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You're a few steps away from preserving your memories forever. Please follow the short steps below to place your order. Any questions, call us at 888.333.2808 or email us at info@scandigital.com - we're here to help!

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Normal Quality

Paper Photos - 300 dpi
(including photo albums)
Slides / Negatives - 2000 dpi

Highest Quality

Paper Photos - 600 dpi
(including photo albums)
Slides / Negatives - 4000 dpi

Premium Transfer

Movie Film - $0.34 per foot
Video Cassettes - $22.95

Expert Transfer

Movie Film - $0.44 per foot
Video Cassettes - $32.95

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Any Additional Products Additional Products do not include the cost of digitization services

ScanDigital Slideshow  

(Starting from $15)

Pre-loaded Digital Photo Frame & Flash Memory Card
(Holds up to 1,000 of your photos)

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* All orders will be securely returned via UPS Ground at the flat rate of $10 unless an expedited shipping option is selected. All UPS shipments
  can be tracked directly through your ScanDigital account.

* Orders returned to PO Box addresses are sent via USPS and will be charged $15 unless an expedited shipping option is selected.

Would You Like to Use Our Secure Shipping Kit to Safely Ship Your Order?

The Shipping Kit is the most secure way to ship your priceless memories to ScanDigital.

A Shipping Kit will be shipped directly to you and includes:

  • A sturdy, crush proof box
  • Bubble wrap and shock resistant padding
  • Waterproof bagging
  • Prepaid, trackable UPS return label.
  • Shipping Kit Dimensions:
  • Small Box : 12 x 9 x 4
  • Medium Box : 12 x 12 x 6
  • Large Box : 14 x 14 x 10

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