, I can call and talk to a real person. I have and will recommend your service to anyone.

Viral - Venice, CA (2nd Order) - September 2008

My parents have passed on in the last few years....hence...some old photos ... that of course different family members had feelings as to who would get which. Your service solved that problem, I will be bringing more in over the next couple of weeks...I have a pretty good higher end Canon scanner, specifically for photographs....but in the case of these old photos...as long as your people have the additional software and the expertise to get them to a higher quality image by cleaning them up better than I can or have the time to do....that's where I see the value to use your service.

Gary - El Segundo, CA - September 2008

I was very pleased with the service. I am also a resident of El Segundo and I am very excited that you have your business locally. I was so pleased with the service that my husband is going to use you guys to convert his old tapes and film to DVD as well.

Christiana - El Segundo, CA - September 2008

I found your company to be very professional and I do intend on using your service again. I especially like the web based order form where you print out the shipping label; very professional. The results were superb. I expect to create a DVD for Christmas including these slides and scans.

Harrison - Cypress, CA - September 2008

I had a very positive experience with ScanDigital on a small order which normally should not have registered anything but a small blip on your corporate radar. In my case, this small order was something of a trial and I have decided to move forward with a larger order involving scans on a few thousand slides. All because of the exceptional way that your staff attended to this small order, and cared for an adjustment I requested.

Martin - San Pedro, CA - September 2008

I am happy with the quality of scans you provided. There was very little visible scratches and dust, and color correction on some of the worst ones was excellent. Turnaround time was good and the originals arrived back here in the same condition they were in when they left.

John - Danville, CA - April 2008

I absolutely LOVED my experience with ScanDigital. I especially liked that I didn't have to sort through all the pictures before sending them. I would be very likely to use your service again--in fact, I'm planning on sending my whole collection a little at a time until everything is backed up. I think my motivation for using your service was fear of losing pictures--either by fading, fire, or earthquakes especially in California and to have a way of sharing family pictures with everyone online without the extra time/cost of making duplicates. This is going to be our Christmas gift to our family this year and I'm so excited about it because it's a gift that will continue for generations to come. Thank you again for everything.

Cherin - Claremont, CA - May 2008

The scanned photos are awesome!  It was so much fun to see photos that I haven't seen it 20 years.  The quality was great and the service was wonderful.  I have another batch to send you, so I will use your service again.

Grace - Golden, CO - August 2008

ScanDigital did a great job scanning our family slide archives in time for a family reunion last June. I was able to give a DVD copy to each of them. It was done on time and the customer service was very good. I have told several co-workers about your services already. I would definitely recommend ScanDigital and would use them again in the future.

Paul - Torrance, CA - June 2008

I'm already planning on using your service again with more family photos to scan. I am in the process of gathering more photos. I thought your staff was timely and professional. The pick up service was very good. I like the online feature and the ability to email to friends/family.

Shannon - Huntington Beach, CA - July 2008

I would recommend your company/services to others. You did a great job.

Shannon - Irvine, CA - August 2008

Your people are nice, turnaround is fast and the prices are so great that I, and my father, will be bringing you more and more work. My father had been asking me for years to have videos and film converted for years -- I finally got around to it and found you through google AFTER reading the article in INC.

Leslie - Los Angeles, CA - August 2008

I was very pleased with the service I received at ScanDigital. Considering the situation and time line (my grandmother's repass) you guys did an exceptional job. I was pleased to find out you had a music list to choose from which made the dvd all the more interesting and fun. I will definitely use your services again. Trying to get on top of other projects, but will definitely come back and see you again.

Mona - Los Angeles, CA - July 2008

I am very pleased with your service and feel so relieved to know that my precious family photos are permanently stored on your gallery should anything happen to my copies. I have recommended your company. People are so intimidated about doing this project themselves so they are relieved to know about you guys and that you are local. It makes people a little crazy putting their family photos in the mail. Thanks so much for your company's help in organizing our family history!

Claire - Marina Del Rey, CA - July 2008

Love your service. Very satisfied & would recommend to my friends.

Robert - Spencerport, NY - June 2008

I had several thousand slides to convert to something. I did not want to spend the time or money for me to do it myself. I researched and found numerous companies that did this process, but many send their work out of country, I was not for that. In general I'm happy and will use you again as well as recommend (as I Have already) you. No one I know has a slide projector and screen anymore. In the 60's-80's it was a weekly event to gather and show our slides. That has changed. I now can e-mail pictures to my family world wide with little difficulty and little money.

Kent - Ventura, CA - June 2008

This was my third service order with Scan Digital. My most recent motivation was to put my father's late '50's and early '60's sports car racing home films on a DVD. I love my father so much. I wanted a more modern media for him to watch his movies. Of course, I'll be a return customer when the personal funds allow for it.

Terrance - Los Angeles, CA (3rd Order) - June 2008

I think you offer a valuable service and your pricing is very fair. I was very happy to find you, it was exactly what I was looking for. Our family decided to scan some old photos of our dad because he is approaching his 75th birthday and we are planning a party and will be running a video of these images from various stages of his life.

Josette - El Segundo, CA - August 2008

I sent the tasks set of about eight slides to be scanned and read them carefully upon their return. The quality was perfect in the surface excellent. My wife was somewhat skeptical about sending slides off through a web-based service but your responses, follow-up, attentiveness and quality reassured both of us. I have since sent off approximately 700 slides for scanning at the highest quality. These will be treasures that will be shared by the entire family. I have done considerable price searching and you are the best for the quality that is produced. I have already recommended your service to others. Keep up the good communication it is reassuring to those who send off their only copies.

Arthur - San Rafael, CA - August 2008

I was extremely impressed with your company's customer service from pre-production to post-delivery. Your team was a complete pleasure to work with -- from your polite and professional telephone conversations, to in-person communication and follow-through as promised. I remember several times after a phone call with someone from your team, thinking, These guys are great to work with. I would be more than happy to refer your company to friends & colleagues, and I've made one referral so far. Thank you for your natural and personal customer care, your professional attitude, and quality work. I'm certain you will continue to find this recipe creates repeat customers and inspires referrals. If I ever need a scanning service again, I will certainly remember you.

Ken - Malibu, CA - August 2008

I have already placed 5 orders. I am a huge fan of your service and love seeing the old photos become digital. I have recommend ScanDigital to many of my friends already. Keep up the great work.

Mike - Frisco, TX (5th Order) - August 2008

Your service was recommended by my daughter who had wonderful results with your company. She emphasized the fact that the photos stayed in L.A., not shipped to India, like another company. I liked that point indeed.

Lois - San Jose, CA - August 2008

I was very pleased with ScanDigital. Very quick and efficient service. I would use you again (I have used you twice already) and recommend you as well.

Andrea - Venice, CA (2nd order) - August 2008

Excellent customer service...I actually drove to your office to drop off/pick up my photos. As soon as I entered someone came to see me and processed my request. I'm visiting Japan at the end of the year and my in-laws have many old photos going back over 100 years. I will be bringing these back and using your service again.

Simon - Long Beach, CA - August 2008

I am retiring and moving back to the UK after many years in the US. This prompted me to digitize my audio collection (some still on cassette tapes) and my photograph collection. I sent e-mails to a few companies. Scandigital responded promptly and personally, including a contact name and telephone number. I continued to pursue inquiries with Scandigital. My questions were answered competently and with personal attention. The company gives the impression of trying to build a positive relationship with the customer. I liked the idea that the company is trying to provide work locally. I liked the Web site, which is easy to use and shows different pricing options for services  and has a number of pre-paid plans. The whole process is described in just the right amount of detail. I liked the Scandigital response to potential customers who create log-ins. The company maintains interest with e-mails but does not pester people who are still looking at options or are just busy. I look forward to using the Web page options to organize and share photographs. As you can see, I would certainly recommend Scandigital even to my cheapskate techie friends who want to scan things themselves.

Deborah - Palo Alto, CA - August 2008

I was very happy with the service and I am likely to use it again.

James - Los Angeles, CA - August 2008

I will use you guys again when I need some scans of my previous slides and chromes. I would recommend you to other who need scans. You did a very nice job. Very nice!!!

Eric - El Segundo, CA - July 2008

I would recommend your service to others. I researched on line and picked your site. It just seemed to match what I wanted. This winter I plan to go through my albums of black & white for transfer. What motivated me to digitize the recent one was to prepare ahead for our memorials.

Rosalie - Bellingham, WA - July 2008

I would use Scan Digital again! Excellent, timely service. I appreciated the E-mails giving me a status of my order. I would recommend Scan Digital to friends & family. Have already contacted the cousin who sent me the stereo slides about your services. A truly satisfied customer!

Judy - Idaho Falls, ID - July 2008

I will use your service again. I made a montage of old photos for my Dad's birthday.

Leonid - Los Angeles, CA - July 2008

You are good. As soon as I get to my Aunt's I will pick up some more pictures and have you scan them. I have emailed your company regarding printing and framing and received a very nice email explaining that the feature will soon be possible. I appreciate Good Customer Service. Your company has very good customer service. Thank You

Christopher - Tustin, CA - August 2008

I was given the task to create a photo slide show for my brother's wedding. I didn't have much time nor did I have access to a scanner that could handle all the photos I had. I eagerly searched online to find a photo scanning service and came across your website. I'm a web designer so I have some experience scanning photos, but I know its a tedious task when you have hundreds of photos. Thank god I found your site, and thank god you guys were located in LA. Although your site looks professional and trusting, I was a bit skeptical about sending my photos to a service that I found online. Thats why I was glad that I could actually go into your office and drop off the photos myself. The service was quick too. I got my photos back earlier than promised. Great job guys, I would recommend your service to anyone.

Joe - Gardena, CA - May 2008

I was extremely happy with my negative, slides, photos to digital format. Your company did an awesome job. I realize I had an unusually large order (my adult life!) I have recommended your company to all of my family and friends. I will use your service again, after I recover from my first order! I wanted to convert my materials into digital format because it is easier for me to use them to make cards, books, memory type books, gifts, etc. Also it allowed me to share all of our family photos with my daughters. We now have a photo story compilation for everyone to enjoy. I am extremely happy with the quality of work and with the care ScanDigital took with my life photos. I thank you very much for helping to preserve these moments in time.

Janis - Irvine, CA - April 2008

Delighted with your service, couldn't be better or more reasonable. Recommended your service highly.

Robin - Culver City, CA (2nd order) - May 2008

I just got my CD back with my photos and am very pleased with the work that you did. Thanks! It's great to have those memories, even if they are lousy photographs ;-)

Ian - Irvine, CA - June 2008

All was great and I will most likely use you again in the future.

Teresa - San Diego, CA - May 2008

I found your company to be first class. From the moment I made an initial inquiry to the time I picked up my completed order. I will be using your service again, I am a press photographer from London who has a vast amount of negatives that will need to be scanned. I would and have recommended your excellent service. My first order with ScanDigital was for some old soccer negatives that I needed to get some prints from, so I had them scanned and I can now digitally print for various clients. The scanned negatives were perfect and I found the scans to the highest quality ensuring a great print. I look forward to using your service real soon.

Jason - Valley Village, CA - May 2008

I am likely to use your service again and I can definitely say I would and I have already told some people about it. My experience with your company has made me think about having my mom's photos scanned and made into a slideshow as a gift for her, as well as a way to distribute them to the whole family (as opposed to having only the original copies at her house) and have an archive of the originals. Your customer service is outstanding and you should be proud of your employees and business. It was my pleasure to have your team do the work for me and I hope I work with you all again.

Tim - Valencia, CA - May 2008

Overall I was very happy with your service. The main reason I chose to convert is convenience. My slides had been sitting in storage for years. The only time I saw them was when I dug them out, along with the projector and screen. A real pain. Now I have them on my PC and anytime I want to make a copy or send one in an email, POOF! I can order prints any time I want without even leaving my chair!

Bruce - Salinas, CA - May 2008

I was able to locate your company through google. I checked your company reviews with BBB, professionals and prior customers (all positive) and decided to give it a shot. I was very nervous to send all the original pictures to your company - but am so glad I did. I would definitely look into doing this again, and am thinking about having my wedding pictures copied as well. I have already referred you to several friends and family members. I would give you 5 out of 5 stars!!

Katherine - Portland, OR - May 2008

My Mother was turning 70, and my sister and I threw her a big party with all her friends from her whole life that we could locate. I found their box of slides and movies from the 60's and 70's, which have not seen the light of day for decades. You guys did a great jobs scanning and organizing them, and I did a projected digital slideshow for the crowd, who loved it. You guys did a great job! I gave everyone at the party your company name / web site, and they could see for themselves how good the results were.I have definitely taken the opportunity to spread your name around, as anyone who has old dusty boxes of pictures should get this done! It resurrects old memories and also allows them to pass onto future generations easily. Now, everyone in my family has copies of these.

Aras - Pacoima, CA - May 2008

I had the idea to digitize our old family slides when a family reunion in honor of my dad's upcoming 80th birthday came near. My dad was really touched. It all ended up working out great, and we're really happy with the results. Everyone in the family is delighted to have a copy of the DVD with all the slides on it. Now we can all review, show, display, print, etc., and the images will last forever. I am thinking about digitizing more old photos, and if I do, I will certainly call ScanDigital first.

Chris - Thousand Oaks, CA - May 2008

I was very satisfied with your service and the digital photos you scanned for me.

Morley - Santa Monica, CA - June 2008

I needed to scan old slides to use them in a printable format. Your staff was great! I can imagine that your services will probably be needed again in the future as I continue to organize and preserve old images...I assure you, I'll spread your name around. I live in Hawaii and was afraid to send irreplaceable images out to have them scanned, but now that I've found you, I'm not worried.

Debra - Long Beach, CA - June 2008

I thought it was great and have recommended it to both friends and family--mostly of my parents' generation and older, since they didn't use digital cameras. I work at Reader's Digest, and we mentioned it as one of our Daily 5 links on our RD.com homepage after my experience transferring old home videos to DVD. I think it's a great way to ensure that your memories will last. Beyond that, it's a practical and cost-effective way to streamline stacks of photos and VHS tapes.

Lindsay - El Segundo, CA - May 2008

My experience was excellent, and I would definitely use the service again. I was motivated to convert my materials into digital format because one of my dogs recently passed away and I wanted to create a photobook of his pictures and the early pictures of him were taken before the advent of digital photography. Since the experience was so good, I'm planning on creating photobooks for other events/people and will be using your services again.

Barbara - Encino, CA - June 2008

I was very happy with your team's service and quality of your product. I placed a rush job as I was getting married only days after I was picking up my scanned pics and your team was able fulfill my order quickly. The images turned out great and looked fantastic on the screen during the reception. I will defiantly use ScanDigital again and would be happy to refer business to you.

Kris - Santa Monica, CA - May 2008

I have mentioned your service to friends...including the friend that told me to convert my negs to begin with, as well as recently as last week at a party, I described your process..... I am a happy customer!

Thomas - Palm Springs, CA - April 2008

I had a great experience with your company, you are very responsive and quick with orders. It was very simple to just get online and print out the mailing receipt, etc. And I received them back in less than two weeks which was great. I would defiantly use Scan digital again and tell others about it. What a great concept!

Jen - Englewood, CO - April 2008

Everything looks good. I'm sure that I will be using your company again. I have found that the new computer technology allows a person to make hardback or paperback books of photos (one copy) with relatively little investment and that was my main motivation. I will certainly recommend your company to others. Your service was very reliable, of high quality and delivery was speedy.

Jenny - South Gate, CA - April 2008

The service was spectacular. Great website and frequent updates were key. Printing the UPS label was great. I liked the progress reports along the way.

Rick - Goleta, CA - May 2008

I was very impressed with ScanDigital's communication throughout the process. From the minute you had received the photos to the time they were sent back I knew where your company was in the process. The scanned images were all done beautifully and now I have pictures that are on preserved on one DVD that I will have for a lifetime vs. a picture album where the pictures were eventually going to fade, tear or get damaged. I believe that having the images scanned is the way to go to preserve photo memories. Thanks you again for your quick service and I look forward to sending more pictures in to be scanned and preserved on DVD.

Sheri - Encinitas, CA - April 2008

I was very happy with your sevice and the results of the conversion of my photos from 50 year old slides to digital photos. I would definately recommend you to friends who need to convert film photos to digital photos.

Morley - Santa Monica, CA - April 2008

I found ScanDigital to be outstanding. Your service and business model are great. I like your feature of sending the box out if necessary to receive pictures for processing a great service. Also you say 'send us whatever you've got and we'll scan it for you then archive it' just what I was looking for. I live in an area that was just burned by recent fires. Every time a fire threatened, we had to pack up all our valuables and haul them out before evacuation. We found that most of the stuff we had to box up were pictures. Almost all of the other stuff can be replaced. But after doing this year after year, we ending up just leaving everything in the boxes. People would come over and I knew I had pictures of them but didn't know where they were. I do plan to use ScanDigital again and have already told people what I am planning. I believe in your trustworthy service of handling my photos, scanning and returning them and email informing me of the progress and tracking.

Vince - Modjeska Cyn, CA - April 2008

Quite pleased with both the customer service and the quality of what we received. Thanks to you and your crew.

Thomas - Klamath, CA - April 2008

We are DEFINITELY going to use your services again! You were very responsive to our needs, and the quality is top shelf. It is just a matter of time before you see us on your doorstep! I also plan on using your services for personal work, as soon as I get enough time to organize the project!

Laura (Howard Hughes Medical Institute at UCLA) - Westwood, CA - March 2008

Service was great, and the photos came out much better than I expected...Thank you!

Hava - Redondo Beach, CA - March 2008

I did appreciate the fine scanning job and have prepared a new batch of slides to send you. I have recommended your company to various personal friends though I do not know if they have yet used your service. I liked your pricing structure and honesty in turn around. Having these slides in a digital format has been very helpful in cleaning up before a reprint. I was also very pleased with your organization in handling the 7 packets of slides for me. They were cataloged on the CD with the proper numbers and allowed the re-cataloging on my side to be a smooth and comfortable process.

Bob - Mesa, AZ - March 2008

I actually was very satisfied with the overall experience. This was the first time that I used any scanning service and my expectations were greatly exceeded. I was very pleased with the simplicity of the process, the costs, the quick turn-around time, and the quality of the scans. If I need to have more slides scanned in the future I would definitely use your services again.

Guido - Los Angeles, CA - April 2008

I had a wonderful experience with scan digital. I will use your service again and I have already recommended you to others.

David - Corona, CA - January 2008

I was really happy with my service with ScanDigital. I have recommended it to numerous friends that I have told about my project (I created a film celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary and needed to digitize 100's of photos, slides, etc.) That is a good sign when I'm mentioning your company to friends. Your staff provided a strong level of professional and personalized customer service. That was helpful because I know I was a little nervous about releasing some very valuable personal materials to some company I had never dealt with before. Would they get lost, would they be handled with care? In fact they were, and everything was returned as organized as I had sent it to you.

Chris - Los Angeles, CA - January 2008

We were very pleased with our service and quality of product from ScanDigital. It was very easy to use the pre-addressed and paid packing for sending our negatives and I felt like it was a good turn around time. I liked getting the images on a DVD so that I could import them into my iPhoto library. This was very easy. I have not used the on-line features for viewing the pictures because I have a photo gallery website via Apple with my .Mac account where I can choose which pictures I want to post from my entire library. I would definitely recommend your service to friends and family and I would use you again in the future for transfer of negatives to digital.

Chad - Seattle, WA - January 2008

I am very happy to say everything was great. My sister also used your service. We had our parents 50th wedding anniversary and did a presentation of pictures from the past for it. I would definitely recommend it to others and have already. I am currently looking over other photos I want to bring in as well. Thanks again. Was so great to see something on the news about it because I didn't realize there was such a service at all!

Elizabeth - Long Beach, CA - January 2008

We had a great experience with ScanDigital. My husband found you online after hearing I was concerned after the San Diego wildfires. Our wedding negatives from 8 years ago were still in a box and we didn't really have a wedding album. Having digital pictures will decrease the chances of loosing them; and let us take advantage of all the online stores that will make a book from the pictures. It was a great experience- the webpage was easy to understand and follow. The communication was also good.

Chris - San Diego, CA - February 2008

Excellent customer service experience!

Rob - Pasadena, CA - January 2008

I appreciate the quality of your work and will be asking you to scan many of my 35 mm slides (probably some prints too), as soon as I can get to sort and send them. It was excellent and you'll be receiving some larger batches in the not too distant future. By the way, I passed info on ScanDigital to some friends and hopefully they will 'use' you too.

Don - Irvine, CA - February 2008

I am absolutely satisfied and extremely happy with your services. I do plan on using your services in the near future and strongly recommend it to friends and family.

Alan - Port Hueneme, CA (2nd Order) - January 2008

I will be using your service again. I have several photos I need to scan. I think your company did beautifully on the scanning, and the service was fast and easy. At first, I was worried about sending my only copies of the pictures in, but they were safe and returned to me in the same condition I sent them. I would definitely recommend your company to those in need of scanning services.

Natacha - East Helena, MT - January 2008

Your company is fabulous! I came to you on an extremely rushed order to convert slides into a digital format and everyone at the office was so helpful and friendly. Not only that, but you all do amazing work and are very professional and talented. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have used you several times since my first small order and will continue to do so as needed.

Jill - Encino, CA - February 2008

I was very happy with my experience and had no problems at all. I ended up bringing in the slides I wanted transferred to Digital because I was in the area but I am sure mailing them in would go as smoothly. I do hope to be able to transfer even more slides over to digital format once we start going through the family backlog!

Heidi - Seattle, WA - February 2008

Service was excellent and I'd use you again.

Robert - Stocckton, CA - January 2008

Got exactly what I wanted. Needed about 50 pictures scanned at high quality so I can then use them (along with others) in a Mac scrapbook. Results were just what I wanted. Thanks. I will use you again!

Trey - Houston, Texas - January 2008

I was very pleased with your service. Your team is professional and turned my order around quite quickly. Communication on my order was excellent. I would use your services again, and would recommend your company highly to my friends.

Cathy - Los Gatos, CA - January 2008

Thanks again! Loved it and made my project that much easier. I definitely plan on using ScanDigital in the future!

Marlo - Los Angeles, CA - February 2008

I am thankful for locating your company on the internet. I had around 480 slides put on a DVD. I have my own gallery now.

Terrance - Los Angeles, CA - February 2008

I think the service at ScanDigital was above and beyond my expectations! Given the fact that the online information did not go through, you found my phone number and then captured what I needed from you. I would highly recommend you to my friends, family and colleagues. I also plan on using your online service to order pictures, in the future.

Patricia - Bainbridge Island, WA - January 2008

Your service is superb and the quality exceeded what I expected. I have already sent more material to you and will send even more.

Philip - Rancho Mirage, CA - February 2008

I loved your service. I am organizing some photos for more scanning and have referred you to many people. You are among the most reliable and professional services I have found... Thank you for your help and caring.

Eleanor - Pacific Palisades, CA - January 2008

I liked using you guys because it was extremely easy. I might be biased because I work down the street in El Segundo, but nevertheless, all I had to do was drop off the photos, wait, and pick them back up again. I used your service so that I could keep my old college pictures intact. I think it's great that you have a young crowd and a new facility. On the same note, I plan on referring my friends to check you out. I'm sure that there are a bunch of places like this, but because of the little things, I will be coming back to you guys.

Chistopher - Torrance, CA - January 2008

Very happy with your service! I'm in the process of trying to go thru my color slides and send them to you. I will however be sending another project your way! Have mentioned to friends about your service and results!

Tom - Palm Springs, CA - January 2008

Overall I feel very positive about your services and the product I received. The photos are top quality and my family was very pleased. I definitely plan to use your services again. I will and have recommended you to friends and family!

Susan - Brier, WA - January 2008

Just this afternoon, I was in Target, and a man was asking the clerk in the photo department if they would scan about 700 photos for him. The reply was "no." I had my ScanDigital disc with me, making a few photos to reference for a "digital" project. I turned around, gave him the 1 minute sell job on your company, and he recorded your info. The people I have talked to inside your company were great -- thorough, clear, and "positive" (not in a sappy way). Their demeanor, in tandem with your website and customer feedback made me comfortable with trusting my 40+ year old slides and photos with your company. Happy to say that with your help, I got my Mom to cry on Christmas morning. I had used your work to help with a photo book of our family, and she was deeply touched. So, technically and all that other stuff you likely know how good you are, but, since I am not super technical, I will focus on what you allow me to do, and that is to create something I wanted to do, but couldn't have done without you. I will use your service again (another project in the works), and I have recommended ScanDigital to family, friends, and strangers.

Kambia - Los Angeles, CA - January 2008

I was very pleased with the quality of the imaging that you were able to restore to some of my valuable antique pics of my family. In the future I will be coming back as now I would like to create memories of my grandma & grandpa's old photo memories. I can honestly say that my experience with Scan Digital was awesome. I loved how I could drop off my photos and pick them up when they were completed.

Teresa - Torrance, CA - January 2008

In general, I have been delighted with ScanDigital and am continuing having slides of artwork scanned for a website. I have also given brochures to friends who are interested in digitalizing family photos.

Robin - Culver City, CA - January 2008

I am impressed with the quality of your customer service and have recommended ScanDigital to friends.

Paul - Fullerton, CA - January 2008

I thought the customer service and results with ScanDigital were outstanding. It is very likely I will use your service again in the future and I would highly recommend ScanDigital.

Eric - Gilbert, AZ - January 2008

Everything was great with the order, I am very happy how it turned out. I now have my 35mm color transparences digitized and backed up on the www.

Barry - Ontario, OR - December 2007

I must say that I was very satisfied with the reception and information from Matt and others at Scan Digital. I have placed a new order for scanning negatives, so you know I am happy with your company.

William - Montebello, CA - December 2007

ScanDigital has provided an excellent solution to the problem of getting hundreds of slides scanned economically. So far I am very happy with the results and will look forward to receiving the next group of images. I have told my friends about ScanDigital and hope that they will be using the services soon. Congratulations on a well-conceived, well-run business.

Robin - Culver City, CA - December 2007

You did a great job! I will be selecting more photos for you.

John - Los Angeles, CA - December 2007

Good results, will use again in future.

John - Los Angeles, CA - December 2007

We were very pleased with your work, and intend to have you pick up more slides and photos in the near future. Also, we referred you to my brother.

Harry - Los Angeles, CA - December 2007

I really liked working with your staff. Everyone I came in contact with was knowledgeable and very nice. Overall, I was extremely pleased. My father has about a thousand slides that I would like to have scanned in the future. I would use your service again and highly recommend ScanDigital.

Anita - Pasadena, CA - December 2007

I received my scanned photos promptly - the quality of the scanned photos and the CD I had them placed on were great. That, and the prompt return service, exceeded my expectations. I will use your service again and recommend your company.

Mia - Oceanside, CA - December 2007

ScanDigital's service was perfect! Everything was on time - from the pickup to the scanning to the delivery. Your entire service felt personal and was extremely professional. I think your company is a great idea and I will definitely recommend and use your service again.

Viral - Venice, CA - December 2007

I couldn't be happier with the price, service, delivery guy was great.. everyone was polite and the time of return .. very quick. If something of this nature comes up again, you will be only "go-to" guys.

Cory - Los Angeles, CA - December 2007

I was pleased. Good work. I would recommend you, and in fact have.

Allan - Shoreline, WA - December 2007

I was pleased with my order. I will be using your service to archive family photos for my sister...she has 20+ years of family photos, many in albums.

Patricia - La Mesa, CA - December 2007

Bravo. I'm about to send you my third batch of slides, and it's a thrill to see them appearing on my computer screen rather than my projection screen with such blazing quality. Special recognition for Matthew, too. Some of my scans required exposure adjustments, and he made sure they turned out perfectly, while communicating his progress every step of the way.

Rich - Glendale, CA - December 2007

We used the service to prepare a slide show for our wedding. I must say, this was a wonderful experience. We sent the photos in two bags, hers and mine, and received the photos back the same way. The scans came out beautifully and on a technical level, I can appreciate the touch-up editing that was done! This would have taken us a ton of time to do on our own and was well worth the money. I already have recommended the service to others and will continue to do so. Great service.

Kelly - Los Angeles, CA - December 2007

I am really thankful for the great job you guys did on all my old photographs. It is a huge relief to me that they are all organized now, backed up, and forever safe. They look great, too! I can absolutely recommend you to anyone who asks, and I will certainly take advantage of your services again when need arises. In that I had the convenience of dropping off and picking up my photos from you locally, I also appreciated your friendly service and really cool office space!

Tom - Manhattan Beach, CA - December 2007

I found your service on the internet and I was leery about sending my negatives to you. But, I was pleasantly surprised with your service and timeliness. I have actually already told a few people about your services and I plan on being a repeat customer.

Stef - Bailey, CO - December 2007

I was very happy with your service. I read about it in the Daily breeze, my Dad has boxes of slides mostly from late 60's and early 70's since his passing it has been heart warming looking at all his slides. I plan on having many more put on to cd's by your company.

Pam - Redondo Beach, CA - December 2007

I am very happy with the services provided and have already constructed my first home movie in Movie Maker as Christmas presents for my two sons. :-)

Margaret - Seattle, WA - December 2007

Thank you, I am very happy with the work. As a matter of fact I am putting in a new order.

Ronnie - Sherman Oaks, CA - December 2007

I found your service to be exemplary. It was timely and the quality of the scans was as promised. I will be sending my third box of family photos to ScanDigital in the next few weeks.

Dennis - Pullman, WA - November 2007

You guys were great. Quick service, great quality. I have passed your info on to a few friends...

James - Aliso Viejo, CA - November 2007

I was very pleased with my Scan Digital Order and would definitely work with you again. The quality and time turn around was great.

Ann - Port Orford, OR - November 2007

My first experience with ScanDigital was very smooth and positive.

Paul - Fullerton, CA - November 2007

WOW. I am thrilled with the job you did with my photos in preparation for a family cookbook. Great quality, great price and quick turn-around time. Impressive!

Kathi - Solvang, CA - November 2007

Loved the great service. Everyone did what they said they would do - pick up, time it took, and drop off. Scans look great. Nice CD label.

Leonie - Los Angeles, CA - November 2007

As always, I love the quality of your guys' work. I was just recommending you to a friend who is need of slide and neg scanning. I showed him some samples of what you've done for me and he was blown away. Thanks again!

Jon - Santa Monica, CA (Third Order) - November 2007

Thanks again for our order. All was done well, just as we expected, since we were so happy with our previous order.

Beverly - Los Angeles, CA (Third Order) - November 2007

It's good to know that you care. That makes the difference when it comes to getting work done. I'll certainly use your services again. I was very impressed by your service. I recently got a teaching position at the last minute at the College of Extended Learning @ CSUN, I was quite nervous about not having enough slides for some presentations that I had to make. A professor of mine loaned me his slides to copy. Well, as you can imagine I was very cautious about sending them off. I had gotten a local quote from a photographer friend, but his cost was just way too high (it would have been almost my whole paycheck for the quarter) so I was pleased to find you locally and pleasantly surprised by the great results. Thank you very much.

Julie - Valencia, CA - November 2007

The slide scans turned out nice.

Connie - North Hills, CA - November 2007

I was very impressed with your quick turn around time and your work. I used your services to change my slides into digital pictures for a slideshow we put together for our wedding. They came out great. I have several more slides I would like to convert and am hoping to do this soon now that I have found your company.

Elsa - Huntington Beach, CA - November 2007

Things were great . I will use your service again and I have recommended you to several people. Keep up the great work.

Eileen - Cardiff by the Sea, CA - November 2007

I really enjoyed the final product, the company delivered on my expectations. The on-line support is a great service and the person that took my IM had great customer service skills and promptly followed up to let me know my ordered had been shipped the day before. They also explained about the system upgrades being implemented. Thanks!

Jennifer - Cameron Park, CA - November 2007

Thanks for the great CDs and my pics look so good. My son Christopher turned me on to a unique system and I'm so pleased. He's the best and so are you. Thanks much - I'll refer my friends to you.

Sandy - Redondo Beach, CA - November 2007

I have been very satisfied with the job you guys did. Its been great having those old slides in digital form. I plan to bring you more slides to be digitized in the near future. I've also told my sister about your services and expect she'll be bringing you work as well.

Barry - Los Angeles, CA - November 2007

I am so pleased with the job you have done for me. I lost both of my parents last year and I've had all of these slides for a very long time and always wanted to do something with them to be able to watch them. It has been about 40 years since I have looked at these. It is awesome and I really appreciate the job you have done for me. Matthew was the person that I was dealing with and he was so prompt in writing me back from my emails. These slides are all I have left of my parents and I was very concerned to have them leave my possession. Matthew always answered and took my phone calls right away. He really made me feel much more comfortable. Thank you again very much for your great service.....

Tenly - Burbank, CA - November 2007

I was impressed with the service I got and I am recommending ScanDigital to my friends and my use your service myself again when needed. Thank you

Erika - San Pedro, CA - November 2007

I was very pleased with your service both the quality & prompt delivery of my scanned pictures.

Michelle - San Diego, CA - November 2007

I was VERY pleased with your service!! Thank you so much! I have recommended you to all my friends. I was especially pleased that you could scan full pages of an old photo album, then crop out individual pictures. I thought your service was very fast. I will be sending you more albums and slides in the near future.

Christine - Agoura Hills, CA - November 2007

I was very pleased with the service. The negatives were oversize, and from WW2, quite precious to my family. I wanted to print them and give them to my mother-in-law for her 80th birthday (the photos were taken by her father), so now I can do that, and I am really happy about that. Sincerely,

Caty - Los Angeles, CA - November 2007

I believe you had helped me with my order processing. Pictures came out great, you guys have done an excellent job!!! I will be bringing in more photos sometime in November. Thank you

Bharat Patel - Pasadena, CA - October 2007

I write you to express my gratitude for such an impressive level of quality ScanDigital provided on my order, both in terms of the service I received from ScanDigital as well as the clarity and depth of the film scans. I did a bunch of research, talking with my pro photographer friends and looking at photo scanning services online, and was wary that ScanDigital's prices were too good to be true. Not only were you the least expensive, but offered a level of image quality (4000 dpi) for which companies charged more than triple your cost. So, I sent in a small sample to test you guys out and have been completely blown away. The depth of luma and chroma is staggering. I couldn't be happier with the results. I loaded the photos in from the DVD you guys gave me while surrounded by my co-workers, all of whom have either shot photos professionally or as a serious hobby, and they were just as impressed as I was. I'm trying to compile a collection of photos for my dad, who is struggling with brain cancer. I was really concerned that there weren't any affordable options out there for me to get my neg into a digital format so I could compile it with all my digital photos into a nice book for him. I was also really worried about losing film forever by giving it to some assembly line scanning factory. Now I know I have nothing to worry about. I can't say enough about how impressed I am that you guys provide this service at this price and level of expertise. You have a dedicated customer for as long as I have film to scan. Thanks!

Jon - Santa Monica, CA - October 2007

I was the one ordering the pictures through my sister and was completely happy with your service and your quality. I don't have many photos from when I was a child, most of them in slide form. I now have many more and thank your company for making our memories in a form that is accessible to all in my family!

Stephen - Burbank, CA - October 2007

We got the DVD, looks like you did a great job in scanning the photos and the slides. I /*really */appreciate the excellent service. Best regards,

Peter - Los Angeles, CA - October 2007

Hello - I just received the scanned photographs I sent to you of my underwater shots. They turned out extremely well. I am very satisfied and appreciate the time you spent on them. Sincerely,

Nicola - Los Angeles, CA - October 2007

I am so pleased with the job that ScanDigital did I am getting together another set of negatives for processing. I have absoutely no complaints about your company and will be sending another order shortly. The service has been great!!

Stephanie - Millbrae, CA - October 2007

I really liked your service a lot. It was wonderful to have all those old slides put on a DVD and in your gallery where I could enjoy them. My husband used to take nothing but slides and that was fine in the days we pulled out the slide projector, but we haven't done that in years. So, thanks for the fine service. I'd recommend your company to anyone.

Beverly - Tucson, AZ (2nd Order) - October 2007

Things were great! Loved the results, loved the service. We'll probably do a bunch more pictures with you once we've had time to collect them together and prioritize which to do first. Thanks!

Mike - Camarillo, CA - October 2007

It seems everything turned out well on the disc. Pro's to your service: 1. Your website was great and user friendly 2. Quick response time when I asked when my order would be complete 3. Seems to be quality scans (however, I have not printed anything yet) 4. Care in packaging and repackaging the photos 5. Print of shipping label I was happy and would use your service again. Actually plan on it in the next few months.

Keri - Sandy, OR - October 2007

i LOVED MY SLIDES! Specially my dad's retirement party. He died in 1985 and I wanted to preserve them. I will be referring you people to have work done and as I an an attorney and from time to time require expert photographs, I will consider using your services. Again, thank you.

Julie - San Gabriel, CA - October 2007

Thanks so much for the high quality and quick service. I am on vacation in Lake Tahoe with my family, including my 97 year old grandmother. She loved seeing the pictures of us when we were kids. The whole family had a teriffic time viewing the pictures, that we would not be able to see if they were still on slides. Thanks again for everything!

Debbie - North Hollywood, CA - October 2007

Overall, totally impressed with your service. It was fast! I used you all cuz you promised delivery so much faster than the other services. Your customer service and communication was top notch!

Mike - San Bruno, CA - October 2007

My experience with ScanDigital was very positive and I will use the service again in the future. It is nerve-racking to send your (originals, no negatives) photos off into the mail somewhere but I appreciate the care that was taken with my photos as they were even returned in the original bag I shipped them in- I valued being able to check on the progress of my photos by using your websites for status updates. Finally, I think the follow up shows your committment to making your business a successful one. I will definitely recommend and use ScanDigital in the future. Thank you very much,

Traci - Redwood City, CA - October 2007

I was very impressed with the quality of the digital photos.

Lindsey - Las Vegas, NV - October 2007

Thanks for a great job. I know it was a big order and a lot of work. Everything turned out great, thanks for the hard work. Scott - Manhattan Beach, CA So far so good. I haven't tried to make prints of anything yet but I've enjoyed looking at the photos online. The service has been great.

Dana - Santa Monica, CA - September 2007

I was pleased with the order. I'm planning to use your service again. Thanks for everything.

Dean - Los Angeles, CA - September 2007

The scans turned out great. I can see doing more business in the future with your company.

Jim, El Segundo, CA - September 2007

I just wanted you to know that my experience with ScanDigital was great! The order was processed promptly and the final product was awesome. It was so nice to exchange a big box of pictures for a small DVD. This is a huge step in helping me get my house organized. (OK, it's going to take more than ScanDigital to do that but at least this is a start.) It is also nice to know that the pictures are truly preserved forever and will not "fade" away and lose picture quality like they do when placed in albums. When I get my act together, I plan on sending more photos your way. I have some photos that I want to blow up and frame. I only have the pictures and could not find the negatives so was initially pretty bummed. Now ScanDigital has the perfect answer! Anyway, thanks for this valuable service. I am extremely pleased with the professional way my photos were handled!

Jayme, Colorado Springs, CO - September 2007

I was happy with the service. The customer service was great, and the quality of the pictures was very good.

Dave - Los Angeles, CA - September 2007

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with my order. I have loaded the CDs into my Mac and am enjoying many fond memories of some very fun times and travels. Thank you for your help during the processing of my old films. I will be sending some additional films in the very near future. If you come to Beaver Creek to visit, please let me know so I may thank you in person.

John, Beaver Creek, CO - September 2007

Wow! I really enjoyed looking at the photos on “My Gallery” and the DVD! Thanks for the excellent work!

Beverly - Tucson, AZ - September 2007

Thanks again. The slides look amazing!

Michael, Playa del Rey, CA - August 2007

Thank you for your effort, it is very much appreciated. I will be waiting with great anticipation the arrival of the 4 DVDs. Thank you again, you all have been super. I'm sorry that you got me at the absolute base or beginning of my learning curve.

Jerry, Pasadena, CA - August 2007

We received the CD today. The images look great. Thank you again for a quick turnaround on this order.

Ruth, Santa Fe, NM - August 2007

Thanks for the work you and your team did on scanning my collection of photos. I'm pleased with the results and was well taken care of by Matt and the rest of the team. My original photos were well taken care of and were returned neatly organized in their respective folders. Its great to have the online gallery pre-arranged for sharing and to have the original DVD delivered along with the original prints. This service has been a big help to me and is well worth the service fee. I've been trying to get this photo archive digitized for years but just never found the time to do it myself. I'm glad your company came along to help!

Jeremy, Pasadena, CA - July 2007

Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the photos. The quality is excellent and the service was wonderful. I would recommend your service any time. Thank you again for all of your help.

Patricia - Sausalito, CA - July 2007


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