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  • Generations of your precious memories sitting in boxes?

    Are Generations of Your Precious Memories Sitting in Boxes?

    Our photo scanning service can help you preserve your memories so you can enjoy and share them forever.

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  • You can trust us with your memories

    Transfer Your Videotapes to DVD

    We accept a variety of formats including VHS, MiniDV and Betamax. Each video transfer is reviewed under strict quality assurance by at least 3 highly-trained technicians.

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  • Peace of mind

    Scan Negatives to Digital Format

    Each negative is inspected and carefully cleaned before our scanning process is performed. Our negative scanning service accepts most negative formats including 35mm, 110, 120 and APS.

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  • Easily preserve, share, create and organize.

    Transfer Film Reels
    to DVD

    Have an attic full of old film reels with no way to watch them? Send in your reels of film and we'll transfer them to DVD.

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  • Thousands of satisfied customers

    Convert Your Slides
    to Digital

    Our slide scanning service ensures that your collection is preserved to enjoy forever. Stop the damaging effects of time.

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  • The memory Box

    The Memory Box

    Fill it up, send it in, and we’ll transfer what’s inside. Our bulk scanning services will save you hundreds of dollars!

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  • A personal touch for each memory

    A Personal Touch for Each of Your Memories

    Manual processing ensures your precious moments are preserved in the highest quality.

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Photo Scanning

Our experts have scanned over 15 million images by hand! Send us your photos, slides, and negatives and we'll preserve your memories with care!

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8mm to DVD

With over 55 million feet of film scanned, our technicians can handle any consumer film format, including super8, 16mm, and 8mm film. Choose DVD or hard drive delivery!

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With over half a million tapes converted to DVD, we work with VHS, Betamax, Hi8 and miniDV tapes everyday. Your tapes are in safe hands.

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Why scan your photos?

Why Scan Your Photos?

Right now your old photographs are fading and deteriorating. Convert these memories to a digital format to preserve them for generations to come. We carefully scan each photo by hand, ensuring the highest-quality preservation. Video to DVD transfers are performed using state-of-the-art equipment by our highly trained video transfer specialists.

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transfer your memories before time takes a toll

Photos Fade, Films Decay...

One of the best reasons to convert your old photos, negatives, slides, videos and reel to reel film to digital format is to prevent the natural decaying process from ruining your memories forever. Even when stored in ideal conditions, the chemical composition of photos, film and even videotapes causes them to degrade each day.

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disaster can strike without warning at any moment

Disasters Happen

Mother Nature can strike at any moment without warning. Insurance can cover the cost of replacing your material possessions, but nothing can replace the destruction of your family's visual history. Our scanning services can preserve your photos, negatives, slides and home movies, preventing them from being lost if disaster strikes.

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all orders are processed in the USA

Scanned in the USA

All orders are carefully processed by hand in the United States at our high-tech facility in Indianapolis, IN. We are committed to remaining a US-based operation in order to assure your memories are safe, secure and accounted for at all times.

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