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Photography Scholarship    We are no longer accepting entries. Thank you to all of our applicants.

$ 1000 For A Successful Young Entrepreneur

Thank you for your interest in the ScanDigital Photography Scholarship. This scholarship was started to encourage students who have a passion for photography to further explore and improve their photography skills. Photography has been a significant part of the world for hundreds of years and its impact is apparent in many aspects of society. Photographers are needed among various industries, and are always in demand. If you are interested in becoming the next great contribution to the photography world we want to support you. We would like to recognize your unique talent and academic success by awarding you with the ScanDigital Photography Scholarship.

Please fill out the following applications to be eligible for ScanDigital's $1,000 Photography Scholarship

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*Zip Code:

High School Information

*High School Attended:

*High School Phone Number:

*Year Graduation:*GPA:

*Extracurricular Activities:

College Information

*College Attended or Applying to:

*Degree Pursuing:

*Current GPA:

Additional Information

*What Industry Are You Planning To Enter? (200 word or less)

*How Do You Feel You Will Contribute To The Growth Of That Industry? (200 word or less)

*Why Do You Think You Are Deserving Of The Scholarship? (200 word or less)

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